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Saturday, 05 November 2016 15:20


Greetings in the day of Sabbath, the day of Salt ...

      There are many Books ... that talk this Story ... and this happens ... in the days when ... NO ONE ... Not a Single person in the Planet ... have the Fire in the Flame of his (or her) Heart ... the Triple Flame ... burning.

   Sanat Kumara ... which is a Sanat ... a type of beign ... and this Sanat is from planet Kumara ... (Sorry for disbelievers ... still eating meat and pork ...)

   Sanat Kumara ... is not from Venus, like many comment ... is from Kumara, on Sirius Star ...

  He, work under the Orders of Archangel Michael ...

  He is ... the One that bring the Master down ... that help to land Master Jesus ... between us, here in 3D. Each time happens, Gabriel Archangel is always present.

  He is ... the Only one which love for the Cause of God ... is Superior to Saint Germain. In fact, Saint Germain lived with us ... many thousand years ... more than you imagine ... Sanat Kumara dedicate still more ...

   I got this Story from this book ... "Shambala a lost dispensation". (In Spanish)

  The Story is as follows:

The mission of the 144,000 was to embody, like Jesus, in earth's densest conditions again and again to challenge darkness, to bring forth light, to expose the fallen ones and to ensoul divine awareness. Wayshowers of Christ, these ones came to reignite the spiritual flame in the hearts of mankind, rekindling the connection to innate divinity, so that through free will mankind might once again, in the words of Moses, "choose life, not death."

     The sacrifice of the 144,000 was immense. Their story is recorded in books by the I AM Movement, Agni Yoga, Werner Schroeder, Charles Leadbeater and Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet. The forerunners of this group built the retreat of Shamballa on an island in the Gobi Sea (now the Gobi desert between Mongolia and China.)

The Source say ...

Shamballa:  A Dispensation Lost

As many of you know, Sanat Kumara, hierarch of Venus, came to earth in her darkest hour to keep the flame of Life for earth’s evolutions. <5>The Cosmic Council had decreed the dissolution of the planet because not a single soul was giving adoration to the God Presence.

Sanat Kumara’s goal was to reignite the threefold flame in the hearts of those who had forfeited that divine spark through abuse. Yet by cosmic law he could not and he cannot reignite that flame unless the soul who has lost it is willing to balance the karma he has made in his violation of the threefold flame throughout the centuries. For in violating the flame, the soul violates the Persons of the Trinity, who embody that flame–Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

One hundred and forty-four thousand stalwart sons and daughters of the planet Venus volunteered to accompany Sanat Kumara to earth. Four hundred from among them formed a retinue to go before him to build the legendary Shamballa on an island in the Gobi Sea. Subsequently that land became desert, for the evolutions of mankind had scoffed at the Lord Sanat Kumara and his devotees.

In one day, Shamballa was transported to the etheric octave. And where there had once been a magnificent city, suddenly there was only desert. Those who stood by and beheld Shamballa literally rise into the heavens and disappear beyond the clouds were left standing on the desert floor, gaping in wonderment.

The story of Shamballa is the story of a dispensation lost for the failure on the part of many to receive a great hierarch of light. The people’s karma descended in a day because they neither revered nor obeyed the Lord Sanat Kumara. It is another episode in the archives of a planet in which a dispensation was lost because of the sin of ingratitude.

Shamballa, great city of light and retreat of Sanat Kumara, O how we extol thee!  O Lord of the Seven Lights, we would give our very lives to woo mankind back to their God estate!

May you be humble before the living Buddha and the seed of the Buddha that germinates within each one’s heart when that one is ready. May you be humble before the living Christ and the flame of the Christ that is kindled in each one according to his fervor unto the Lord. And may you know, O saints of God, that your victory is secured when, in sacred vow before the altar, you bind your heart to the heart of God.


Keep your Flame burning.

Let me give you a prayer of Saint Germain.

 I AM the Light of the Heart

I AM the Light of the Heart
by Saint Germain

I AM the Light of the Heart
Shining in the Darkness of the Beign
And Changing all into the golden trasury
Of the Mind of Christ.

I AM projecting my love,
Out into the world
To erase all errors
And to break down all barriers

I AM the power of Infinite Love
Amplifying itself
Until it is Victorious
World without end!


Giovanni A. Orlando
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