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Sunday, 14 May 2017 06:04


Greetings in the Holy Sun-day ... the day of El Moria ... and Gabriel is the Archangel of the Sun ...

      And because Gabriel is ... One of the Fathers of Master Jesus ... that meet Mary (The Mother) ... today in the day of the Mother ... I want to honor all the Mothers, him Gabriel, his Son ... the Master of we all ... and any fruit of the Christ ...

    The Message is ...

The Birth of the Christ Perfection

Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God. . .

I, Gabriel, am come this day. I AM here to bring you the radiance of the morning, the splendor of Almighty God as expressed through the natural kingdom and as expressed through the angelic hierarchy and through the perfection of Life itself in the eternal realm of the inner spheres.

I AM come to charge you with all of the qualities of faith, hope, and charity, to bring to each of you an annunciation of the fullness of your nativity, to remind you that you were born of the flame and of the sacred fire and that you are a part of God, now and forevermore.

Therefore, as a part of the Eternal Presence, it behooves you to expand your understanding, to expand your sense of gratitude, to expand the flame of that Presence through all of your four lower bodies and exalt them into the fullness of the Godhead so that you may no longer delay the manifestation of the outpicturing of Deity, but that you may arise as a Christ to grow up to the full stature of the measure of the divine manhood (Eph. 4.13) —the man of God, the man and woman of destiny, destined to be all that God intends here and now. (Thank you. Will you please be seated.)

The eternal cycles of the Father, worlds without end, are a cause of perpetual rejoicing to our being—the continuity of Life, the beauty of announcing to mankind the birth of the perfection within them, the perfection of the Christ.

And therefore, this morning I AM announcing to you the birth of the perfection within the flame of your being. The pulsations of the resurrection flame, the divine energies that flow forth through you today ought to continue forever to rise in magnification of the Deity.

I know, blessed ones, that there tends to be in the law of the cycles a rise and then a minute fall. But, blessed and beloved ones, if you will notice carefully, there is always a continual rate of progression so that, although you may rise to a certain height and apparently descend, you will always continue to ascend a little higher each time. And so there is cause for rejoicing in that also.

Therefore, be not dismayed at the appearance world, nor be frightened by it. Remember the words of the Master, the Christ, who said: Be of good cheer, O little ones; for I have overcome the world. (John 16:33)

The Christ overcame the world. And you, beloved ones, by accepting the fullness of his radiance, will feel the pulsation of the resurrection flame. (Mark 16:1) And that resurrection flame is a flame of destiny. It is a flame which carries you toward your ascension. (Mark 16:19)

Without the resurrection from the decaying elements of humankind, you would never be able to reach the goal of the ascension. And therefore, I ask you today to honor the resurrection flame. Resurrection precedes the ascension, and therefore it is essential in the production of an ascended being.

Have you ever thought, beloved ones, of the great drama of the ages of an unfolding Christ? Have you thought of the tremendous cast that was assembled around Bethany's hill? Have you thought of the appearances of the Christ to the multitudes, and do you realize the meaning of this? For this same Jesus which was taken up into heaven has descended from heaven on numerous occasions to manifest even in your time. (Acts 1:10,11) And this is no strange fact but a truth that may seem stranger than fiction.

Beloved ones, the Christ has appeared upon this earth in visible, tangible form. He has returned to the earth on numerous occasions. And I take particular note of the fact, beloved ones, that he declared that he would return (John 14:3) and that the angelic host declared that he would return.

And it has been fulfilled, and the end is not yet.(Matt 24:6) For the cycles of the Christ are recurrent, and to each time and to each age the benediction of the Christ consciousness descends.

Mankind, through the warped religious understanding of the prodigious intellect which is not illumined, persist in thinking according to human thoughts.

And they, beloved ones, feel that there is a certain specific age when the Christ will come and that mankind will be left behind and will have no hope. (These times ...)

And they play upon the religious feelings of the multitudes and urge them to do their bidding and embrace the particular theology and the tenets of the faith which they advocate.

The eternal faith in God, beloved ones, is the faith in the everlasting resurrection. The resurrection of the Christ spirit was known to Melchizedek, priest of Salem (Gen 14:8)—and this was thousands of years before the birth and nativity of beloved Jesus.

The eternal cycles of the Father did not begin one thousand, two thousand, even ten thousand years ago; and therefore the great error which mankind make is realized so clearly by the angelic host, who, in our sense of eternal devotion, feel no sense of time or span of space.

And therefore it seems but yesterday that our band descended with glad hosannas and cries of joy and appeared to the shepherds upon the hillsides and announced to them, "Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men of good will" (Luke 2:13)

Beloved ones, the cry of the angelic host is heard through the ages. Therefore the early Christian writers declared, "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares." (Heb 13:2)

You were told recently that several in the Washington group were part of the angelic host descended into the forgetfulness of human consciousness. Do you think, beloved ones, that those that descend from the pristine purity and the glory of heaven can ever within their being forget the love of God? I tell you, nay. They can never forget, and therefore no one will ever be able to forget. No one who has ever looked upon the radiant splendor of the Father's face, who has beheld the Father's face in shining splendor, can ever forget its radiance.

It would be a total desecration for mankind to think that such a beauteous image, having once been perceived by the immortal consciousness of man, could be forgotten through the maya of human density! The Gloria in excelsis Deo, the glory of His Presence, is beyond mortal ken—but it is not beyond the immortal memory.

The immortal memory, deep within the heart of everyone, deep within the heart of the earth, stirs the lethargies of mankind, and there arises a spiral of the Spirit within man which desires to exalt all that is divine within the nature and to transmute the energies of the flesh into the glories of the Spirit.

Your beloved Saint Germain, the "holy brother" (The Seventh Angel) —he declared to you the message of the violet transmuting flame, known to all the sons of heaven but required not by us who have not descended into human impurity and impiety. Our use of the violet flame is different than the use to which mankind put it to. Our use of the violet flame is to magnify the mercies of God, because the mercies of God are great qualities of the Godhead.

It is the mercy of God and the love of God combined that desire to maintain a perpetual creativity in order to give expression and opportunity to those that are the created to become one with the Creator and thus retain a permanent identity and coequality with God!

We of the angelic host know the Father's tremendous love. This is the love of the king who goes to the peasant and places his crown at the feet of the peasant and saith unto him, "Come up to my castle, my palace of light. Take my crown and sit upon my throne and rule. For I love you so much that I would wash your feet and caress you and anoint you with all that I have and place you upon the throne of my kingdom."

The Christ epitomized this idea at various times, but at no time so clearly as the hour when he stood before the apostles and called for water; having received the laver, he proceeded to kneel before them, the Master kneeling before the disciple and saying, "I will wash your feet." (John 13:4-10)

And the Master washed the feet of all of the apostles. You will recall how Peter balked and said, "You cannot wash me." And the Christ said to him, "If I wash thee not, ye have no part of me." And I tell you, this is a chela (disciple)/master relationship, beloved ones. It is a great cosmic law.

The words of Jesus to Peter would have bound the universe, and Peter would not have obtained his ascension (which he has not yet done, He ascend later as El Moria from Tibet in 1898), nor would he have attained the eternal progress in the light at all or entered into the kingdom until he had obeyed the behest of the Christ.

This is a very important point, beloved ones. When a true Guru, a spiritual teacher, utters a request to his chela, it becomes binding upon the universe. And those who refuse to obey that request—made by the Divine Law, understand—are only excluding themselves from the kingdom. But Peter did not. He said, "Not only my feet, Lord, but also my hands and my head."

So, beloved ones, there is such hope in the universe. There is such hope that these flowers with all of their beauty are but the dimmest of reflections of that hope. The eternal star-flowers of the angelic host, immortelles—they are dim by comparison to the hope of God for each lifestream, the hope of God that says to each man, "You are my son, you are my daughter. I will give you the kingdom."

Although made a little lower than the angels, you are crowned with more glory and honor. (Pss 8:4, 5) And we are happy that this is so.

Even the archangels rejoice to give you our feeling of divine beneficence, that you may feel that the eternal benefits conferred upon all mankind and upon those who will accept it are without limit, simply because the Father's love is without limit.

Limitation is human. And those who point the finger at mankind today in search for flaws are outpicturing the greatest human quality that will bar them from the kingdom.

You do not search for flaws, beloved ones, in one another. You do not search for flaws in the universe. You recognize the God magnificence in these floral offerings. Are they not lovely? They may be dim perceptions of an immortelle, but they are lovely perceptions of God and beauteous to your eyes.

You may expand your comprehensions of all the offerings of God until the unlimited light pours through and elevates you into the octave of the ascended masters. From thence you will be launched to still higher realms to become cosmic beings; for the Father intends to place every peasant upon the throne, and therefore there shall be many peasant-princes of the realm of the eternal kingdom of heaven. Only time remains for this realization to become a fulfillment.

And so there stands now a ship of light upon the sea of time, and all of you are entering into that ship.

The wind of the Holy Spirit billows out and causes the sails to come to fullness, and it moves across a shining sea, bound for a shore of transcendent perfection. Mankind may choose to jump overboard and to swim back to human thought consciousness. But the ship will come again and again and again because it represents eternal hope. And eventually every son and daughter of God who has ever beheld the face of the Father shall enter into their perfection.

The only requirement is a maintenance of the faith of the fathers—the faith which has already produced countless saints. We of the angelic host know, for we have attended the coronation of every saint that is crowned by God and exalted into the realm of their ascension.

I have brought you this morning some of my thoughts concerning the destiny of man. And they are the thoughts of an angel's heart, the poundings of how beautiful God is to extend to his creation all the loveliness and the heights of his own loveliness which you shall become. This is a priceless gift, a treasure of such magnitude as to be scarcely comprehended by an angel.

How can I expect you to understand? And yet, you shall. For that spark within you shall respond to the spark within the Eternal Presence of Perfection, and your destiny stand revealed and annunciated clearly by Gabriel.

I AM come to announce to all the birth of the Christ perfection, the hope of eternal resurrection paramount within every life who will respond to the moving call of divine love poured forth from the heart of God.

I thank you and bid you good morning.

Gabriel ...

PS. Gabriel is the First Archon, the First Archangel in the Throne of the Father ...

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