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Wednesday, 07 December 2016 13:03

Dr. Eng. Hiroshi Motoyama


Greetings in the Mercury day of Healing ... the day of the Vertebral Column ... the day of the Balance, the day of "So Above, So Below" ...

    And Beloved Dr. Motoyama represent a Modern Scientific Guru ... and he was also a Shintoist Priest ... he got also the degree of Electrical Engineer and was both Eastern and Western Medical Doctor.

    For the experts in the Field ... he is and was a key figure ... and I hope you listen the experts.

    Now, I Giovanni visit for the first time ... the CIHS ... California Institute of Human Sciences, in Encinitas, CA in 1999 ... but many years were necessary to meet in a Workshop Dr. Motoyama.

     In both experiences ... I got a diagnosis about my Health in about 10 minutes ... because Dr. Motoyama was the inventor of the AMI, Apparatus for Meridian Identification.

     Like is know by any Student of Eastern medicine ... the Meridians traverse the body and the Chi (from Tai Chi) enters in the toes and fingers ... Dr. Motoyama apparatus detect such Energy and write on Printer ...


The AMI and the detecting pen ...

   A Standard output produced by the Computer that elaborate the data is the Following:

  Please understand that ... the Universe is Spiritual and Spirit is a Synonymous of Mind. What keep Matter together is the Fohat (Fire) fruit of Intentions (Faith) in the Act of Creation, performed by some Great Being.

   A Western Medical Doctor may not believe that Nerves have a name ... and/or ... there are Meridians in the Body that transport ... Energy.

   For example ... The Actor #13 in my book @WhyEinsteinTheoryisWrong ... Charles Leadbeater ... was Claryovant and able to see the Chakra without special glasses or devices ... and he draw that energy.

  Today, Mercury-day we can say that is the day of the Solar Plexus ... and that Chakra ... is related to Bladder Meridian ...

     Of Course ... Meridians and Chakra works in any moment ... but in Particular days ... like Mercury-day (to-day) ... or Jupiter-day (to-morrow) these planets influence specific Meridians ... "Detect, discover, prove ... belong to the Astrology of the 21th Century" ... and is Science.

      You yet do not know ... why the Moon is here ?... How arrive here? ... or How many Planets are in the Solar System? ... Humm ... or How this Solar System born? ... How many planets dissapear or find destruction? ... I can tell more than one ... there were a Planet close to Mercury called "Edon" ... and there were a Cult, the "Cult of Hedon" (completely reversed to Eden) .

     Now ... AMI from Dr. Motoyama ... detect the Energy in each Chakra ... in your Body. Many Healing Centers have ...

      You can read my AMI Information ... clicking the Picture below ... when I appear with Dr. Motoyama in 2005 (The Data is for another visit ...)

Click the image to visualize a PDF Archive related to AMI results ... dated 1999.


From 2005 ... eleven years ago ... I have aligned by DNA many times ... and I look very different ... This give you an idea about what means DNA and how you look younger (You can smile if you prefer ...).

Dr. Motoyama was also a person able to "inspect" Past Lives of a Person ... like he publish in his book ... "Karma and Reincarnation" ... mainly applied to Japanese people ... the normal behavior is to return in the same family ... as well inspect between Western and Eastern Medicines ...

He also studied the Chakras and the Leadbeater book about that ...

At the moment of my Ki was 2064 ... I AM curious to know in nowadays.


Thanks for now,
Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.
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