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Monday, 10 October 2016 13:08


Greetings ... in the Moon-day ... the day of the Crystal White Ray of Jesus, Christ.

        And ... the idea is to speak and to talk about two key components or molecules that are present in many Foods:

       The First is the Benevolent ... Seratonin.


   Fruits have ... Omega Salt ... and the Molecule is also produced by the Brain ... implanted in the Nerves ... to impulse a Benevolent: "Good Humor".

    Of Course you can check the Web ...

   A primary Picture is ...

    Basically ... "Hard Food" like Liquor, Continuous consummation of Chocolate and Foods with refined Sugar ... "Fast Food" ... is preponderantly rich in Cortisol.

    Cortisol Molecule is very different from ... Benevolent Serotonin ...


   If you have a minimal background on Inorganic Chemistry you can see that you are in most cases eating ... (Sorry) like Benzine Food which will ... accelerate the speed of the Ki in your Nerves ... pushing you to become more nervous.

   Therefore ... exercise ... Still Water ... better with few quantities of Sodium ... enable you to ... increase the "Serotonin" in your Nerves ...

   When you walk ... You produce and engine an internal Fire. The difference between a good walking or inconclusive is Perspiration.

   The Fire in your cells ... consume the Free Radicals ... reduce the Fat Mass ... Toning minimally your muscles ... Of Course you can (is not necessary) go to a Gym or Practice Sport seriously with Others like Judo or Martial Arts ... but the Real Art ... is always Internal.

    I also propose ... Tai Chi ... which is VERY NATURAL ... there are also Many Masters that impart Lessons on the Web ...

  • From this perspective I cannot but advice also ... Falun Dafa ...

  • I can add the Maitreya Dances ... (Do not ask yet ...)
  • The DNA Alignment Dances by Madam Peggy Dubro ...

    I, Giovanni participate to the first World-wide session performed in Italy in 2013 ... to align the First Twelve DNA Layers, in ONE DAY.

    The Courses has been evolved to ... the second 12 ... 13-24 and the last set ... 25-36. (US$ 144.00 each group).

    The Waves are accompanied by Lemurian Chorus ... like in the days of Lemuria.


     Conclusion: You, need to begin to gain ... expertise in the Foods you eat. Not to Soy Oil ... but Yes to Soy Milk ... Better few or nothing Refined Sugar, Yes to Stevia ... Avoid completely any Meat ...

  • The reason or problem with Meat is the Blood of the Animal. Cow and Pigs have Four Legs and need Great Quantity of Blood in their Muscles to live in comfort. When you eat their meat (Great Mistake) ... Their Blood will enter in your Blood ... This will cause extreme pain and all the Animal Fear ... specially at the moment of death will be yours.
  • Fish and Chicken while have good Serotonin is NOT GOOD ... These animals have Less Blood ... but have. Better ... NOT A BIT OF BLOOD ANIMAL IN YOUR BLOOD.

   The Difference is enormous ... The Strength is very different ... The Resistance is very different. ETC.

   To thine own self be true,. And it must follow, as the night the day,.  
   Thou canst not then be false to any man. Farewell.
     -- Hamlet.
Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.


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