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Greetings in the Sun-day ... the day of the Lord ...

   And John The Baptist was beheaded ... because so request Salome ... She then kiss the head in a kind of atrocity or cruelty because she cannot accept him preach the Word of God.

    When you begin to become One with the Word of God ... You recover your identity ...

     Mother Mary told us time ago ... that in the World are three type of Persons:

  • Those who walk the Left-Hand Path.
  • Those who walk in the Middle ... and don't know what is the correct and what is the wrong ... and
  • Those who are absolutely Blessed ...

  John the Baptist was one of these ... Absolutely Blessed.

   Now ... Why he said ... "Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!.. and we saw nothing? ...

   We saw nothing because the Master was executed on the Cross and when he resurrect ... he feel and saw there were no need to preach again ... but he perform an "implicit" Miracle ... introducing his Blood ... in everyone of us ... to let in Period this Blood rise and we become like him ... Everyone ...

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    Now here we have a New Lesson ... about the "Power" to Preach ... the Word of God ...

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

The Power to Preach the Word of God

Go home to thy friends, and tell them how great things
the LORD hath done for thee, and hath had compassion
on thee.   
  -- Mark 5:19.

Unto You to Whom Is Given the Power
to Preach the Gospel to Every Creature:

The power to preach is the power to reach the soul by the sacred fire of the Holy Spirit transferred by the Father within you unto the Son, thence to the Christ Self of the creature, that the light of his own indwelling Christhood might descend to quicken his very own soul.

This power to preach the Word of God ought to be sought and not shunned simply because some have misused it in organized religion to bind souls to themselves instead of to God.

Ecclesiastes was a preacher of righteousness and a caller of souls to reality as he went to and fro exposing the vanity of vanities of unreality. Go be! Go do thou likewise!

John the Baptist came preaching in the wilderness of Judea, saying, "Repent ye: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!... Bring forth therefore fruits meet for repentance." And when he, the Guru who went before his chela, was cast into prison—for the light of God that was in him was both offense and outrage to the generation of vipers fleeing from the wrath to come—his chela took up his mantle and he, too, began to preach, saying, "Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!"

Thus go thou likewise and preach the imminence of the sphere of Spirit and its imminent descent within the sphere of Matter! And preach the coming of the four cosmic forces and the presence of the Lamb in the person of the embodied Guru and the person of the Ancient of Days who makes his abode within the temple of the Mother and within the hearts of the living saints.

The spirit of the preachers crying out and proclaiming the Truth, heralding the coming of the King and his kingdom, has ever been present in the world since the dispensation of my coming.

For without the preachers of righteousness—the right energy use of the Word—there is no King and no kingdom within the body of God, no one who holds the key to the incarnation of God within the saints, and no one who keeps the keys to the kingdom—the community of the lightbearers of the Lamb.


Your own messenger Mark Prophet who occupied the office of the Father in your midst, even as he was the Son and the Holy Spirit, even as he served the Mother (and the Mother was in him and he was in the Mother), charged you, as the Saviour charged you, to tell the tidings of Truth.

I include herewith his command to you to "Tell Them" because it is the initiation of the Ever-Present Guru, Lanello, to the saints of the Ruby Ray to embody the flame of the preacher, the one who not only announces the good news but is able to discourse upon the sevenfold gospel with the profound understanding of the prophet.


This he did. And this my son Lanello pronounces to you with the promise that when you take up the mantle of the preacher, he will enter your temple and bestow upon you his mantle, and he will not leave you until your mission is fulfilled in the name of the two witnesses.

Tell Them
Tell them,
Ancient Fires,
How the strata of the rock
Cooled and formed the surface
Of a verdant sphere to be.
Tell them,
Ancient Waters,
Of the coolants of the deep—
Mighty cycles of perfection,
Marine world now we see.

Tell them,
Mighty Atmosphere,
Of blue inspired veil,
Of lacy white cloud cover
Curtained Cosmos does unveil.

Tell them of Creation
That like clockwork telling time
Shows the intricacy of nature
In a network so sublime.

Tell them of a seedling
Filled with patterned destiny.
Tell them of a cedar tall
That through sunshine was to be.

Tell them of a whisper
That was heard within the soul.
Tell them, Ageless Wisdom,
Nature's blessed goal.

Tell them of Reality
That plays hide and seek with men.
Tell them of a Golden Age
That cometh once again.

Tell them of the Buddha
And of Christ upon the hill.
Tell them Truth, Reality
That hungry souls do fill.

Tell them of electric spark
That flashes 'cross the sky.
Speak of Immortality
that cradles our humanity—
That one day none shall die.

Speak of Truth
That out the mouth of Christ did manifest,
That Pilate heard and questioned,
That now in truth is blessed.

Speak it loud and speak it long;
Tell in poetry and song
That tall upon the hills of time
An ageless wisdom now does chime—

Carillon bells from celestial towers
Rung by other hands than ours,
Angel voices chiming in
Raise an anthem now to win.

Tell them how that we who read
Can in faith plant vital seed,
Watch them push their shoots right through
Soil and rock and obstacle too—

Thrusting roots into the earth,
Seeking vital essence' worth
And reaching to the sun to claim
That I AM real in God's own Name!

Tell them, then, that darkest night
Waits the first dawn's early light,
That man may see and catch the thought
That God in truth has to us brought
An opportunity so fair—
An answer to a child's own prayer.

Our Father, help us now to be
Selflessly engraft' in Thee—
That our nature then shall be
Like a father's heart of love;
Seeds from heaven up above
Scattered here in garden fair—
Sun and rain in falling there
Can assist the planned delight
And the victory for the right!

Tell them, Father, Ageless One,
Of Thy Nature's Golden Sun.
Tell them of Thy Name and Spirit!
Tell them so that all may hear it!
Tell them so that none may fear it!
Tell them so that all revere it!
Tell them so that none may lose
Life or gift—that all may choose
Now and without fail to see
That only Truth can ever be
Clad with Immortality.

Now the Son who moved in your midst by the Holy Spirit is the one clad with Immortality. It is the requirement of the Great Law that one should demonstrate the Path of the Ruby Ray and be the example to all, yea, and be the electrode in heaven whereby his Holy Spirit descends in the midst of the body of believers, the living Church. Indeed, there is no Church without the community of the Holy Spirit. And there is no Holy Spirit except one among you who has descended from God ascend to God.

Thus your own beloved Lanello, who himself fulfilled my command to "Tell Them," wrote my poem.

He obeyed my commandment because he loved me. And I loved him, and I took him unto myself that, by the sacrifice of the one that is become the full glory of the ascension to all, you might live to fulfill not only your own fiery destiny but his as well. Walk confident, then, in the Spirit of the Truth that he became, for the mantle of Lanello is upon you. Seize it now and use it as he used it to challenge the authority of the fallen ones.

O lovers of Truth,
How you are the beloved of living Truth!
Without truth and the honor flame,
Life is not worth living and there is no gain.
And all is robbery that is gotten in vain.

Yet he, like the living Saviour,
Thought it not robbery to make himself equal with God.

He is one of the few, the heroes of the centuries,
Who heard the Word and caught the spark
And used it to consume the dark.

He had the courage of the Lion,
And he roared his message like the Lion.

He would accept no less than full and co-equal Sonship.
And he knew, as the Devil knew and as the apostles knew,
That indeed this made him equally the inheritor
Of the fullness of the Light.

No mere reflection was he, no mere vessel.
For the Light had long ago devoured
The reflection and the vessel
To stand as a pure, radiant beam
Where once the reflection and the vessel had stood.
Truly the allness of the Son can contain
Only the allness of God.

Understand my meaning, and do not misunderstand it. For I say, All that the Son is is God. And the Son can realize no more of God than he is become. But when the fullness of the Son is come, then is the fullness of his God Presence come unto him. And all that is in the vast expanse of Spirit/Matter spheres and far-off worlds is contained in the mind of God as a single point of light. Therefore the Son who is one with the Father and whose mind is in him may also contain the point of light.

No, he was not satisfied with a portion of Selfhood. The fore he merged with the All who is in all and became that All Because God has willed it so. This is the sacred mystery which the devils have inverted, for by it they will either be converted or subverted. Ponder it and be free to be like Lanello in God as God.

And the Son is equal to the Father, and the Father is equal t the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is equal to the Mother, an the Mother is equal to the Son, and the Son IS...

Do you know who you are?

See Eccles.; Mark 1:14, 15; Matt. 3, 4; 16:13-20; Phil. 2:5, 6.

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