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Saturday, 08 October 2016 10:49


Greetings in the day of Salt ... the day of Sabbath ... the day of Mary (Mother Mary) ...

      Mary (trust me ... ) is happy for this times while we do not yet saw her ... because is too soon. Some time She suffer because the Lack of Wisdom of Men.

      (A Previous edition talk about ... the end ... I refer Mary saw in the Future the end of Bad people. That phrase was included in the original).

      Now ... my role is not ... to Judge. Mary is the Queen of Aquarius and she see and know ... the future ... everywhere.

     For Mary ... or Archangel Gabriel ... his Friend and Partner ... Future has no Secrets ... Neither for German (Saint Germain) ... In Centuries beyond ... Australia will move to be close to India.


   The idea of these my words ... as well ANY Effort ... is to return the World ... in The Garden (Guard-in) of Eden (DivinE WisDOM, Divine Wisdom=EDOM, EDON, EDEN).

    As soon the Divine Wisdom begin to figure the ... World ... The World begin to change and return to the Garden.

    The Look of the Garden ... is a Star War (without the War ... while there were a War ... before the Flood ... See my Book, "443 Questions and Answers about The New Age") ...


  Now ... there are many books ... I can cite to let you recover the Sacred Wisdom of Atlantis ...

  Let me list some few:

  • Atlantis Rising by Patricia Cori ... where she channeling the High Council explains that Tesla was the Alchemist of Atlan.
  • A Dweller on Two Planets by Philos ... channeled by Frederick S. Oliver. (PDF) (HTML)
  • Atlantis ... The Antediluvian World by Ignatius Donnelly (PDF).
  • Edgar Cayce on Atlantis ... by Edgar Cayce.
  • The Romance of Atlantis by Taylor Caldwell ... where she remember to be Empress Salustra in Atlantis ... full of details.
  • and many others like Telos by Aurelia Louise Jones Volume 3 ... where a New Poseid in Matto Grosso (also The Book of Apocalypse explained cover it)
  • etc

 There are two ideas here:

  • In the Path to Ascension ... We are returning to the Garden and the World will be free of Darkness ... The Dark Ones (Evil Ones) will not be here anymore.
  • Time is Cyclical ... at any Level ... Personal, Country or Planetary.

   There are no Beginning, No End ... is a Cycle and people meet ... and move beyond the Veil ... Where there are other faces ... in High Dimension ... as well here on Earth where there are other faces.


    Consequences of the ... Cyclical Time ...

  • because we have not ... All Technology ... 
  • because we are not in the Garden ...
  • ... The Garden ... will return.

  Now ... Nothing is New under the Sun ... and We Humans have ... eons ago ... reached all coming technology ... Anti-Gravitational Vehicle ... Invisible Suit ...

  Let us listen some words:

25 The Last Generation Atlanteans found their strength as a civilized people in their superb ability to bring to manifestation one supreme desire: that the All be served with the boundless energies of the Earth Mother and the collective mind.

26 The heart centers of the population were wide open during those morning hours of ritual, and their devotion to the well-being of the entire community was unconditional. 27 No doubt you are developing a much deeper awareness of the power of thought over matter now, as you begin the shift out of material reality. Surely it is becoming easier for you to envision the awesome creative force of the One Mind and the potential of your unification.

28 We assure you that the Atlanteans’ ability to energize the crystal generators with the power of their focused intent was as natural to them as “flipping the switch” is to you.

29 Every home and work environment housed a central worship crystal; all temple complexes centered around a great spheroid quartz; all gathering places and rest areas provided crystal meditation areas. Whole cities depended upon this constancy of thought and concentration; their free energy was formed of it. It was a prototype civilization of cooperation, respect for the forces of nature, and devotion to the celestial deities—those of the family of Ra (your solar system) and many beyond.

30 You can imagine why the Dark Side2 found a fertile field in which to seed and then harvest the fear and negative energies that would eventually dominate the once golden lands of ancestral humanity. The people of Atlantis were innocent, yet capable of great focus of intent and they knew, on many levels, how to harness earth energies. They were perfect fodder for the preying beast . . . food for the hungry of Nibiru.


Now Nibiru hold two great Sides ... The Family of Enki ... who talk with Noah and instruct him to build the Ark ... and the Family of Enlil who firstly prefer to ... "say nothing to Humans ... Let them perish".

Nibiru people is back ... and in a period of many years ... may be 200 years (20) ... may be less ... All the Technology we lost will return to us.


Happy Saturday,
Giovanni A. Orlando.
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