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Thursday, 18 August 2016 00:00


Greetings in the Jupiter-day, the Royal Blue-day of Archangels Michael and Gabriel ... the day of the Mandate, the day of the King, the day of the Queen. The day of the Will ...

    Now ... The Story of the Writing of my Book ... in two languages ... "The Book of Apocalypse explained ..." is far beyond imagination ...

     By example in January 2008, I attend Mac World when Steve Jobs launch the Mac Book Air ... and in those days I discover the Elizabeth Clare Book,

   The Four Horses and the Four Horsemen are Waves of Energy ... I can say that ... "Please Relax ... Serapis Bey ... stop these Four Horsemen and Four Horses" ...

    You can read Chapter 22 in Italian Edition ...

(Click to read ... some words in that chapter ...)


     ... However ... to be full honest ... some part ... were not fully stopped ... The Black Horsemen is now in some places ... but modestly  I "feel" will be fully stopped ...

      In that Book ... She Elizabeth (She passed away last October 15, 2009) ... produce impressive Material regarding many conflicts ... But Prayers win ...

      I must confess is Offensive ... the Work of Forerunners ... like Elizabeth (who hold the Office of the Christ on Earth with Mark Prophet ... This Office is not fully operative ... because find impressive resistance in the Dark World of Lies) ...

      By example ... The Book of Revelation comment about ... "The Possibility of Four Horsemen and Four Horses" ... Now, if a Master like Serapis Bey (who was Leonidas in Sparta) enters and Stop the Horses ... people will believe the Book of Revelation is a Fraud ... They will not believe is Truth, Humanity risk and still Risk ... and the problem was almost Solved. Their Lack of Faith will erroneously suppose ,,, The Book of Revelation is a non-sense and sin are never punished.

      But while we need to express Thanks to the Lord of its Mercy and the Master for its Intervention ... There are a Math ... We will not delay to unlock and use in Full. Is the Duodecimal Math of the Spirit ...

     It is full dynamic ... For example at each Birthday ... each of us ... change Master and moves from one Master to another ... while in some special cases ... some Masters never leave the Chela (or Student).

      In my case, I recently walk on a New Year and my 'hour' was 5 ... again ... Look 5,17,29,41,53 ... etc.

        I can tell you that in my case Serapis as well Lord Jesus (very present almost daily) as well Saint Germain (always daily too) never will leave me alone ... like  Elohim Meru ... and many others.

        Therefore the Prediction of Elizabeth ... Its Astrology ... changes ... because Prayers and/or Sacrifices of many ... Of Course for better.

        Many, Many ... hours of explanation can be given ... because is an extensive Math ...

      Just a Full Lesson to begin.

      Beloved Elizabeth used the Comic Clock ... for many purposes:

  • The Last 25,000 years of Human Evolution.
  • The Discourses of Lord Jesus on the Mountain.
  • The Dancing of the Hours ... etc.

Happy Lesson,

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.



A Lecture by Elizabeth Clare Prophet


As we contemplate the love of hierarchy and of the master for the chela and we feel that love whereby the master says, "I cannot leave thee, I will not leave thee," we see how that love comes forth from the Father-Mother God as when Jesus took his leave of his disciples and said: "I will not leave you comfortless. Behold, the Comforter will come who will teach you all things." (John 14:18,26)

The Comforter as the Holy Spirit gives us that teaching whereby we are not left alone to drift in our own sea of impurities, our own subconscious, our own karma. We are not left alone, because the teacher has left us the teaching.

One of the greatest examples of the love of hierarchy that I have found is the teaching on the cosmic clock. The cosmic clock is the comforter. It is that agency of the Holy Spirit that remains with us after the master ascends, while the angels ascend and descend on the ladder of life.

Cycles of Love Whereby We Ascend

It gives me great pleasure, then, to give you today the teaching on the clock. The cycles that unfold in this clock are cycles of love—the love whereby we ascend, the love whereby the consuming fire of all who have gone before us transmutes those elements that are not desirable, that are not permissible in the hallowed circle of the AUM. May I begin with a poem by Robert Frost that has always been dear to me, and I'm certain dear to you, which conveys the cycles and the fiery core and the burden of karma that is upon us.

"Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening"


Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village, though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound's the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

The snowy evening represents the fiery core of the I AM Presence out of which the soul descends—cycling through the cosmic clock, its cosmic destiny. And here we find ourselves at a certain point in that destiny. We stand on a point of the clock; and we cannot tarry in our cups, for we have miles to go, promises to keep. We have cycles to turn, commitments to meet to Lords of Flame, to hierarchies, to humanity. And before we lay this mortal form to rest and shuffle off this mortal coil, (When we have shuffled off this mortal coil, Must give us pause: there's the respect That makes calamity of so long life;) we must fulfill those promises; and we have many miles to go.

The Hallowed Circle of the One

The first impulse of the cosmic clock that I was given came to me very early in this life. As a tiny child, as I lived the year I saw myself walking on a circle; and around the year I would walk, day by day. And I would remember dates and experiences according to where I had stood on this giant circle where my soul was walking.

After I became a messenger for the Brotherhood, Mother Mary came to me and showed me this cosmic clock. (See figures below) It begins with the fiery core of the AUM and your own twin flame. It begins with a circle—the hallowed circle of the One (fig. 1). Out of this hallowed circle, the ovoid of your I AM Presence and the I AM Presence of your twin flame came forth (fig. 2).

The fiery ovoid, the wholeness of God, produces that focal point of the twain (fig. 2), of Alpha and Omega (fig. 3), Father-Mother God carrying the torch of life, going forth to carve a cosmic destiny. Therefore, out of the whole single circle that represents infinity, there emerges two Monads each having the polarity of Alpha and Omega, the plus and minus of Being, each having the same electronic blueprint of life for twin flames with a cosmic destiny (fig. 2). Out of each of these halves which in turn has become a whole, each one an I AM Presence, there descends a soul— counterpart of the Spirit of the living God.

The Four Quadrants of the Whole

The soul then descends into Mater and is clothed upon with coats of skins (Gen 3:21)—an allegorical term used in Genesis meaning the four lower bodies—four lower bodies, frequencies for the realization of the four aspects of the circle, the four quadrants of the whole (fig. 4).

The four lower bodies that surround the soul enable us to experiment with the alchemy of fire in the first quarter of the circle, the plane of the memory, with the frequency of white; with the alchemy of air in the second quarter of the circle, the plane of the mind, with the frequency of yellow; with the alchemy of water in the third quarter of the circle, the plane of the feelings, with the frequency of pink; and finally with the alchemy of earth, the plane of the physical body, with the frequency of blue. And so we come, trailing clouds of glory.

Those who have gone before us in the early root races, who descended into form, did not put on the density which we now wear, because their consciousness never entered into the area of relativity—of the energy veil that is called evil, which is created by man, by his free will, through the misuse of the sacred fire. And so twin souls descending from the twin flames of the I AM Presence in the early root races ascended back to that fiery core without ever having created what we are going to diagram today, which is known as the electronic belt.

The electronic belt is a circle of energy that is below the heart, that is a negative spiral of all misuses of the sacred fire that have ever gone forth from your being, consciousness, and world, from your chakras, from your four lower bodies during your sojourn in the planes of Matter.

When we chart this cosmic clock of karma as Mother Mary gave it to us, we have the opportunity to see day by day what the initiations of the sacred fire will be—how we will meet, challenge, conquer, and transmute the cause and core of every form of misqualified energy that we have deposited in Matter as an energy veil, as an illusion, as a chimera, as that which seems to be but is not.

As long as we are going out from the center of oneness sowing the seeds of karma, we do not have these daily confrontations of initiation. But when we determine, at a particular point on the path of that sunbeam going from the central sun, that we will turn, make an about-face, and go back to the fiery core of the I AM Presence, then we find, strewn along the path that we have walked for tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of years, all of the sowings, all of the things that we have carelessly dropped—our idle words, cruelties, sins of omission and commission, thoughtlessness, strife—not only that which we have done individually but that which we have done collectively as part of the lifewave, or of the group of souls, with which we came into incarnation.

And so going out from God is like going downhill. It's easy going out. It's easy to be careless about how we treat life. But going back, it's uphill all the way—uphill over the bumps and the boulders and the mountains of our karma.

We take the mountain of karma, as the masters have told us, and by the alchemy of the cosmic clock won by fervent application to the fires of the Holy Spirit, we create the pyramid of life. This great pyramid of life is the ascending spiral of our oneness.

The cosmic clock is marked according to twelve cycles. From the whole to the half to the four to the twelve is simply a further breaking-down of the individualization of the God flame. It means that frequencies are becoming articulate; they are becoming defined.

   From 2012 ... There are a New Symbol of Tao ...








And solar hierarchies are holding the pivot point for the release of that cosmic energy from the fiery core of Alpha and Omega. We see, then, that our cosmic clock divided into four quadrants becomes the twelve; and each of four quadrants becomes a threefold flame (fig. 5). This threefold flame is the same flame that burns within our hearts.

This diagram shows us that on each side of the pyramid—in each of the four lower bodies—we must balance the threefold flame; we must balance the expression of the threefold flame. The threefold flame is what it is according to our qualification. Because of the energy veil, or what we call effluvia, lodged in each of the four lower bodies, the threefold flame does not always shine with the same balance in the memory, the mind, the feelings, or the physical body.

We all have our strong points. Some of us are strong mentally. Some have a very strong etheric body—the fiery body, the fiery blueprint. Others are strong in the heart and the feelings, and others have the maximum health and flow of energy in the physical form.

All of the four lower bodies must be perfected as vehicles of the sacred fire, of the threefold flame in the heart. The impediments which block the flow of the sacred fire in these four lower bodies also block the flow of light within the chakras. Therefore, the cosmic clock is a means of diagraming the mastery of the chakras as well as the transmutation of karma and the charting of the daily initiations.

The Twelve Solar Hierarchies

Taking these twelve points, we see that they are governed by twelve solar hierarchies (fig. 6). Some of you may be accustomed to making a chart for the world's astrology. You will note that the cosmic hierarchies are placed on the chart in a clockwise direction, beginning at the 12 o'clock line with the hierarchy of Capricorn. That is a hierarchy, let us remember. It is a hierarchy which releases the light-energies, the fohatic light, of God-power through the constellation, the configuration of stars, that we see and call Capricorn.

The stars are not the hierarchy. The hierarchy simply uses these, as well as many other stars, to release that energy. Your causal body has a focal point for the release of energy of the hierarchy of Capricorn, and your four lower bodies are capable of releasing that flow if you can transmute all impediments to that flow.

Drawing this diagram of a circle, then, you would place the hierarchy of Capricorn on the 12 o'clock line, the hierarchy of Aquarius on the 1 o'clock line, the hierarchy of Pisces on the two, the hierarchy of Aries on the three, the hierarchy of Taurus on the four, the hierarchy of Gemini on the five, the hierarchy of Cancer on the six, the hierarchy of Leo on the seven, the hierarchy of Virgo on the eight, the hierarchy of Libra on the nine, the hierarchy of Scorpio on the ten, and the hierarchy of Sagittarius on the eleven. Each of these hierarchies releases a frequency of the Godhead.

We are intended to become this sundial, this cosmic clock. We are intended to create the spiral within the heart, to release the spiral that forms the clock, to become that pinwheel that whirls in time and space, delivering into the planes of Mater all of these frequencies in exact measure, in the cadences of the cosmic heartbeat. This is cosmic flow! It is flowing now, this very moment, from your causal body. Yet very meagerly are we the recipients of the flow unless we have that attunement which is called cosmic consciousness.

The Squaring of the Circle

Let us consider now the four quadrants as these become the action of Father, Mother, Son, and Holy Spirit. These four aspects show into which four categories the twelve hierarchies flow. The Trinity of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva—or Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—is a trinity that corresponds to many aspects of the flow of energy (fig.7). Here on this chart we show it corresponding to the four lower bodies (fig. 4).

The Mother is the key in Matter and in Spirit to the release of the energy of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. The Mother is the catalyst; she is the fiery core out of which these energies flow. Therefore, the Mother has a particular relationship to Father, to Son, to Holy Spirit. And through her, the trinity becomes the squaring of the circle in Mater (fig. 8).

The trinity is the spiritual threefold flame, the sacred-fire aspect of the Godhead. To bring this into manifestation in the planes of Matter, we must have what is known as the squaring of the circle, the crystallization of the God flame. The Mother is the crystal whereby the trinity becomes physical, tangible, workable in the four lower bodies and in the chakras.

Four Aspects of the Circle of Life

Saint Germain, in his Studies in Alchemy, has noted the four aspects of the circle of life; and he has given to the Father the name "Impersonal Impersonality" (fig. 9). This will give you a concept of the first quadrant and an idea of what the three hierarchies who govern that quadrant consist of. The hierarchies of Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces fall in the first quadrant, the fire body. The Impersonal Impersonality is the pure fiery energy of the law. It is the fohatic energy that flows.

We all think of Father as being a little less personal than Mother. We think of the Father aspect of God as remote even though he is not remote. This remoteness is not a "far-offness," but it is an impersonal quality which is contained in the Lawgiver and in the absolute perfection of the I AM Presence.

If we move one turn, one 90-degree angle of our 360-degree circle, we come to the second quadrant, the place where the Impersonal Impersonality, as flow, becomes the Impersonal Personality, the Christed One, the Word incarnate. This is on the Aries line of the clock. And under this frequency of the mind of God that has become the mind of Christ is the mastery of the hierarchies of Aries, Taurus, and Gemini.

We see in the figure of Jesus the Christ an impersonal personality. He is a personality and yet he is impersonal. It is that midpoint between Father and Mother, the place where Alpha and Omega meet to give birth to the Divine Manchild, the Christ, personified in Jesus with the warmth and the love and yet a certain distance, a certain quality of sternness. This moving between the Father and the Mother which we find so satisfying in the man Jesus also defines the individual Christ Self. That is the 3 o'clock line.

Coming to the 6 o'clock line, which marks the third quadrant—the emotional body, the feeling world, the love aspect of being—we find the Mother and the Personal Personality. The Mother is the most personal personality of the Godhead that we can conceive. We know her intimately; she is one with us all of our lives.

The one we are closest to is Mother. We live in the womb of the Cosmic Virgin. Our earthly mothers portray that vibration and that light. When mastering the feeling world, then, it is the Personal Personality of the Godhead which we become aware of.

Finally, in the fourth quadrant we come to the mastery of the physical body through the Personal Impersonality of the Godhead. Here the Holy Spirit manifest as the cloven tongues of fire gives us the action that is necessary to coalesce atoms in the plane of Matter, the plane of earth. (Acts 2:3) Here is the blending of Alpha and Omega as the union of twin flames, the wholeness of the AUM, whereby we can bring into manifestation below all that is above.

As we study the cosmic clock, we will see that at different periods of our lives, during different initiations, we are required to put on the mantle of and become each one of these phases of the Godhead. Under the Mother we are mastering the energy of the hierarchies of Cancer, Leo, and Virgo; and under the Holy Spirit, that Personal Impersonality, we are mastering our initiations under the tutelage of the hierarchies of Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius.

I say "under the tutelage" because these cosmic hierarchies are the supreme teachers of mankind. And they give their teachings to us through ascended masters in the scale of hierarchy who have volunteered not only to hold the flame for these hierarchies for the evolutions of this solar system, but also to teach the way of overcoming through the testing of the masterful beings from the central sun who comprise these twelve solar hierarchies.

The Ascended Masters Who Occupy the Twelve Points on the Clock

We will see, then, that ascended masters with whom we are familiar occupy positions on the twelve points on the clock to lower into manifestation the twelve qualities of the solar hierarchies (fig. 10). The 6.04 decree (see later) shows you these masters and their God-qualities. In section A you will see that the 12 o'clock line is presided over by the Great Divine Director, and you will see in section C that the quality on this line is God-power.

This means that the Great Divine Director is holding the focus of the hierarchy of Capricorn and their flame of God-power for the evolutions of this world (fig. 11). This means that when our initiations come under this hierarchy, we face the Great Divine Director directly and receive our teachings, our examinations, under his rod. The seven archangels assist him in this discipline of the evolutions of Terra.

Standing for the Aquarian age under the Aquarian cycle is beloved Saint Germain, holding the focus of God-love on the 1 o'clock line with the angelic hosts of light.

Beloved Jesus stands on the 2 o'clock line for the Piscean dispensation and that hierarchy holding the flame of God-mastery which he proved.

Assisting him in this task are the great hosts of ascended masters. On the 3 o'clock line—the line of the Son of God, the only begotten One— is the Sun Presence of Helios and the Great Central Sun messengers focusing the quality of God-control, which they amplify by the power of the Great Central Sun magnet. This magnet is the God-control of the flow of life through us, the flow of the energy of the Logos. This is the quality we must outpicture under the hierarchy of Aries.

On the 4 o'clock line under the hierarchy of Taurus is God Obedience, the ascended master Godfre, whose mastery of the flame of obedience makes him eminently qualified to deliver to us the flame of God-obedience and to give us the initiations of love under the hierarchy of Taurus. The seven mighty Elohim serve with Godfre to train millions of lifestreams in the law of conformity to the inner blueprint.

Beloved El Morya holds the position in Gemini on the 5 o'clock line, governing the energies of God-wisdom and testing us, with the reinforcement of the legions of Mercury, in those twin flames of Gemini, the Alpha-Omega cycle which comes through on that 5 o'clock line.

Serapis Bey, hierarch of the Ascension Temple, working diligently with the great seraphim and cherubim, initiates us in the white-fire core of the Mother, the flame of purity which we call God-harmony. To master the Mother flame on the 6 o'clock line, we must master the flow of harmony. We must be able to hold the reins of harmony in our four lower bodies.

This is not an easy testing, inasmuch as it is a testing of the water element, of the energy-in-motion. It requires that we keep harmony while in motion—in action—when for some it is difficult enough to keep harmony while standing still.

On the 7 o'clock line is the Goddess of Liberty, who is the spokesman of the Karmic Board. Together with the Lords of Karma, she holds the key under the hierarchy of Leo to the quality of God-gratitude. The Goddess of Liberty once said that immigration is "I AM gratitude in action. As she holds her lamp in the port of New York welcoming immigrants, so gratitude on the 7 o'clock line is continually affirming all of the gifts and graces of the Spirit and our appreciation for life.

Each time we say, "I AM grateful," we increase the flow in the feeling body. This plays a tremendous part in the factor of balancing karma. The flame of gratitude is an important key in the turning of the cycles of the cosmic clock.

Beloved Lord Lanto in the Grand Teton Retreat, with the Lords of Wisdom, keeps the flame of God-justice under the hierarchy of Virgo on the 8 o'clock line. On the 9 o'clock line of the Holy Spirit, the hierarchy of Libra is served by mighty Victory from Venus and the Lords of Individuality, who keep the flame of God-reality for mankind, giving us our initiations in what is real and what is unreal.

Beloved Cyclopea and the Lords of Form hold in Scorpio on the 10 o'clock line the balance of the power of God-vision. The action of this energy is released to us as the testing of the all-seeing eye. On the 11 o'clock line, Lord Maitreya, the Great Initiator, and the Lords of Mind keep the focus for the hierarchy of Sagittarius, testing us in the flame of God-victory, the eleventh hour, the hour of God-victory.

Now what does all of this mean? The revelation of the cosmic clock is a magnificent concept. It is the most liberating concept— after the knowledge of the I AM Presence, the Christ Self, the ascended masters, the violet flame, and the science of the spoken Word—that we have received.

Remember, we were speaking about all of this karma that is due on Terra in the next twenty-five years and that which we are about to face, which we are facing even now. This karma is not punishment. It is opportunity. God does not desire to see mankind fail the tests, and he does not create tests out of whimsy, contrived, that we will fail. Karma is never, never punishment!

It is opportunity to experience that which we have sent forth as a co-creator with God, as a scientist, an alchemist in the laboratory of Mater. We have a right to know the fruits of our experiments. When we let energy flow, we must have a clear indication of the result of our experiment or we will not know in the future how to duplicate that experiment or whether it is desirable to duplicate it or to cancel it out.

The return of karma must be seen as a joy, an anticipation in the heart, a flame of gratitude that runs to greet the master who comes carrying the weight of karma on the way. How can we have that rejoicing when we are burdened day by day by what seems an enormous punishment, a burden that we do not yet understand is light?

The way to understand the joy of the greeting of the master on the way of life, of running to greet the Lords of Karma, is to realize that the flame within the heart, the I AM Presence, is a spiral of energy so intense, a vortex of light infolding itself so as to have the momentum to draw into it and to consume every last jot and tittle of the law of that karmic recompense—every last vibration, every burden of that karmic weight, whether it be a million years old or it happened yesterday. That flame is a flaming flame that will not be quenched. (Eze 20:47)

So at the fiery core of the circle is that flame of your heart. And as the wheel of the cosmic clock turns day by day and you experience the return, you do not sigh with the burden of the lines of your destiny, but you greet them with the joy of the flame. We see, then, that God, desiring to see mankind pass these tests, has given us the supreme science of the Divine Mother—the cosmic clock.

The First Twelve-Year Cycle

Take the 12 o'clock line and place there the day, the month, and the year of your birth. If your birthday is July 4, place July 4 on the 12 o'clock line. At the hour that you were born, you began your first initiation, the initiation of the hierarchy of Capricorn, of God-power. The initial thrust of God-power was your first breath and your first cry, and the initiation you passed was to seize the flame of life and take it and claim it as your own.

As you know, some unfortunately do not pass this test. All through the first year of your life, you were serving under the Great Divine Director and the hierarchies of Capricorn, testing the power as that power manifested in the stretching of the limbs, in the flow of the energy of the heart, in the exact working of the physical body.

On your first birthday came the first initiation in this life under the hierarchy of Aquarius, and God-love infused your soul with a new wonder. Your identification with love and with loved ones increased. On your second birthday come the initiations of Pisces in the water element. It is a testing in the etheric body of the flew of water—the emotions. It is the flame of God-mastery. In this year you master many things.

Scientists tell us we learn more in this year than at any other time in our life—in fact, in the first several years of our life. So the flame of God-mastery comes with a great thrust to the two-year-old, who is eager to master everything in sight.

Then at three comes the awareness of the Christ Child. The child gains a tremendous sense of identity, of "I AM WHO I AM," the awareness of the name, and "I want to do it all by myself!" This is the development of the ego; it is the Divine Ego aborning in the child. The greatest mistake the parent can make is to do for that child what the child diligently desires to do for himself; and when the child cries that you have done something for him, quickly undo it and let him do it himself. It is terribly important that the flame of individuality develop in this third year under the hierarchy of Aries. It is focusing the balance for a lifetime. All the while, the records are being recorded in the subconscious; and all that occurs on these lines—all of the impressions, all of the sounds we hear, the interaction with life—all of this is going into the record of the four lower bodies.

In the fourth year comes the test of the hierarchy of Taurus. More and more we are precipitating into the physical, gaining mastery of the physical. There is now that certain stubbornness which carries through the flame of individuality—the stubbornness that is not a bad stubbornness. It is a will to be, to have a separate identity, to forge out that mind which is beginning to work. Children are reading and they are working with numbers. They are mastering the physical element, the earth plane of Taurus. The entire year is marked by this energy.

As we see in the aspect of the circle that shows the threefold flames, Taurus is a sign of love (fig. 5). It is by love that we precipitate determination, and it is actually a determination within the soul of the child to conform to the law of the inner being. The problem here is that not all children have the sense of the inner law, and they have laws imposed upon them from without that society and parents and schools deem more important than the inner law of the child. So the child is taking into himself, line upon line, whatever he contacts and composing the law of his Life at subconscious and conscious levels.

At this period of time and earlier, the Montessori system is able to give the child the contact with the inner law; but many other educational experiences which children have at this age are to the detriment of the child. These experiences tear from the child his contact with the inner law of life. This, then, will be a pattern that is set for life, for good or for ill. The cycles come; the cosmic clock is unfolding.

On the fifth birthday, the child comes under the hierarchy of Gemini, which tests the wisdom of the Christ mind. It is a sign of air. The mental development increases. The child is precocious. The child wants to learn. Most of our educational systems hold the child back in games and playing, saying, "This is what children do!" But Maria Montessori found out that children are brilliant, have a tremendous desire to learn, and have the keys whereby they can learn. Though she did not describe it in this way, she shows in her system how children can draw forth from the causal body and the I AM Presence the inner genius of the soul.

On the 6 o'clock line, on the sixth birthday, the child learns under the hierarchy of Cancer the flow of energies-in-motion, the flow of harmony. This is a time when parents must take care to see that the child is not allowed to have tantrums and to throw energy in order to control others. For the next three years the child will be testing the emotional body and the flow of energy: What can the child get away with? What can the child do with energy?

The child discovers that if he throws energy through the solar plexus or through screaming, he can command a whole group of adults. So the child becomes very powerful and at that very moment begins to control the mother. This is the time when the mother as well as the father must define their positions, and it is the time when the child must be taught how to govern energy-in-motion. Many of the tools in the Montessori system teach this governing, this control which extends to the physical body and the mental body and sets the correct patterns at the etheric plane.

At age seven the child is dealing again with an action of love under Leo and the mastery of God-gratitude—learning manners, learning politeness, learning to say "Thank you," developing an awareness of social action and interaction. On the 8 o'clock line, the hierarchy of Virgo anchors into this earth sign the flame of God-justice, the equality of the flow of energy in the four lower bodies. At the age of nine, the child comes again into a new increment of awareness—awareness of life as the Holy Spirit and the flame of God-reality. A greater measure of independence is coming here, and parents must take care to see that the child is taught what is real and what is not real.
There is a confusion which results from the media today whereby children are given all kinds of cartoons and stories and fantasies with which they identify; and they float in and out of the astral plane, in and out of illusion. Here we define reality. And we find that in our educational institutions there is also a desire to define reality. Yet in their ignorance, educators tell our children that that which is unreal is real and that that which is real is not real. My children came home telling me that their teacher said: "There are no angels. There isn't any God. No one believes in God anymore." This shows the importance of the role of the parent, who must reaffirm reality and the standards of the Holy Spirit, the cosmic honor flame that must be inculcated in this early cycle.

The tenth birthday marks God-vision, dealing with the energies of Scorpio, the test of the ten, selflessness, a lesson of giving, a lesson also in the water element. In the eleventh year the flame of God-victory—a flame of light, a flame of illumination— dealing with the energies of Sagittarius, the fire of Sagittarius anchoring in the earth quadrant the sign of victory, the development of the physical body.

Each twelve years marks the turning of a cycle of the cosmic clock. On the twelfth birthday the child returns to the place of origin and now has a set of records to be dealt with from the first turn of the clock. The child faces the initiations of puberty on the 12 o'clock line in a new cycle of God-power surging through the four lower bodies and he will also deal with all of the records of impressions of the first year of his life.

Now 12 o'clock also marks the year when the first increment of karma from previous lifetimes descends. Unless the child is an advanced soul, an initiate, or has requested that the karma be given earlier, it is the plan of the Lords of Karma to allow children to have twelve years and to allow parents and teachers to have twelve years to correlate in the child's consciousness the blueprint of life, the mastery of the mind, the standards of culture, the standards of religion—all the right things that children should be taught as the legacy of the thousands of years of culture on this planet.

Unfortunately, today parents are sometimes ignorant of this culture and of this teaching. Our educational institutions do not ensoul it; and we find many times that in the first twelve years of the life of a child, more harm is done than good. Nevertheless, these twelve years are the supreme opportunity to pass to the children the torch of all of the values we hold dear, spiritual knowledge, and an understanding of the cosmos. Maria Montessori found out that little children are enthralled with astronomy and the study of the stars because they have the commeasurement with the infinite. Mathematics and physics and chemistry also intrigue the child.

The Second Twelve-Year Cycle

During these twelve years, the pattern of what the child will bring forth is set. Ideally, the child will have developed a strong sense of cosmic law, which parents call right and wrong. But right and wrong, of course, move on the scale of relativity as the decades roll by; and so we prefer to speak of cosmic law itself as the measuring rod of right and wrong. After the child is given that supreme contact with the soul in the first twelve years, when he has that grounding, he faces the tests of karma and the tests of puberty. With a firm foundation in the law, he is equipped to face that energy which is oncoming and which presents a great testing in the next twelve-year cycle—the years between twelve and twenty-four.

Let us study these years as we take up an examination of the perversions of the twelve hierarchies of the sun. On the twelfth birthday, the child receives the impetus—actually a sphere of light that descends from the causal body—of God-power. It is a blue sphere of energy. It is delivered to the Christ Self, to the Christ flame, just as cosmic hierarchies deliver a sphere of light at winter solstice for the turning of the cycle of the year.

So this gift of energy now is within the heart of the child. How will the child use this energy? The child will use the energy as he has been taught. If he has been taught obedience, he will use it in obedience. If he has been taught God-control, the energy will flow with God-control. If he has been taught the proper behavior patterns, the proper discipline and learning techniques, all of this God-power will be used as an adornment to amplify all of the other twelve aspects of the clock. However, the child is also going to deal with the first increment of karma in this year. And this frequency of energy that is the misuse of God-power we define as criticism, condemnation, and judgment (fig. 12). It is the misuse of the etheric body and the alchemy of fire.

Now this condemnation manifests in many subtle ways, including self-condemnation and self-belittlement. It may be a period when the child withdraws, feels uncomfortable with his peers, doesn't know quite how to interact. The self-belittlement and sense of worthlessness at this age, which may continue all the way through the twelve years of attempting to integrate with peers, can be the result of past karma delivered on that twelfth birthday. As the I AM Presence delivers the sphere of fire, of God-power, so the Lords of Karma, through the Christ Self, also deliver the package of karma that contains his misuses of God-power in previous lifetimes.

Now these misuses do not fall strictly into the category of these three words, yet they can be sensed as such. When initiations of Capricorn are prevalent in the life of the individual, there is that feeling of being weighted down, of being condemned, the feeling you can't do anything right anytime no matter how hard you try, the feeling that people are speaking ill of you—and perhaps they actually are, but it can become a burden to the point of a psychological complex of paranoia. All of this is often the result of the misuse of God-power in past incarnations.

The wise parent who has the teachings of the clock will take the child in hand. The twelve-year-old has the complete capacity to understand this clock. He will understand, then, that he has choices to make. He can choose to increase his momentum of power by invocations to the blue flame and to the masters who serve on that ray, especially to the Great Divine Director; or he can choose to indulge that condemnation as it cycles back to him for transmutation. Instead of letting it go into the flame, he may take that condemnation and begin to condemn his parents or his brothers and sisters or children at school. He may become hypercritical of everything and everyone, including himself. When parents observe this trend, they should warn the child, "It is time to give an invocation to put into the flame all that is less than the perfection of God-power and your divine plan that ought to be fulfilled this year." Children will see the difference, and they will also run to greet the opportunity of balancing this karma.

Now where there is ignorance of all that is taking place, you find that people can go through an entire year of taking all of that momentum of karma and re-creating it. People re-create karma. For an entire year they can be misqualifying the flame of God-power. And when the cycle turns and that flame and that torch which ought to have been carried is to be exchanged for the flame of God-love on the line of Aquarius on the next birthday, the flame which has not been carried cannot be exchanged for a new flame. We see that initiation is cumulative. What we earn on one line has to be carried to the next line, and it becomes the foundation for mastery in that line.

Therefore, on the thirteenth birthday, the child who has correctly used the flame of God-power lays it upon the altar; and the momentum of God-power gives him the mastery to claim the love of Aquarius and to anchor that love as purity, as divinity. The age of thirteen, then, is for the adolescent the testing of love in many ways. It is a time when love must be garnered in the heart, when the wise parent will show the child how to raise the energies coursing through the body, how to release that energy in the heart, how to expand the heart chakra, to begin to understand life as a path of service, and to continually be giving in love in order to use these new energies which are arousing new feelings within his form. These energies can be used for the service of life, and the child can gain a great sense of mastery of that flow in this year.

However, with the release of that flame of love, the karma of hatred and mild dislike, which are the misuses of love, also comes up for transmutation. We find that young people at this age like to get together in groups and cliques and clubs, and there is the stratification into social levels. Some are left out and some are included, and intense likes and dislikes build up. They move in groups, and there is the feeling that some are on the inside, some are on the outside. There is that substance of intensity in relationships. All of this, of course, can be dissolved by the alchemy of divine love when parents and teachers are there to show the child how to use these energies.

As we go around the clock, then, to the fourteenth birthday on the 2 o'clock line, we find that there is mastery to be gained, especially over the increments of karma coming at this age—a very important age, especially for the devotee who is born to attain God-mastery in this life. The training in the walk of Jesus and of the Christ will be a tremendous bulwark in the life of the adolescent, the teenager—understanding the teachings of Jesus, his words, his counsel; understanding Jesus as the guru, the master of the age; understanding that there is a very intimate communion that we can have with Jesus giving us the strength to overcome temptation, to walk in the way of mastery. The entire Piscean dispensation is the gift of Jesus to the fourteen-year-old. As wise parents, we will see that our children understand and develop a very personal relationship with this beloved master.

With that increment of God-mastery and the walk with Jesus, there comes the increment of karma that is a momentum of fear and doubt, including all past records of the experience and the initiation of death. At fourteen there is a great deal of torment that the adolescent faces in coming to grips with past records of death. In this year we find young people across the world even considering suicide and the forms of violence that come from these records of death.

Coming to the fifteenth birthday on the 3 o'clock line, the child enters into his own sonship—his awareness of himself as the Christ. He truly comes into the awareness that "I AM a son of God!" He is not simply affirming this, but he is realizing what it means to be a son of God. The Christ Self releases an increment, a momentum, of the Great Central Sun; and the Christ flame ac¬tually blazes forth through the child. With proper guidance, even miracles can happen in the lives of children this age, for they are pure and of the virgin consciousness. They have a very special contact with the angelic hosts and with Mary and Jesus which they have not lost since their incarnation, since they were little children and had that attunement in the fiery core of life.

When children at age fifteen face that awareness and potential of the Christ, they also are faced with that increment of karma which is the ego, or the carnal mind. We find that it is an age when young people become aware of themselves as personalities and they move and push the personality and the ego first—with all of its demands and flirtations and movement and interaction—to the neglect of the soul, to the neglect of the development of the Christ flame.

At age sixteen, there is a supreme opportunity for building, for anchoring the talents of the child in the earth plane. This year falls Ln the mental quadrant. It is the year when application in school is very Important; preparation and decisions for the sacred Labor are being made. "What will I do with my life? What is my divine plan? How will I forge a future for myself, for my family?

How will I bring forth the talents of my causal body?" All of this the hierarchy of Taurus shows the young adult of sixteen. And this application of the flame of love, in study, will bring the reward of the foundation that is necessary for life.

Unfortunately, there are many distractions at this age. Besides the increment of the flame of love and God-obedience that is given on this birthday, there is also that package of karma—the record of all that the Lords of Karma require the sixteen-year-old to transmute of past records of rebellion, disobedience, stubbornness, and defiance of the law—the inner law of being. The age of sixteen (and even younger) is the age when experimentation with all forms of abuses of the body takes place—the taking-in of drugs, the taking-in of impure substance, impure foods—all of this misusing the flame of the law and the action of love in Taurus. We find that because of the way the foundations of civilization are made, young people of this age going with their peers do not have the guidance needed to pass the tests on this line; and usually they make more karma than they balance.

With the seventeenth birthday on the 5 o'clock line comes an intensification of God-wisdom by the hierarchy of Gemini. The age of seventeen is an age when a great deal of knowledge can be gleaned from the causal body, when all of the hierarchies of heaven stand waiting to impart to the soul its inheritance of the yellow sphere of the causal body. The increment of karma that comes up for transmutation in this year is the increment of envy, jealousy, and ignorance of the law. We find that when the individual is personality-oriented and doesn't get out of that socket from age fifteen on, there are envies and jealousies and vying for relationships. Sometimes this all-consuming energy takes all of the young person's time in relationships with the opposite sex—in determining whether or not this is going to work out or that is going to work out—which is a part of the testing of the hierarchy of Gemini, the twin flames of Gemini.

If this energy can be transmuted and placed in its proper perspective, the right relationships can bring about the fusion of energies for the drawing forth of a vast amount of wisdom. The mind of the seventeen-year-old, when freed from these other concerns of personality, has the capacity for amazing input, study, and accomplishment, especially accomplishment in the sacred labor.

At the age of eighteen, on the 6 o'clock line, comes the testing in the flame of God-harmony and the Divine Mother. Eighteen marks the beginning of a three-year cycle—eighteen, nineteen, and twenty. In these years the feeling body is at its prominence and there is the testing of that feeling body by the substance of karma up for transmutation that must be consumed if we would gain the mastery under the hierarchies of Cancer, Leo, and Virgo. The karma which comes to the fore under Cancer is indecision, self-pity, and self-justification—feeling sorry for oneself for not being accepted in college, not going on to higher opportunity as others are going, feeling sorry for oneself because of one's own failures, that idling of energy, the inability to make a decision. "What will I do with my life? I'm out of school. Now where will I go?"

The mastery of this flow is necessary to forge ahead into the higher learning of advanced educational institutions, which were destined by the masters to be the focal point for the release of the culture of the Divine Mother. The high-school years are intended to be for the release of the energies of the Christ Self, the Christ mind. Entering college, vocational school, business school, or some training after high school is a time to glean from the hand of the Mother the knowledge of your sacred labor and to complete this training in the four years which culminate on the line of the Holy Spirit.

And when we come to the line of the Holy Spirit after that training, it is time to go forth into the world of form to make our mark, to get a job whereby we precipitate with our hands, with the correct use of our energies, that which we are intended to manifest in this life. The years twenty-one, twenty-two, and twenty-three are periods when we can take advanced training, mastering further phases of postgraduate work in the increments of the Holy Spirit; or we can go forth, our training completed, to take our place in the world community.

Now, the misuses of these lines to watch for in those years: At nineteen, under the hierarchy of Leo, ingratitude and disturbance in the emotional body. There's a certain anxiety and nervous ten¬sion. Then at twenty the mastery of Virgo—the sense of injustice, the sense of hu-man injustice, the outrage of particular experiences or particular individuals you are interacting with who you feel have been unfair. It's a time to take up social causes, social justice and injustice. It's a time to be careful that we don't squander the increment of light that is given from Virgo for God-justice by getting completely caught up in a sense of injustice whereby we recreate and amplify injustices in our personal life and on a planetary level.

At twenty-one the testing of Libra, of God-reality, comes again. On this line we find the perversion of Libra, of reality, as unreality. It is that deceit—the deception, the intrigue, and the treachery—which the ego uses to justify its position. We must be careful to correct in children the tendency to lie, to fib, to expand on the facts so that they are slightly distorted so as to suit our needs. And we must see that we do not allow our imagination to make us believe that we have an attainment we do not have or to make us rationalize the deliberate betrayal of the laws of society to the detriment of the interaction of lifestreams.

Twenty-two, the year of Scorpio, is the year of the testing of the sacred fire, the testing of the uses of the sex energy, which of course comes all through adolescence. But the testing in this year comes as the release of the karma of many misuses of the sacred fire in the past. This is also a year when people start families. It's a year for the mastery of the flow of the sacred fire and the using of that energy to bring forth children. It is the year of vision, of seeing the plan of life, carving out that vision, selecting one's life partner.

The momentum of selfishness of the past is very strong in this year. We must see to it that we do not base our lives, our plans, our marriages on selfishness, on possessive love. Partnerships based on residual karma that is not transmuted will not be lasting. We must call forth the sacred fire from the hierarchy of Scorpio and the Elohim Cyclopea for clear seeing, for the transmutation of these misuses of energy so that we can make our decisions based on clear seeing.

Finally, completing this second twelve-year cycle with the twenty-third birthday, we have the hierarchy of Sagittarius giving us an impetus for the victory of life. Opposing this victory is the entire dragon of the carnal mind—our own human creation symbolized in the form of the dragon in the Book of Revelation. And this energy comes with a momentum of resentment, revenge, and retaliation. When we are eleven years old and playing, it is the year when we have the hostilities and the cruelties that children are noted for—the fights and so forth, the resentment, the revenge, the getting even with So-and-so because he did this to me. Well, it comes again at age twenty-three. And we must see to it that we do not allow resentment in its subtle form of silent seething to take from us the crown of victory, which is a release of victorious, golden illumination.

The Third Twelve-Year Cycle

Coming back, then, to the 12 o'clock line, we are at the twenty-fourth birthday. The next cycle of twelve years is for the mastery of the Christie light and the Buddhic light. In these twelve years we have the opportunity to become the Christ and the Buddha. At age thirty-three, Jesus manifested the victory of the Christ consciousness and earned his ascension. At age thirty-six, Siddhartha attained enlightenment. We have the opportunity to do likewise.

Thirty-three is the number of the initiation of life that begins at birth and culminates in the thirty-third year. On the thirty-sixth birthday is the initiation of Buddha; and from there on in life, if we have passed the tests of Christie initiation, we are given intimate contact with Gautama Buddha and other Buddhas who have gone before him in the testing of our souls according to the Buddhic light.

Now if all follows like clockwork and all we outpicture throughout our lives is the God-qualities of the twelve hierarchies, of course we ascend. And that is the spiral of the ascension that you weave with the threefold flame in each of the four quadrants. The threefold flame becomes the fire in the center of the base of the pyramid that begins to turn as a spiral when you are nigh your ascension. It envelops your form, your four lower bodies, and you are completely consumed and return to the heart of the Fatber-Mother God.

Jesus came into embodiment with 93 percent of his karma balanced. As he went through the cycles of his clock during the years from his birth to the age of twelve, he received from his causal body only increments of the flames of God-power, God-love, God-mastery, God-control, God-obedience, God-wisdom, God-harmony, God-gratitude, God-justice, God-reality, God-vision, and God-victory. He, the avatar of the age, was, however, required to balance planetary karma even while increasing the sphere of the Christ consciousness during these first twelve years.

At the age of twelve, he was given the opportunity to balance personal as well as planetary karma and to begin the initiations for Christhood. His acceptance of this responsibility even when it conflicted with family obligations is evident in his statement to his parents when they found him discoursing with the doctors in the temple, "Wist ye not that I must be about my father's business?" 9

During the next eighteen years—one and a half cycles on the cosmic clock—he prepared for his three-year mission, both in and out of the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood in the Near and Far East. Each line was a major initiation under Lord Maitreya, who was his guru and who put him in contact with the Cosmic Christ. With each increment he was fortifying himself with the God flames of the solar hierarchies for the three-year ministry which culminated in his crucifixion, his resurrection, and his ascension.

If we come into embodiment with karma and yet qualify God's energy and the returning energy of our karma with the flames of God, we have the opportunity to consume that karma by invocation to the sacred fire, by the momentum of light in our causal body, and manifest considerable attainment in the Christ consciousness by our thirty-third birthday. This is the year that we enter our divine mission. We go forth with our ministry able to deliver the teachings of the ascended masters to the world, to serve the souls involved in the karma of our mandala of life.

The ascended masters are concerned that the youth coming into the teachings at this time come in at an early age—in their teens, in their early twenties—so that they will have a decade to prepare for that cycle of life when the tremendous culmination of victory in the thirty-third year can anchor within them the full complement of the mastery of Jesus the Christ, Lord Maitreya, and other ascended masters, such as the guru of the chela or the chohan of the ray on which the chela serves. The three-year mission following this year then culminates in the fulfillment of the power of the three-times-twelve. Three times going forth in the cycles of the cosmic clock brings us to the age of thirty-six and the Buddhic initiation.

Applying This Teaching Now when we train children in our schools from the age of two and a half in this teaching, when they grow up with the training of Maria Montessori all the way through high school and then enter our institutions of learning such as Summit University, when they have this training combined with a liberal arts or a specialized education and all that must be mastered in the fields of human endeavor, they will be truly equipped to face the initiations of the ascended masters, to take dominion over the earth and focus the energy within their chakras to bring about the manifestations of alchemy that will be the mark of the sons and daughters of God in the Aquarian age.

As we are dealing with ourselves as we find ourselves at this time in space, as we come to grips with our karma and our karmic cycles, we can make the most of the clock whatever age we are, because the sacred fire, the transmuting flame, can consume the cause and core of all past misuses of the qualities of God on all lines of the clock.

Now as I was saying, if all goes according to clockwork and we earn the flame of our God-mastery, then we walk the earth as teachers, as unascended members of the Great White Brother¬hood. If we fail our tests year by year, making more karma than we balance, accumulating not only the increment of the past which we vowed before the Lords of Karma to balance in this life but also the increment of karma from present infractions of the law, which pile up into another mountain of karma in this embodiment, when we finally surrender our life to the path that is set before us, the path of initiation, we will have to intensify our decree momentum, our action of invocation to the flame of life, and our momentum of service to the cause of the Great White Brotherhood in order to fulfill our divine plan in this life.

It is still a supreme opportunity! It is still a supreme moment of victory! And Saint Germain has promised us that if one applies this teaching and the law of the violet flame and all that the mas¬ters have given through their teachings, through the Keepers of the Flame Lessons, the soul can ascend either in this life or in the next life—the requirement being the balancing of 51 percent of all misuses of these twelve flames and the fulfillment of the divine plan.

The Clock of the Months of Your Birth Year

In the first part of our lecture, we discussed how the clock unfolds year by year from the day of birth. Now we will discuss how the clock unfolds month by month. The clock we will look at now is the clock of the months of the year. We will chart one year in your life—any year, this year. We will chart one year in the life of the Christed one.

Draw a circle, which will represent a year, for the chart of your birth cycle. Divide your circle into twelve months. The first month on the chart of your birth cycle is the month of your birth. The first day on the chart is your birthday. Place the day and the month of your birth on the 12 o'clock line. Your birth year always begins at the 12 o'clock line, which is governed by the hierarchy of Capricorn. On the 1 o'clock line, place the next calendar month, but the same date of your birth. Then simply continue around the clock, placing the succeeding months and your birth date on the remaining lines. For instance, if your birthday is July 4, put July 4 on the 12 o'clock line, August 4 on the 1 o'clock line, September 4 on the 2 o'clock line, and so on. This is your birth calendar, a chart of your birth year. This will tell you, month by month, how your initiations fall under the twelve hierarchies of the sun.

Wherever your birthday is, three months later to the day (e.g., October 4), on the 3 o'clock line, you will be initiated under the hierarchy of Aries. And for one month you will have the initiations of the Divine Ego versus the human ego, the opportunity to transmute the human ego and develop the Divine Ego, which is your own Real Self, the Christ Self as it represents the I AM Presence. This testing comes under the hierarchy of Aries, under Helios. And what greater ego do we have in our solar system than our own sun, the brightest spot we know? That which has the greatest exaltation, that is your own Christ Self.

Six months after your birthday to the day (e.g., January 4), you will have the testing of the hierarchy of Cancer, the testing of the Mother flame, the testing of your harmony; and you will have the testing of the flow of water in the emotions. Nine months after your birthday to the day (e.g., April 4), on the 9 o'clock line, you will have the test of the hierarchy of Libra—the test of the Holy Spirit, the test of reality, the opportunity to prove what is real and ID transmute all kinds of karma of unreality that comes to you to be cycled into your flame for transmutation.

1 s t his clock accurate? It is so accurate, it is awesome! It would be frightening if we did not understand and love the law that governs a cosmos. It is so exact that if you actually know the hour of your birth, every month at this hour you will actually be able to observe the shifting of the cycle. The exactness of the flow of energy-spirals in the cosmos is a wonder. It's like the wonder of the human body and of cells and of the flow of life and the vastness of the design of the body temple we live in. But the wonder of wonders is to perceive how this cosmic clock works.

The Cycles of the Moon

During the month (approximately twenty-eight to thirty days of these initiations), day by day there is an accurate unfoldment of the initiations under the hierarchy of the sun. Also to be considered in that month of initiation are the cycles of the moon.10 The moon is moving through the cycles of the twelve hierarchies even as you are moving through your karmic cycles.

The moon presents an additional testing. It is the testing of your soul. It is the testing of the personality. Therefore, while you are in the month of initiation under Aries, for example, and the moon is going through its twenty-eight-day cycle, you will have an opportunity under the hierarchy of Aries to prove your mastery over what we call moon substance. Moon substance is misqualified substance, energy that has been misqualified under the influence of the moon.

The moon governs the astral, or water body. In the perfection of cosmic astrology, the satellites of planets, the lunar bodies, are intended to be reflectors of the feelings (the pure feelings) of the lifewaves of the planet. They are like giant screens that reflect and amplify our feeling body. As soon as mankind begin to misqualify their feelings and to have layers in the astral belt (the subconscious of the planet)—layers of hatred, layers of mild dislike, and all of these distortions of the feelings of God—then the moon begins to amplify this energy. And therefore, there is no longer the pure reflection of the light of the sun from the moon; instead, the light of the moon is the reflection of man's misuses of solar energy. Well, this is what we have to contend with in our solar initiations.

As it passes through the house of Aries, the moon will amplify the substance of the ego, the conceit of the ego. When we have a full moon in Aries or any phase of the moon in Aries, you will notice—and I usually take note of these things when I go shopping or somewhere where there are a lot of people—people's interactions with one another are very much at an ego level. Everyone is putting forth an aspect of the ego and relating at the level of the ego.

Recently we had a Capricorn moon, and I noticed a very heavy weight upon the people of the substance of condemnation. And that condemnation, amplified by the power of the full moon, was sort of a bristling energy of people criticizing and picking each other apart and looking down on each other just for nothing—just for breathing the air or walking by in a dress that maybe someone didn't like. That energy saturates the astral plane. When you are aware of it, you instantaneously make a call: "In the name of the Christ, in the name of the I AM Presence, I call to mighty Astrea and to the Lords of the Violet Flame to consume the cause and core of all misuses of the hierarchy of Capricorn, of God-power, and of all moon substance that is a misqualification of that energy."

Anticipate Your Tests

This science of the cosmic clock, when we understand it, enables us to make very specific, precise, scientific calls. There is no point making a call for something that is not prominent or, as we say, "up for transmutation." There are certain cycles of energy that are there, energy that needs to be transmuted at a particular time because of the configurations not only of the sun and the moon, but of the planetary bodies—all of which have their influences of misqualified energy, not only because of the forcefield they occupy in time and space, but also because their lifewaves (those which have evolutions in either the etheric, the mental, the astral, or the physical plane) have polluted the sacred fire. We feel that flow of energy from bodies within our solar system and from bodies beyond.

So, going back to the birth cycle, during the third month of your calendar birth year, when you are undergoing the testings in the hierarchy of Aries, you will have to be aware of the cycling of the moon as a secondary testing. Now, if you know that that is ynin initiation, that Lord Maitreya, the Great Initiator, and your own guru are going to be allowing energy to come to you to see whal you will choose (will you choose the Divine Self or will you < house the human self?), if you are aware of that just as you are aware of a stony path or a dangerous crossing, you anticipate and prepare for it. It's like being ready to catch a ball when it's pitched to you. The astrology lets us know specifically—it pinpoints in the cosmos—where the testing is so that we can put our attention upon it, so that we can prepare for it, so that we can invoke the violet flame to consume the cause and core even before the test comes.

In the days just before the turn of the cycle of the month, you begin to prepare for that testing. You anticipate it. You give your calls to Astrea, to the Elohim, to encircle the cause and core of all misuses of the sacred fire, of ego substance, and you have certain meditations which you give on the violet flame. And you clear the ground, which makes the testing that much simpler because you are there ready to seize that energy, ready to welcome the Lords of Karma and your Christ Self, who deposit that energy on your heart's altar for its transmutation.

Now let me go over this birth cycle once again. You put the month and the day of your birth on the 12 o'clock line, and you put the next month and the same date on the 1 o'clock line, and so on. And thus you go around the clock, following the months of your birth year. You walk, as it were, around this circle once every year. You walk through the twelve hierarchies, spending approximately twenty-eight to thirty days under each hierarchy.

Balancing Both Personal and Planetary Karma

You are carrying a flame from the point of origin, which is Capricorn. You carry the flame, and you carry it to each of the twelve houses of the hierarchies. You carry the torch of Capricorn and you deposit it in the house of Aquarius; you lay it upon the altar. You take up the torch of Aquarius, and you carry it to the house of Pisces, and so on. You are carrying the flame of each hierarchy as an emissary of that hierarchy during that particular month of your year. You are a Christed one—one anointed with the flame of Christ—accepting the challenge of going forth to consume the cause and core not only of personal karma, personal misuses of that hierarchy, but also of planetary karma.

The influence of your I AM Presence moves from the microcosm to the Macrocosm when you begin to manifest the God-mastery established through a daily ritual of decrees and invocations. Thereby you invoke enough fire so that when you give forth your calls in the morning, your energies are sufficient not only to transmute your own karma for that day under a house and sign, but also to make a considerable dent in planetary karma on that day.

The path of Christhood and of Buddhahood should be considered as the parallel lines of personal and planetary initiation, a movement to the right and to the left, to the right and to the left—the right signifying the balancing of personal karma through service, self-sacrifice, and surrender and the left signifying the taking-in of planetary karma and the balancing of this karma in the sacred fires of the heart. So right and left, right and left, we must walk these parallel lines of self-mastery.

We cannot ascend back to the heart of God unless we con-tribute to the balancing of planetary karma. Everyone who has shown us the path of mastery has demonstrated that it is necessary, at a particular point, to go from the personal to the planetary phase. The significance of Jesus dying for our sins on the cross was that he was transmuting planetary karma. And everyone who attains that mastery must go through the initiation of the crucifixion—not necessarily surrendering the physical body, but being willing to take into that body spirals of planetary karma to balance, or justify, them in the threefold flame within the heart.

Your Personal Cosmic Clock

Now this is your calendar year. In addition to your calendar year, your twelve months on the clock, you must always keep track of how old you are; and whatever your age is, find that age on the clock, by putting zero on the 12 o'clock line, age one on the 1 o'clock line, and continuing around the clock until you come to your age. If you are thirty-six years old, you are on the 12 o'clock line of Capricorn for the whole year. Or if you're forty-eight or if you're sixty or if you're twelve or seventy-two, you're on the line ol the hierarchy of Capricorn for the year. Within that year you will walk through the twelve hierarchies month by month.

For example, if you are twenty-six, you are on the 2 o'clock line for your year; but on your birthday, you started the first month of your year under the hierarchy of Capricorn. Remember, all cycles begin in Capricorn. It's like two dials on the meter that measures electricity—all those little dials. Well, one dial is for the yearly cycle and the other dial is for the monthly cycle.

Now this is your personal cosmic clock. There are other phases to it; there are other ways to break it down. There are other things that you can learn about it, such as the trines and the polarity of the signs. For example, when you are having a test in Aries, you have to remember that there will be secondary tests of Libra because it is the polar opposite, the polarity of Aries on the clock; and you can be aware of this testing. Simultaneously, there's the testing in the fire trine because Aries is a fire sign. The triangle, the grand trine of testing in the month or year of Aries, comes on the 3, the 7, and the 11 o'clock lines, which are respectively the fire signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius (fig. 13). And they form a threefold flame, as you can see by the colors on the chart. Aries is the blue fire sign, Leo is the pink fire sign, and Sagittarius is the yellow fire sign, according to the unfoldment of the threefold flame. So each of the four elements that come through the twelve hierarchies gives us an opportunity to balance that element in the threefold flame.

The water signs—Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio—come together, and they are the 2-6-10 (fig. 15). The two is the yellow, the six is the blue, and the ten is the pink. This is your threefold flame for the mastery under the hierarchies of water. If you are in a Scorpio year, you will also have some testing of Pisces and Cancer substance, because that is the grand trine of your testing—to balance that triangle and that threefold flame.

You can study the cosmic clock that you have drawn; and through your own Christ Self, you can figure out all kinds of information about yourself, about your life. I encourage you to make a general outline of your life's history, of what you can remember of the most crucial events, positive as well as negative, and to put them on the clock. What happened to you when you were two or five or ten? Perhaps there was something very important that you remember; and if it wasn't so good, if it was a bad record, call for it to be consumed by the violet flame under the hierarchy in which it happened and under the ascended master serving on that line. If it was a great event, note it as a key cycle in your cosmic destiny. Make the most of it. Amplify its momentum by calling to the hierarchy of that sign to purify and perfect that happening in your life.

The Cycles of the Planet Earth

The earth is also undergoing initiations under the cycles of the cosmic clock. The birth-year cycle of the planet earth begins at the time of the change of signs from Sagittarius to Capricorn, which is winter solstice. Winter solstice (approximately December 22) is actually the new year which we celebrate on December 31. And that new year commences with the testing of the entire planetary body under Capricorn.

Now if you're watching the papers—as much as they tell us of what's happening—if you are watching the news media and simply being observant in the world, you will see how nations and their governments and their economies and every phase of human activity will come under the testing of the hierarchy of Capricorn in that month. And if you're working for world order and for God-government and you are interested in helping society and serving in your community, you will notice that leaders, important people, are burdened by the weight of light and darkness peculiar to Capricorn and that their functioning is hindered by the mass consciousness' misuse of the sacred fire in Capricorn. So when you are giving your decrees for world action from approximately December 22 to January 21, you should take care to make invocations for the transmutation of the world karma of criticism, condemnation, and judgment—misuses in the etheric body of the flame of God-power.

The season of winter corresponds to the etheric cycle—the fire element, the going-within to the fiery core. The season of spring and the testings on the planetary body that come with Aries symbolize the mind, the element of the mind, the new birth, the resurrection fires that come with Aries. With summer comes the testing of the emotions. Wars and demonstrations and sometimes rioting and all kinds of turbulence happen in the summer to the planet as a whole and to people as they find that their emotions are being tested. Even the heat we experience is a product of mankind's misqualified substance in the astral body of the planet; and in our coping with life in the summertime, we must take into account the ever-present tests of the emotional body. In the fall tomes the earth cycle, the harvest, corresponding to the Holy Spirit and the recycling of energies; and we see the fruits of the Spirit made manifest in the fruits of the earth.

[For further instruction on the cosmic clock, see the lecture "Charting the Cycles of Your Family According to the Cosmic Clock" by Elizabeth Clare Prophet in the tape album "Family Designs for the Golden Age" (A7440) published by The Summit Lighthouse.]

July 5, 1975 2:41-3:52 PM PDT 4:10-4:50 PM   PDT
6.04 Round the Clock Protection

In the name of the beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, all great powers and legions of light,

A (12) Beloved Great Divine Director and the seven archangels,
(1)    Beloved Saint Germain and the angelic hosts of light,
(2)    Beloved Jesus and the great hosts of ascended masters,
(3)    Beloved Helios and the Great Central Sun magnet,
(4)    Beloved God Obedience and the seven mighty Elohim,
(5)    Beloved El Morya and the legions of Mercury,
(6)    Beloved Serapis Bey and the great seraphim and cherubim,
(7)    Beloved Goddess of Liberty and the Lords of Karma,
(8)    Beloved Lord Lanto and the Lords of Wisdom,
(9)    Beloved mighty Victory and the Lords of Individuality,

(10)    Beloved mighty Cyclopea and the Lords of Form,
(11)    Beloved Lord Maitreya and the Lords of Mind,
Beloved Lanello, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, I decree:
Seize, bind, and lock! Seize, bind, and lock! Seize, bind, and
B (12) all criticism, condemnation, and judgment, and all black magic
(1)    all hatred and mild dislike and all witchcraft
(2)    all doubt, fear, human questioning, and records of death
(3)    all conceit, deceit, arrogance, and ego
(4)    all disobedience, stubbornness, and defiance of the law
(5)    all envy, jealousy, and ignorance of the law (<5) all indecision, self-pity, and self-justification
|7) all ingratitude, thoughtlessness, and spiritual blindness
(H) all injustice, frustration, and anxiety
(9) all dishonesty, intrigue, and treachery (HI) all selfishness, self-love, and idolatry III) all resentment, revenge, and retaliation and all that is not of the light into mighty Astrea's cosmic circle and sword of blue flame of a thousand suns, and lock your cosmic circles and swords of blue flame of thousands of suns from the Great Central Sun and blaze megatons of cosmic light, blue-lightning rays, and violet fire in, through, and around all that opposes or attempts to interfere with the fulfillment of

C (12) my God-power and my divine plan fulfilled in all cycles
(1)    my God-love and my divine plan fulfilled in all cycles
(2)    my God-mastery and my divine plan fulfilled in all cycles
(3)    my God-control and my divine plan fulfilled in all cycles
(4)    my God-obedience and my divine plan fulfilled
in all cycles
(5)    my God-wisdom and my divine plan fulfilled in all cycles
(6)    my God-harmony and supply and my divine plan fulfilled
in all cycles
(7)    my God-gratitude and my divine plan fulfilled in all cycles
(8)    my God-justice and my divine plan fulfilled in all cycles
(9)    my God-reality and my divine plan fulfilled in all cycles

(10)    my God-vision and my divine plan fulfilled in all cycles
(11)    my God-victory and my divine plan fulfilled in all cycles

and my victory in the light this day and forever.

And in full faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest (3x) right here and now with full power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the light and free! Beloved I AM, beloved I AM, beloved I AM!

Note: The decree may be given one of four ways: (1) Following the preamble, give sections A, B, and C straight through, ending with the closing; (2) give the decree twelve times. using one insert each time from sections A, B, and C, beginning with number 12; (3) give the trires on lines 12, 4. 8; 1, 5, 9; 2, 6, 10; 3, 7.11, in sections A, B, and C; or (4) give the crosses or lines 12, 3, 6, 9; 1, 4 7, 10; 2, 5, B, 11, in sections A, B, and C.

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