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Greetings in the day of the Salt ... The day of Old Wisdom ...

     Now ... we have on Earth ... the Christ Seed and the Serpent Seed ... This Lesson regards the Judgment of the Serpent and His Seed and begin with the Story of Saint Patrick ... then move to Moses ...

     Now Science is NOT ruled by Christ Science ... but by Serpentine Science and Serpentine Logic ...

     The DNA is different between those who hold one or another DNA ...

     The heel is the symbol not only of the reproductive organs but also of the genes and chromosomes and the DNA spiral which conveys in Matter the Christic light sealed in the seed and the egg of man and woman.

Inroads into the very light of the soul itself are being attempted once again by reembodied Atlantean scientists—serpents in your midst who contemplate the submission of the entire human race to their devilish designs (all in the guise of good) through alteration of the genetic code, selective breeding of the seed of Serpent with the seed of Christ to produce a supposed superior race having the cunning of the fallen ones enhanced by the light of the Woman.

They also contemplate behavior modification for mankinds passive role-playing in the perverted matrices of Serpent and, of course, euthanasia, misnamed 'mercy killing', and the abortion of the life of the innocents in the womb of the Mother. They shall not pass!


Have Joy,
Happy Lesson,
Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.



The Judgment of Serpent and His Seed
They shall not pass!

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! because ye build the tombs of the prophets, and garnish the sepulchres of the righteous.

And say, If we had been in the days of our fathers, we would not have been partakers with them in the blood of the prophets.

Wherefore ye be witnesses unto yourselves, that ye are the children of them which killed the prophets.

Fill ye up then the measure of your fathers.

Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?

Wherefore, behold I send unto you prophets, and wise men, and scribes: and some of them ye shall kill and crucify; and some of them shall ye scourge in your synagogues, and persecute them from city to city:

That upon you may come all the righteous bloodshed upon the earth, from the blood of righteous Abel unto the blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye slew between the temple and the altar.

Verily I say unto you, All these things shall come upon
this generation of vipers.
   -- MATTHEW 23

They shall not pass!

My Beloved Who Will Yet Go to the Mountain to Fast and Pray with Me That the Serpents Might Be Expelled from the Earth:


Let us go to the mountain in the land of Erin where a youth enslaved by pagans is in prayer through the day and into the night. So fervent is the love of God within him that the fire of his heart is a light midst snow and ice. He lived on the mountain, alone with God, tending his master's herds. And on that mountain I called my son Patrick, that out of the condition of servitude there might be produced the miracle fire of freedom.


It was late fourth century A.D. and the clans of the Irish—the reincarnated tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh—were ruled by a host of kings. They served not the LORD GOD, nor had they the salvation of his Son. Therefore I, the Ancient of Days, called my son, freeborn, unto slavery that I might deliver him to freedom and to the mission of implanting the violet flame in the hearts of my true sons and daughters that they might one day carry it to the New World in the name of Saint Germain.


To him I gave the vision of the people of Erin whose seed would one day ignite the fires of freedom on every shore and in every nation. Your own prophet Mark derived his fervor from that lineage of the Ancient of Days which goes back to the emerald isle. And the Irish eyes of Thomas Moore, poet and prince of my heart, yet smile through the sternness of El Moria and his twinkle of mirth always needed on earth.

Finally restored to his kinsfolk after six years of humbling himself before me on the mountain, tending sheep as he would soon feed my sheep, Patrick heard the voices of the souls of my children crying out from the land of Erin for deliverance: "We beseech thee, holy youth, to come and walk among us once more." Indeed they remembered him when he had walked among them as a prophet in Israel, rebuking their waywardness in the name of the LORD. Now they awaited the message of their salvation through Messiah's anointed apostle.


Patrick prepared for his mission under the lineage of the Ruby Ray and with the saints of the inner Church.

And that mission, my beloved, was to subdue the seed of Serpent in Ireland and to raise up the tribes of Israel, the remnant of Joseph's seed who would be Christ-bearers to the nations. Empowered of the Holy Ghost and bearing the Staff of Jesus, he wielded such power and wrought such miracles that pagan chiefs and decadent druids bowed in submission to this rod of Aaron that, in the new tongue, became the rod of Erin.
So perilous was the mission of the shamrock saint of the fifth ray that he wrote in his "Confession": "Daily I expect either a violent death or to be robbed and reduced to slavery or the occurrence of some such calamity. I have cast myself into the hands of Almighty God, for He rules everything; as the Prophet sayeth, 'Cast thy care upon the LORD, and He Himself will sustain thee.'"


Well might you emulate the courage and the humility of my son Patrick when he boldly challenged Prince Corotick, that serpent who dared plunder Patrick's domain, massacring a great number of neophytes, as it is written, who were yet in their white garments after baptism; and others he carried away and sold to infidels.

Patrick circulated a letter in his own hand pronouncing the judgment of Corotick and his accomplices and declaring them separate from him as the established Bishop of Ireland, and from Jesus Christ. He forbade the faithful "to eat with them, or to receive their alms, till they should have satisfied God by the tears of sincere penance, and restored the servants of Jesus Christ to their liberty."


Such is the true Work and Word of the saints of the Ruby Ray who, with all due seriousness, receive the sign of their coming in the taking up of serpents. Thousands upon thousands of the descendants of Jacob's favorite son were baptized and confirmed by the Lord Jesus through my son Patrick.

Like the apostle Paul, he bound the power of Serpent's seed that had invaded the land of Erin; and like him, he healed their sick, he restored sight—both inner and outer—to their blind, and he raised Abram's seed—dead in body and in spirit—to new life through the indwelling Christ by the Word of Christ Jesus, his beloved.

Now the Ascended Master Saint Patrick stands with me on the summit of Mount Aigli where, at the close of his earthly sojourn, he retreated forty days and forty nights, fasting in body and in spirit that he might be filled with the light of the Ancient of Days. There on that occasion fifteen hundred years ago, I summoned all the saints of Erin—the light of Aaron's priesthood and the light-bearers of the Christic seed of Joseph — past, present, and future, to pay homage to him who was father to them all.

Again I call the saints to a pilgrimage to the mountain to bless and be blessed by Patrick, to be infilled with his Spirit, to receive his mantle, to pray fervently that the fruit of all of his labors might provide a plenteous harvest in this age unto the World Mother who labors long for her children and for the Manchild.

Now I say, saints of the Ruby Ray, let Mission Amethyst Jewel return to the shrine where there once burned in the heart of a youth enslaved a kindling light that was to light a world. Let him who is an initiate of the fifth ray and the Lamb who is worthy transfer to you the momentum of his light that by your dynamic decrees unto the living Word you might once again cast out of Ireland the seed of Serpent now persecuting the blessed seed of the Woman.

Let the violet fire of freedom ring through hill and dale! Let it restore truth and the true Church Universal and Triumphant that belongs unto the saints!

My beloved, many of you were among the souls of the saints who came to Patrick in his final hours on the mountain. You saluted him in the glory of God that was upon him, and to him you were the promise that his Word and Work would be "Joseph, youngest and most favored son of Jacob, had two sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, whom Jacob blessed as his own. Reincarnated in Britain and the U.SA., they carry the flame of the twelve tribes of Israel.

carried to golden shores unto a golden age of Christ peace and enlightenment. It is time and high time that you go forth to bind the barbarians that have returned to the British Isles with their terror and terrorism and their age-old tyranny by which they would bind the souls of my people Israel.

Let the Stone of Scone and the Davidic line be in you as the seed atom and the white cube of the Mother chakra. For in the lowest and the highest echelons of society throughout England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, the pagan chiefs (who are the Watchers and their godless creation) and the decadent druids (who are the witches and warlocks and the purveyors of the wares of Hades—rock, drugs, alcohol, and sexual perversion) yet pursue the beloved Mother and her children. They shall not pass!

Yes, Serpent and his seed must be cast out of the isles of Britain; for there they have set themselves up, from the closing hours of Camelot to the present, as the adversaries of the Woman and of the feminine potential of man and woman.

Through the subculture of the fallen ones, they have launched a frontal attack on the light of the kundalini. They have beguiled modern Eves and their offspring to redirect the white light—the creative fohat of the life-force—into every conceivable, almost inconceivable, perversion of the sacred fire, mind you, chakra by chakra. They shall not pass!

Apparently successful in changing the course of the kundalini, the seed of Serpent have temporarily changed the course of Western civilization. Their counterrevolution of black magic practiced against the Woman is launched from the astral planes at The Hague, where their emblem is the gnarled and crusty figure of the hag—Great Whore of yore. They shall not pass!

These princes of the power of the air appear on the astral plane as out of Serpent's root there comes forth the cockatrice, and his fruit is the fiery flying serpent. These "will not be charmed and they shall bite you, saith the LORD." Misusing the breath of the Holy Spirit, their 'bite' is the distortion of the original blueprint in the etheric body and its manifestation in the mental body.

Thus they have positioned themselves (as the archdeceivers have taught them) at the east gate, the doorway of the air quadrant, as the self-acclaimed destroyers of the light of the Holy Ghost in the mind of man and woman. They shall not pass!

Theirs is the spirit that Paul observed working in the children of disobedience among whom, he noted, "we all had our conversation in times past in the lusts of our flesh, fulfilling the desires of the flesh and of the mind; and were by nature the children of wrath, even as others." They shall not pass!

Paul further notes that only the great love of God, who is rich in mercy, was able to quicken us together with Christ and to raise us up to sit together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. These heavenly places frequented by Paul and the early followers of Christ are the etheric cities and retreats of the ascended masters where the saints robed in white who have risen from my paths of the Ruby Ray, East and West, gather themselves together unto the supper of the Great God. From these heavenly places you, my beloved, have received not one but many servant-sons of light who have instructed you in the wiles and wares of these princes of the air. They shall not pass!

Their strategy is to preempt the office of the Son of man in the earth (the Matter sphere). And thus they have set themselves up as pretenders to the throne of grace, perverting the path of the fifth ray into materialism and mechanization devoid of the Spirit of living Truth. They have sponsored the laggards and wayward evolutions of the children of disobedience to intellectual pursuits, securing for them the most prestigious professional positions and posts of leadership in international affairs. They have courted the children of mammon and promoted them into prominence in circles of commerce, banking, government, and industry where they therefore, through them, still control the destinies of most of the citizens of earth. They shall not pass!

These are the cunning serpents of whom Jesus spoke when he said, "Be ye therefore wise as serpents and harmless as doves." The LORDs admonishment is clear. If you would have the wisdom of these angels of the second ray who have fallen from their high estate into carnal mindedness, then you must have the dove of the Holy Ghost whose charity and enlightenment will keep you in line with the will of God and properly aligned with that mind of God which was in Christ Jesus. Only by the sponsorship of the indwelling Trinity can you be wise in the things of heaven and of earth and not fall into the self-idolatry of this generation of serpents. They shall not pass!

But the seed of Serpent have determined not to allow the seed of the Woman to rise in the fields of education, communications, journalism, public service in Church and State, or the performing arts. They have set their course upon the principle that he who governs the air quadrant governs the course of the mental evolution of earth's inhabitants. And this has been the "great wrath" of their strategy since they were cast out of heaven into embodiment on earth by Archangel Michael and his legions of blue-flame angels. They shall not pass!

Wherefore, my beloved, until sons and daughters of God and the children of the light rise up to overthrow the oppressors of the mind of God within them, who have positioned themselves on a planetary scale in the throat, the third eye, and the crown chakras of the nations, the strategy of Serpent's seed will continue. They shall not pass!

And you will not hear a loud voice saying in heaven, "Now is come salvation and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night"—no, not until you say, "Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the LORD"—the Ancient of Days and his incarnate Word— no, not until you invoke the LORDs Judgment upon them: "They Shall Not Pass!"

Nevertheless, their prophesied judgment can and shall be fulfilled through the spoken Word and through the purity, the humility, and the love of my servants on the Ruby Ray. And you shall overcome Serpent and his seed by the blood of the Lamb and by the Word of your testimony—if you love not your lives unto the death. And I speak of the death neither of the soul nor of the body but of the serpent mind and of its replacement by the Christ mind.

For the hour of their judgment is come. Therefore, let those to whom my angel has entrusted the Everlasting Gospel fear God and give glory to him, and worship him that made heaven and earth and the sea and the fountains of waters.

My beloved, I have placed in your hands the key to the undoing of the despisers of my people. It is The LORD's Ritual of Exorcism. Only its daily practice will produce the desired results. As Satan once stood up against Israel to provoke David, so his seed and the seed of Serpent would, if they could, provoke my messengers and my chelas of the will of God.

But the Adversary who accuses my brethren day and night cannot, and he shall not! stand against my Light embodied within you. When the Light which I have placed there as the seed of my own Electronic Presence flows forth from you as the spoken Word, it does indeed swallow up the flood of lies that comes out of the mouth of the dragon.

The mission of Moses—who was Guru, who wore Mother's mantle—began with the conveyance to him by my flame of the God-mastery of the 'serpent' force. In this context the term serpent refers to the coil of light that rises on the spinal altar—the very same "rod of iron" with which the Manchild goes forth "to rule all nations."

You will recall that Moses carried a shepherd's crook, for he tended the flocks of Jethro, his father-in-law, at Midian. You will also recall that I bade him cast his rod on the ground. His obedience signified his willingness to cast aside his calling in the Matter spheres and to take up the calling of the Spirit, even as the disciples of Jesus Christ would later be called to leave their nets to become fishers of men. So now I would show Moses the mutability of his earthly calling that was soon to become, by the law of transmutation, the immutability of the heavenly calling.

The shepherd's crook is the symbol of the life-force in man. Held in the hand of the Good Shepherd of my people, it is the rod of attainment denoting that the chosen one has raised the light of the Mother from the base of the spine unto the crown chakra and sealed it in the third eye.

Now when Moses saw that his rod became a serpent, he fled from before it. I used this illustration to show him how the fallen ones have taken the life-force and captivated it in snakelike forms of destructivity capable of penetrating the minds of my children by serpentine logic and sinuous emotion. The very movement of a serpent's body produces the sine wave, and this relates to advanced teachings transferred by adepts to their disciples whereby they learn to pass their bodies through solid matter by the application of this principle of motion at the molecular level.

In order to succeed in his great commission, Moses must demonstrate God-mastery in the exercise of the powers of the king, for it was he who would indeed hold the key to the Incarnation of God in the children of Israel.

I instructed him to take the serpent by the tail, and I instruct you to do the same. Not the head-on confrontation with the fallen ones, but the challenging of the very base of their operation which is always in the misuse of the base-of-the-spine chakra—this is the tactic of angels of light and sons of God who have never left their high calling to defend the Holy of Holies from the abomination of desolation.

When you learn to seize the light of the Mother and raise it in God-control to the heart chakra, you will also be able to put forth your hand as the hand of God and catch the seed of Serpent.

And when you shall have seized the light which they have misqualified—to transmute it before it can turn and bite you— then that light will become a rod of God's power in your hand. Thus prepare yourselves by diligent pursuit of the science of the Mother light (1) to take up serpents by faith in Archangel Michael and his LORDs hosts, (2) to turn them back by the true wisdom of the Son, and (3) to transmute their hate and hate creation by love's own violet ray—the sacred fire of the Destroyer (Holy Spirit) who consumes all that is unlike Himself.

Now Aaron was also an initiate of the Ruby Ray, who would exercise the power of the priest side by side with Moses as his spokesman. Their holy offices, ordained of me upon Horeb, were to set the archetypal pattern of the calling of the kings and priests unto God under Alpha and Omega.

It was the rod of Moses (the type of king) wielded by Aaron (the type of priest) which swallowed up the serpents of Egyptian black magic and sorcery and set the sign of Christ's rod.

Later wielded by Jesus (who embodied the offices of both king and priest, the wholeness of Alpha and Omega), this rod would become the fiery caduceus of the resurrection flame to swallow up the death cult of Egyptian perversion of the Mother light and release it in the full glory of love's everlasting victory.

The sacred fire of the life-force takes on the form and manifestation of the one who is learning the right and wrong method of becoming a co-creator with God. When I sent fiery serpents among the people of Israel who spake out against both God and Moses, these were the precipitation of their own spirit of rebellion and disobedience—the very same spirit of the seed of Serpent which they had allowed to enter their minds.

By a mere inversion of the coil of energy which had proceeded out of their mouths in impurity and impiety, their miscreations returned to them the poisonous venom with which they would have, if they could, killed Moses. And many of them experienced death by the return of their own energy, reversed by my right hand upraised against them. Such is the mantle of the Great White Brotherhood—an ever-present protection upon those who exercise their spiritual offices with all diligence, humility, and love.

When the people therefore called upon the law of forgiveness for their sins, I bade Moses form a fiery serpent and set it upon a pole; and any that were bitten by the poisonous snakes, which returned to them the poison of their own consciousness, were restored to life as they beheld (meditated upon) this brazen serpent.

It was the symbol of the life-force and the representation of their own Mother light rising for the healing of mind and soul and body. The snake entwined about the wand of Mercury has remained the symbol of the victory of life over death. It is the symbol of healing Truth and the wholeness of Alpha and Omega that is realized through meditation in and upon the All-Seeing Eye of God. And all who look upon that Eye make contact with Gods vision of the perfection of their being and consciousness.

God's vision of your wholeness, my beloved, is an arc of white fire which descends into your body temple as you meditate upon the Eye and offer its mantra to the Elohim Cyclopea. This arc of white fire is the energy of Alpha and Omega manifesting in you the wholeness of Christ's healing light. All of these teachings are yet a part of your fifth-ray initiations under my apostles Paul and Patrick standing with the two witnesses on the east gate of the Matter sphere.

Remember now the teachings which Jesus gave to you, my beloved: "As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of man be lifted up." This Son of man is the Light of man. It is the Light of the Trinity and of the Mother which, as a blazing white fire sun, must be raised up that it might carry your soul to the door of your own Christ consciousness and to the doorkeeper, your own beloved Christ Self, "that whosoever believeth in Him, by meditation and by the spoken Word— by believing on the one whom I have sent and by fulfilling the initiations of the Ruby Ray—should not perish but have the eternal life of the Mother flowing in him forevermore."

Beloved ones, visualize the ascension coil rising within you from the base of your Great Matter Pyramid to the all-seeing eye in its capstone. For this sun of your manifestation must be lifted up. If it were not so, my son would not have told you, and he would not have laid down his life, that he might take it again in demonstration of this principle of the resurrection of the soul through the Son of God.

In order for you to demonstrate this same principle of eternal Life through the Mother flame, it is the requirement of the law that the sacred fire within you be not squandered in any of the misuses of the life-force forbidden by cosmic law in the Garden of Eden. Therefore you can understand why the head of these serpents is ever determined to bruise the heel of the Christed ones.

The heel is the symbol not only of the reproductive organs but also of the genes and chromosomes and the DNA spiral which conveys in Matter the Christic light sealed in the seed and the egg of man and woman.

Inroads into the very light of the soul itself are being attempted once again by reembodied Atlantean scientists—serpents in your midst who contemplate the submission of the entire human race to their devilish designs (all in the guise of good) through alteration of the genetic code, selective breeding of the seed of Serpent with the seed of Christ to produce a supposed superior race having the cunning of the fallen ones enhanced by the light of the Woman.

They also contemplate behavior modification for mankinds passive role-playing in the perverted matrices of Serpent and, of course, euthanasia, misnamed 'mercy killing', and the abortion of the life of the innocents in the womb of the Mother. They shall not pass!

By the God-mastery of this life-force in my sons and daughters, they shall go forth as initiates of the Ruby Ray, as overcomers not to be overcome by the temptations—so blatantly portrayed in the media—to misuse the sacred fire of the Mother in scientific as well as sexual misqualifications and perversions.

Let the Christed ones use the heel—symbol of their Aquarian God-love as well as their Piscean God-mastery—once and for all to bruise and destroy the many-headed serpents of the last days. They shall not pass!

For the Path of the Ruby Ray is the path of your soul's accelerated God-mastery of the accelerated God-love of the Holy Spirit.

Awake, awake ye sons and daughters of light! Awake, put on strength, thou who art the arm of the LORD in all the earth! Awake, as in the ancient days when thou earnest in the generations of old with the Ancient of Days, vowing to save the Woman and her seed! Art thou not the band of chosen ones that hath cut Rahab to ribbons and wounded the dragon to death?

('Rahab is the name of the symbolical dragon that appears as the antagonist of Jehovah. Rev. 19:17. Souls who have ascended to the mental quadrant of the Spirit sphere where they dwell in Christ's consciousness of God.)

Let us see, then, what our disciples who have studied and assimilated our Word will do with this initiation of the Ruby Ray:

  • Will they take up serpents after the example of my apostles Paul and Patrick and so many other brave ones who are now the ascended masters?—noted by John as the "fowls that fly in the midst of heaven. Will they join the ranks of the overcomers who have overcome the dragon so that the little children might yet wax strong and grow in the grace of the LORD? Will they have the courage to wield the ruby sword after communing with the LORD, who is mighty indeed today as he was yesterday?
  • Will they apply my teachings preliminary to those that I will yet give on the opening of the seventh seal? Will they make good the light that I have given to them in this series of Pearls of Wisdom by dispensation from the Cosmic Council? Will they take up the Word and Work of the seven holy Kumaras in the earth to prepare the way of the LORDs Second Advent and to make straight the paths of consciousness in my people for the coming of the righteous BRANCH?
  • Will they see and take heart in the mission of all who have gone before that this is their hour—the hour when I, the Ancient of Days, would confer upon them the same God-mastery that I have given to the avatars, East and West?

My beloved, do not neglect to become the Word that you study and assimilate. For you know that this becoming bears fruit in the arena of action under the World Teachers.

With the sign of the Staff of Jesus subduing serpents, and the symbol of the sword of the Word and the Book of the Law of Jesus Christ, I seal you in the mantle of my sons Patrick and Paul that you, too, might be overcomers in the earth.

I hold in my heart the hope of the Mother for her children even as I hold the vow of my sons and daughters to redeem her flame and her seed in this hour.

Let the eagles who gather together at the Corpus Christi descend from the heights unto the depths to pounce upon serpents and devour them by the sacred fire of the Mount Sion!
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