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Thursday, 30 June 2016 12:16

Greetings ... in the Royal Blue day of the King ... the day of the Queen ... the day of Jupiter, the day of Zeus ... the day of Thor.

    Here ... I need to ... choose careful my words ... to be enough clear with ALL The Words I said to-day ... one-by-one.

    Just to begin ... If someone read more books than others ... You will accept have a Higher knowledge, not necessarily Wisdom.

    Wisdom is WISE-DOMAIN ... Like SWORD is Sacred Word ... and THRONE is Three-in-ONE.

    Past is Past ... don't worry.


    Today I say a person ... Happy Birthday Queen. Why I said that? ...

    Firstly ... You (and the World have not a correct understanding of Astrology. Right? ... You suppose does not exist. Correct?)

   Well that person born ... on a Thor-day, a Jupiter-day ... and Jupiter-day (Jupiter, or Jove for Romans, Zeus for Greeks) is the Greatest Planet in the Solar System after the Sun.

    To now more about Astrology you can read: "The Venus Transit" or read Chapter 16 on my Book ...

    Yes ... every person that born on Jupiter-day, or Thursday have Power and Ruler Gifts. Everyone.

  • A person that born on Sun-day ... is a Holy Person.
  • A person that born on Mars-day ... is (Generally) a Warrior as well a Great Example of Love.

  Between the Chiefs of the Seven Rays ... The Maha Chohan is Koot Hoomi ... who rules the Pink Ray of Love. Therefore Mars means Love, not War and loves rules over everything ... still under Power.

   The person I said: "Queen" because that person born on Thursday ... and today is Thursday too.

   The Mayan Calendar ... for today is

   To know your Mayan Zodiac Sign ... visit:


and change your Year, Month or day.

 ... Now ... Saint Germain was a Master of Astrology ... He was Merlin in England.

 Camelot was located just above a Wall Romans built close the border between Scotland and England. A Master (not me) can locate the perfect place. Someday we saw Our Past ... because the Past in "present" inside the Akashic Records.

    Again ... I choose "The Sword in the Rock" ... not because some personal interest ... but just to propose the Medieval Environment, to talk about Merlin.

    You can read the Words of King Arthur ... today ... he is a more evolved King ... and here are the Words:

O Excalibur



   Now the Lesson ...

   When a person born ... Let us speak about me ... in South America ... and travel and install on Italy ... What is that person? ... South American? ... No. That person become Italian.

   If that person likes his Life in the New Country ... will remain ... otherwise will depart ... and depart and depart ... until find ... its Right Place.

   No one in This Planet ... is from This Planet ... Our Souls comes from far Stars ... We are temporary visitors ... where Time and Space are ... Linear. This is 3D, Professor Einstein do not explain efficiently.

   I can tell you more about ... Jupiter Planet and Kings and Queens.

   Do you believe in Chinese medicine? ... The Meridians? ...

   Every Jupiter-day (Thursday) ... The Jupiter Planet which has a 4D Intelligence ... send a signal to every person ... like a Tone to let them become a King or Queen.

    The same is on Mars-days related to Mars, the same is on Sun-days ... related to Sun ...  For this reason is convenient to ... Live the Color of the day, Its Feeling.

    Today is the day of the Queen ... the day of the King. The Color is Sky-Blue and is the day of Archangels Gabriel (First Ruler) and Michael (his Brother and Protector).


   What are the differences between Merlin and Saint Germain? ... There are NO Differences like you suspect.

   The same Master ... and Soul ... first found Camelot in Britain and then many centuries later was Saint Germain.

   His Mastery and expertise ... allow him to ascend (Go to High Spheres) and return ... without die.

   Now ... He was the same ... but different in each Latitude.

   People is the same ... but changes.

   Now the Lesson ...

   How was ... England at the times of Camelot? ... with Flags? ... Yes, but Not country Flags ... Friends of French? ... Oh Yes.

    And Saint Germain ... related to England? ... Friend and Adviser.

    In the beginning there were NO FLAGS ... No Titles on the Land ... No Taxes on the Land ... or Rights ... because Time is Cyclical ... is expected a more simple system return.

    28A froward man soweth strife: and a whisperer separateth chief friends.
  -- Prov. 16:28.



Giovanni A. Orlando.


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