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Saturday, 09 July 2016 12:35


Greetings in the day of the Salt ... the Sabbath day ... The day of Queen Mary ... and She is the Absolute Queen for over 2000 years ... from 1969 to 4,320.

    I hope you can watch the entire Process ... May be you do ... May be you can't ...

    Here is a Good Picture ...


   May be ... Just may be ... One of the Places with Higher Accumulation of "Bad Students" is ... My Venezuela.

   I know the Future of Venezuela ... but I will not speak about ... because most of you want ... still some like "Bad Students" ... Judge me, before to know me ... and this may be a Mistake.

    Unfortunately I see many countries ... not so far ... from Venezuela Drama ... No Electric Power, No Food ... etc. Like a Doom Place or "tending" to become a Doom Place.

    Bad Students ... ALWAYS got the Opportunity to move UP ... If they deny such Holy Opportunity then they move DOWN, and DOWN, and DOWN, still to be a Hell-Like Place.

     I can be included between these Bad Students.

    It is Mathematics.


   I AM NOT a Master ... but I can figure with Good Exactness ... some Carnal Minded ... today ... not necessarily always in the Past ... I hope they change in the Future.

   By example I can figure many ... honestly ... 'Hell-like-Lives' ... of many people who ... like before were Queens ... Consider Cleopatra and had ... many Slaves ... and still today had Many Slaves ... in their Lives.

   Still Queens awaiting to be Alive ... like in the Past ... All Looks for Resolution.


    Now the Question ... Is a Holy Place ... or a Doom Place? ... Evidently is NOT a CHRIST PLACE ...

    Now before ... I continue I need to say that those who attack Christ ... are not Christ ... are Anti-Christ ... evidently. They enjoying like the Soldiers that accompany Jesus to the Calvary ... "They don't care" ... "They don't Believe" ... "They Feel Immune".

    Now ...

Is a Holy Place ... or a Doom Place?

    Is not a Holy Place ... May be Never ... Is a School.

    From the Perspective of Light and Darkness ... is a Place where originally were Light ... The Garden ... then the Test ... Failed the Test ... The "Metaphorical" Expulsion of the Garden.

    I repeat ... Those who ... "Torture Christ ... are Anti-Christ" ... is not the Important the reason ... Past Karma ... They are Against Christ. Simple.

    Now the Lesson ...

    Alpha and Omega ... call Mary ... one of the Highest Archeia ... Female Archangels ... to move down to Earth for a Mission ...

    Imagine ... someone is called by the Government ... like to ... "Produce Ice Creams in Hell" ... Well, that was and is generally the Mission.

    Here is the Lesson ... Carnal Minded can smile, if they prefer ... Their Destiny is Written.


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.


Bearing the Divine Manchild

Children of the One, Come into the Sacred Heart
of the Cosmic Virgin:
In this hour of the Lord's judgment, there come to mind the words of blessed Paul "For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now. And not only they, but ourselves also, which have the firstfruits of the Spirit, even we ourselves groan within ourselves, waiting for the adoption, to wit, the redemption of our body."1

Truth is the transforming power that transforms a universe. During the period of the chemicalization of truth which the judgment brings, there is the groaning and the travail like unto a mother giving birth to her firstborn son. The Christ Child is aborning within you. The judgment is the hand of God making way for the birth of the Manchild; for the forces of Herod are abroad in the land this day to prevent the birth and the maturation of the Christ flame in the hearts of humanity. Herod's men2 come with their swords, their scalpels and their surgical instruments. They come to do the work of the dragon to devour the child as soon as it is born.

But fear not! For the warning of the angel of the Lord who appeared unto Joseph, saying, "Take the young child and his mother and flee into Egypt, and be thou there until I bring thee word; for Herod will seek the young child to destroy him"3 comes to every son and daughter of God who has assumed the responsibility of bearing the Divine Manchild. And the angels of the Lord do intercede in this hour for the preservation of life and truth and love as the threefold flame upon the altar of the heart.

Wait and listen. Listen well to the words of the archangels and the archeiai. And read between the lines of these Pearls of Wisdom; for there are messages for each and every soul and there are applications for each and every circumstance contrived by the fallen ones to trap the holy innocents as they make their way over the little-traveled roads that lead to the place of safety.

I am Mary. I have chosen to ensoul the Mother ray for a cosmos. I am the handmaid of the Lord Alpha and the instrument of Omega. I am the awareness of the Father-Mother God extending even unto the planes of Mater, that the children of the One might know the sanctity of communion —of the marriage of the daughters to the Holy Spirit, of the vows of the sons unto the Cosmic Virgin.

Because the flame of the fifth ray relates to pre¬cipitation in Mater and because the feminine aspect of the flame is directly involved in the spirals of God-realization descending from the formless into form, I was chosen by Alpha and Omega to incarnate in this system of worlds, to set forth in time and space the example of the Divine Woman reaching full self-realization in and as the Divine Mother. How well I remember that moment when I was bidden by heralds of the king and queen, our own beloved Alpha and Omega, and I came escorted by the beloved Raphael to stand before the throne of the twin flames of a cosmos!

"You called, my father and my mother, and I have come."

"Yes, our beloved, we have called. Unto you and to Raphael is given the opportunity from the heart of the Solar Logoi to manifest the balance of the flow of truth 'as above, so below' over the spirals of the figure eight of our cosmos — opportunity to be on earth as in heaven the ensoulment of the Mother ray."

"What does this mean, my father and my mother?"

"It means that you have been chosen, Mary, to incarnate in the planes of Mater, to take on the feminine form which the errant souls of the children of God now wear, to live and serve among them, to adore the Christ flame within their hearts — as Sanat Kumara and Gautama have done and as the Christed ones, the avatars and Buddhas who have gone before, and the many angels who have volunteered to work through forms of flesh and blood to save the lost sheep of the house of Israel who have taken on the ways of the idolatrous generation."

I heard the words of our dearest Father-Mother and I looked into the eyes of Raphael, my beloved. And for a moment —only a moment —the pain of the anticipated separation was too much to bear. Instantly I was strengthened by the beauty and nobility of his countenance and the sternness of his eye disciplined in the law. He had, as it were, almost greater courage than I to descend into the planes of Mater.

But when I felt his hand press my own and the charge of the will of God and our dedication to eternal truth flowed into my being and soul, I faced the beloved Presence of God now pulsating in utter form-lessness as cloven tongues of fire where a moment before the personages of the Divine Polarity had stood.

I knelt in utter surrender to the call of hierarchy and in silence before the Holy of Holies gave my life that the Word might become flesh and dwell among the inhabitants of Terra,4 that the Christ, the eternal Logos, might incarnate, the Incorruptible One.5

Precious ones, did you know that for the souls and the angels who volunteer to incarnate in those several systems of worlds where the consciousness of the Fall, of fallen man and fallen woman, has taken over the race, there is no guarantee that the lifestream will emerge from that darkness unscathed, free to soar once more unto the arms of Everlasting Love? Those who come from heavenly octaves in defense of truth, in defense of the life of souls who have strayed from the center of being, have only their commitment to the flame to rely on —only determination and will and love. For even the memory of those other spheres must be foresworn upon entering the birth canal and assuming the body temple that has been prepared — sometimes lovingly and sometimes not so lovingly —by earthly parents.

Oh yes, God's grace is always there.
His Presence can be known.
God's love is everywhere —
Even in the wings of the morning
Where I have flown.
But, you see, it all depends upon the call
And the making of the call.
For all of the potential of God and man
Can come to naught
When souls and angels forsake the truth God brought.
The prayer, therefore, of every descending avatar
Is for the memory of the Bethlehem star,
That it might contact the teacher
And the teaching of the I AM Presence
And the Christ Self of each one
For the journey through the valleys of the earth
And then the soaring to the center of the sun.

And so I descended by God's grace;
And by his grace, and that alone,
I ascended to the heavenly throne.
Therefore I am one among the archeiai
Who have experienced directly
The veil of human tears
And the passing of the years
From darkness unto darkness
As mankind's consciousness flows
Until, quickened by some inner light,
They find the road from glory unto glory.

Take comfort, O my children!
There is not a place on earth where you can be
That I also have not been-,
I have seen the tempter and the temptations of sin.
I have seen the Christ upon the cross
And held him in my arms
As infant child and by the tomb,
The moment of the consecration to the cosmic womb.
I have parted from my son along the sorrowful way
And I have seen him nailed to the cross
On a very dark day.
My soul was also pierced as yours shall be.6
But fear not: I am thy Mother, I AM with thee.

Because I have gone before you
In the footsteps on the Path,
Because the blessed Son
Has also descended and ascended
Throughout a cosmos vast,
You can follow in each painful, blissful footstep —
Surefooted as the mountain goat,
Leaping to your cosmic destiny
And your place upon that cross,
Hastening to greet the sword
That must pierce the soul
That you might have the compassion
To make all mankind whole.
Because the way is known,
Because we have pursued and overcome,
You who have descended in answer to the call
Of Alpha and Omega
Can be certain of ascending
If you will make your calling and election sure
By the call, by the initiations,
By the testing, testing, testing.

We extend a helping hand.
Clasp it if you will!
Feel the strength of Raphael
And the sternness of his love.
Feel the assurance of the beloved
Assuring you of your attainment
According to the motto
Of those who come to do His will:8
You can make it if you try!
You can make it if you try!

Midst all the darkness,
The density, and the dangers
Inherent in a world scheme
Where judgment is nigh,
The archangels stand forth.
Hear their cry!
They come to intercede.
Won't you give them heed?
Their word is law
Direct from the speech of the Logos.
Their word is power manifesting the work
Of the Creator, the Preserver, the Destroyer.
In this cycle of the Holy Spirit
You can expect to hear it,
To hear the wisdom
That causes the demons to tremble9
And the love that is a chastening
To them who fear it.

Without the fear of the Lord
There is no repentance,
And without repentance
There can be no forgiveness.
Forgiveness flows;
But it must be invoked
By the humble of heart,
By the sincere who ask the Lord's pardon
That they might undo their wrong
And redo their right.
When the apology becomes a ritual —
Dead and without works —
Then it is better to be silent
And to engage in living sacrifice
As service to the law,
As testimony and as proof
That forgiveness is the justice
Of the mercy of the law.

When the Lord Christ, Jesus my son, prays fervently before the altar of the Most High God for the children of the One, so when I see him descending from the mountain of the Lord, "his face shining as the sun, his raiment white as the light,"10 I run to the greet him in the way and he does embrace me in the Mother Ray. And then I ask him for those dispensations for the chosen ones that are his to give and mine to impart as the Matriarch of the Law.

You call me the Queen of Angels, and I have so been made by God because I have descended for a little time lower than the archeiai into the planes of Mater-realization; and thereby by the overcoming of the Holy Spirit, I have been crowned with more glory and honor.11 Like the soldiers who return from the battles of life to receive their stripes and pins —and the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts with their badges and their bars —so the flaming ones who have overcome, when bidden to those formal receptions held in the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood, are required to come in full military dress. And by their dress, all know what worlds they have conquered — when and where. And old comrades who have shared in the victory of worlds reminisce in the strategy of their overcoming as they look longingly upon those now engaged in the warfare for the salvation of this planet and this people.

We who know the strategies of the dark ones would impart them to our brothers and sisters below. But the messenger who volunteered to write the book Strategies of Darkness took his leave in the summer of life, which leaves only the beloved Elizabeth to write oh, so many books of the law waiting on the shelves of the libraries of our retreats for the translator, the one who holds the key to decipher the Word of Spirit into the Word of Mater.

Do you know, precious ones, that these books are written in many tongues —the tongues of angels and cosmic beings and the languages that come from other systems of worlds and other interpretations of the Logos? And so we have placed the keys for the deciphering of the code in the aura of our messenger. And do you know that each of the rays of the seven archangels who are addressing you, mankind, in this series, has its own engrams of light, its own hieroglyphs of the Word? These pass through the Christ mind of our messenger and are delivered to you in the language of your understanding and in the language which the Lord God has used to deliver to mankind the teachings of the I AM in this age. Is this not truly the miracle of the science of the fifth ray? Is this not the hand of the Mother feeding her children that which they can understand and assimilate and become?

I leave you now, but only that Uriel and Aurora might fill you with the most magnificent dispensations of the archangels and the archeiai who come in the name of the Lord in this the hour of the judgment.


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