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Greetings in the Mercury day ... the day of Balance ...

     We address it ... like Green-day ... but is not ... It was Green in Piscean Age ... Now in Aquarian Age is ... Silver.

     Now ... because we are still traversing the Ages ... from Piscean ruled by Master Jesus to Aquarian Age ruled by Mother Mary ... still if we consider Green for Mercury for the next 50 years ... We will NOT be Wrong.

     Wise is to know the Truth and offer the 'best' Truth affordable to ... "Newbie Students" ... of the New Age. 

    Only an Old Soul can teach and give ... what knows.

    ... Humm ... The Mandate is simple to gain ... not the procedure ... The procedure is of the Highest Complexity ...

   The Mandate is ... Be an Atlas ... supporting Planetary Karma ...

    Saint Germain explained that ... some Souls have ... in voluntary mode request to support ... "some of the barden

Yet to this day some have vowed to world karma in their members. Saints with blemish are these who take into their bodies the world sin of human hatred. Thus, judge not the infirm, but help them! uphold them! heal them! By Love.  -- Love.

  And here is the message from the Words of ... Beloved Goddess of Liberty ...

Holding the Balance of World Karma Seeing the Need and Supplying It in Love

Freedom 1982


"Holding the Balance of World Karma"   

Seeing the Need and Supplying It in Love
by Goddess of Liberty

And now, my beloved, I greet you once again out of the Spirit of Liberty whose handmaid I AM. I welcome you to the heart of a Cosmic Virgin's love of liberty. I greet you as I have greeted all pilgrims who have made their way to a land of higher consciousness and have demonstrated a willingness to leave behind the old world and to enter into the new. For this, indeed, is the requirement for the passing of the initiation of the Goddess of Liberty.

In the name of that lamp which I bear, be seated in my flame.

I consider it a privilege to stand at this altar and in this company of bearers of the light. For it is not often that we may come to a place so filled with violet flame instead of the smoke-filled rooms and smoke screens of the human consciousness where we must first penetrate with our Legions of angels to clear a passageway to even touch the hearts of the most dedicated among earth's evolutions. Therefore, I come to a place prepared that does take on the very aura of the etheric plane, because you have given the dynamic decrees continually, year upon year, to provide a cradle of liberty and a new hope for a new age of light-bearers.

You have heard it said that those who approach the shores of America receive the initiation of my heart. This Initiation of the threefold flame may not be experienced physically by the soul unless the soul has received the understanding of the law and has demonstrated a willingness to comply.

The leaving behind of the old world of the human consciousness, of one's own ancient karma and ancient past and ancient enmity with others, is that requirement. And therefore, though the Christ, as the representa­tive of the Cosmic Christ, will overshadow each and every one who does come to these shores, be it known that only those who aspire to the higher light receive it or its options for the multi­plication of greater light.

This explains how some laggard evolutions who have come here have continued to multiply their laggard consciousness, while others have moved onward and higher into a new image of the Christ that I hold for the entire race that yet waits behind them in line from their own home country. Nevertheless, the blessing of this land, so consecrated by Saint Germain, does impart by the very aura of the people a new start, a new mind, and a new heart for many.

Thus, with the greatest of light-bearers unto the least, a nation is formed, a nation is born. And we are here to see to it that the fragmentation and separation does not occur, but that all in whom there burns a threefold flame, who are sent here by Almighty God and the hosts of the Lord, might find one another, might live together in peace, and might hold the banner of light and call that light into manifestation for the challenge of those who are the destroyers of the land and of the people—the dividers and the conquerors who will not leave well enough alone but must also disturb the habitation of the Most High God and the activities of the Great White Brotherhood.

They are not content to spoil their own doorstep or to soil their own habitation. They must spread their own dirt and their own gossip and their own treachery and intrigue to invade the household of every light-bearer. And therefore, this is accom­plished through the media—through television, through radio, through newspapers, and through the motion-picture industry. And thus, you see, the waves of other lifestreams that have come forth upon the planet do cause a considerable disturbance in the peaceful aura that is intended to prevail in this nation.

It has been the assignment of the two witnesses (Mark L. Prophet and Elizabeth Clare Prophet) for the duration of their service on this planet to hold the balance against the darkness of the laggard evolutions, especially the fallen ones and the Titans, who are referred to in the Book of Revelation as the captains, the kings, and the giants among men. (Rev 19:17) These fallen ones, blessed ones, have intruded themselves upon a way of life on earth and attempted to sway the entire culture of the Mother.


Thus, it has been necessary for thousands of years for the messengers of God and the avatars who have come, to hold the balance against these forces; that the children of light might rise up and take their dominion. By and by, as it was intended, when line children of the light come of age and accept their joint-heirship with the living Word, there comes the opportunity then to step into the office of the Lady with the Lamp, of the Mother of the World, and of the two witnesses who witness unto the truth of the great golden age and of the laws of God.


Thus, I recount for you that during this specific dispensation of these several decades of the messengers' service, they have borne an extraordinary burden of the laggard weight and the laggard consciousness, specifically that centering around the Middle East, which is the fountainhead of the Mother flame on this planet. Understand, then, that even in 1973, the ascension of your own beloved Mark had to do with the holding of the bal­ance of world forces. And thus the entire life and mission of the messengers has been to hold this balance.


We of the members of the Karmic Board, in consultation with cosmic councils, have held to our original position that above and beyond all other services that could be performed by the messengers in a more expanded teaching and preaching of the Word, this one service of holding the planetary balance of light against planetary darkness is preeminent and utmost.

Therefore, understand that all of the teaching and the dictations, the lectures that have gone before, all that could possibly be done by their two lifestreams has been and remains secondary to the holding of the balance.

For the holding of the balance is the preserving of the planetary platform for the
light-bearers to be born, to mature, to be educated, and to rise into their lawful position

I come to you, then, this Fourth of July freedom celebration, with an announcement of considerable import to the cosmic hierarchy, to the Karmic Board, to the evolutions of light on this planet and to yourselves, as we have reviewed the lifestreams of the chelas of the will of God and all who serve in this mandala of light—those of you who have understood this mission from inner levels far more than you have understood it at outer levels.

For that inner understanding and only that inner understanding could give you the compelling love, the devotion, and the staying power to endure in the office of staff and of chela and of members of our various focuses who maintain an extraordinary light.


Therefore, in our examination of your lifestreams, we have considered with an extraordinary consideration that some among you—and a considerable number—have arrived at the point in your own dedication, constancy, and self-discipline, especially in the giving of dynamic decrees, as to be able to hold a more than ordinary balance against these laggards and their generation of darkness.

With the final judgment of Satan, the departure some years ago of Lucifer, and the waning of their seed, it is therefore also the opportune hour for others to step in line to share the mantle of the two witnesses as they hold this balance in the plane of Spirit and Matter, specifically in the area of the Middle East.

We invite, therefore, your inner as well as outer confirmation of your desire to hold this weight, that you might realize in this offer that in so doing you would afford the hierarchy and their instrument on earth a blessed opportunity of a more expanded service of the preaching, the writing, the publishing, and the teaching of the Word which is so necessary to counterbalance world weight. For the bringing in of souls, after all, is the means of the expansion of light.

Thus, beloved hearts, this dispensation gives to you the opportunity to bear a certain burden of laggard karma in order that the karma of the laggards and their evolution might also be brought to a swifter judgment. To that end, in answer to an old, old plea for a dispensation of intercession of the Cosmic Christs, you who would bear this burden would have in your world the assistance of a single Cosmic Christ at inner levels—an ascended master who would assist you in holding that balance and hold the line of your own attainment to see to it that none should be lost, the light should be not lost, and the individual's current level of attainment be not compromised by taking on this burden.

Therefore we anticipate, by a shifting of a certain weight from the messenger in embodiment to those individuals who can bear it, a new dispensation and a new era of opportunity for the speaking of the Word and the making complete of the statement of our teaching for many who will come in future generations and centuries who will never have had the opportunity of standing face-to-face with the messengers or receiving their original leach­ing and dispensation.

We are concerned that the divine plan move on and that the transition of worlds that is ongoing provide a continuity of purpose that may never be compromised. We are concerned that only so much could be held. The holding of the balance of the Middle East and other areas of the world has resulted in a certain staying action. But for a more complete victory and a final resolution of these conditions, more Christed ones in embodiment with courageous hearts will have to come to the messengers and say:
"I will hold the flame! I will expand my heart to make room for the Cosmic Christ! I will hold the torch of Mother Liberty. I will accept this opportunity, and I will stand with you in hold­ing the balance of world karma—especially those conditions of laggard races—until God, in his great opportunity, may dispense and dispose of that situation, which cannot continue and cannot endure, ere a golden age as promised descend."
Thus, beloved hearts, it is with great rejoicing that we may place our hand upon the heart and the head of certain chelas who have not let down their guard, who have continued to serve with joy and constancy and a consistency of vibration that has not been moved in the face of any form of opposition, the lie of the liar, or the murderous intent of the fallen ones—not of gossip, not of malicious plotting against the activity or the messenger, or not of their own karma coming for transmutation or world conditions or persecution that has come upon them personally.

As I list all of these possible and even probable causes for the letting down of the guard of Keepers of the Flame, I know that you may know in your heart that you have been tested in all of these points, that you might not be found wanting, so that we might find the strength and the mettle so that you might be weighed in the balance and therefore a determination made.

This inner commitment is made before the Karmic Board this day with your own Christ Self and with your ascended or unascended twin flame. The preparation for this action has gone on for many weeks in preparation for our midyear summer sol­stice conclave at the Royal Teton Retreat which we celebrate each summer in order to renew the dispensations and move onward in the second half of the year.

Therefore, those who are a part of this dispensation already are aware of it at inner levels and are now apprised at outer levels by the anchoring of the inner experience in the Royal Teton Retreat to your outer conscious­ness so that you may feel the descent of the flame and know that you have been a part or this inner commitment.

Be not surprised that some who are able to bear a portion of this burden are young in years, though their souls are advancing. And some who have taken pity upon this burden of the messengers have seen with an inner sight how much more could be done for the planet if this one factor, this preeminent factor in her life, could in some way be lifted or lightened or mitigated.

We have had the same seeing and the same desiring in оur hearts, and we could only place over you our seven Electronic Presence of light, our mighty causal bodies, and a communication from our hearts and from inner levels as to what is the need of the hour—desiring and hoping and praying that you, in seeing that need, would also feel the fervor of your hearts to supply it in love.

And therefore, just in the hour when the burden is so great as to be almost overcoming, there are those who are ready—there are those who are ready to receive a certain passing of this mantle and of this torch.

Therefore, beloved hearts, with the profound gratitude of both messengers and of the children and of all who support this mission and of the hearts of the chelas who participate, we also add our gratitude. And we say that by this extension, there is even the life extension of the messenger; for surely, the days of each and every living soul are numbered by the weight of karma that is borne, whether it is personal or whether it is planetary.

And, above all, I can assure you that this steadfastness to holy purpose on the part of the messenger, knowing full well that holding of the balance of the planet is the sole and certain cause for being, has led her to not let down, to not give up, to not turn aside, but to remember that to withdraw or to slacken or to lessen the holding of this burden would mean certain calamity to many lifestreams—especially the innocent, especially the holy ones who themselves could not bear it until they should come of age.
I am sure that you realize that the holding of this balance could only be to that point where the messenger could sustain life in embodiment. And therefore, where there has been war and loss of life and others bearing the burden, and death itself has come more as a reality than an illusion to many homes, it has been because we have chosen to preserve her life and allow others to pay a certain karmic accountability for debts they owed to life in many past centuries.

You must realize how precious is the life of the soul and each tiny bird held in the hand. And not a single lifestream upon this planet—no matter what their evolution, no matter what their level of karma—is without the consideration of the Lords of Karma. Our opportunity is given again and again and again, even to those individuals who have sinned against Almighty God for aeons. That opportunity is given for them to turn and to repent in the face of the great light of salvation, of honor, of victory, of the Christed ones in their midst

Some of these fallen ones, as you know, have been given the opportunity to give birth to Christed ones, that upon looking into their eyes and seeing these souls they might melt out of love for that which God has placed in the cradle of their own heart and home.

And yet, even, in the face of the incarnate Word in their midst, they have refused to bend the knee and they have hated their own children without a cause and cast them down and turned them away!" And therefore, these very light-bearers, having been treated with utter contempt by their own families, have started upon a course, traversing this nation and traveling to India to find the love of father and of mother in the person of teacher, in the person of community and friends of light.

Is it any wonder, then, that the light-bearers have found their nests in these various places of worship of the one God and dedication to love? Is it any wonder that their parents are angry? For the light has gone out of their life. It is as though Krishna himself is the pied piper who plays his magic flute and the light-bearers follow! And the nations are angry, for the light is gone out of their home and their town and they cannot find or capture or persecute that one who is the Cosmic Christ, who over hill and dale goes in and out of the physical octave, into the etheric plane, and finally draws the children of the light into the heart of the holy mountain where they are safe and secure from this unmiti­gated hatred, even of the ones who should extol their light.

Blessed hearts, be certain that there is a flaming presence of cosmic justice pulsating through the very pores of the earth, through the grasses and the trees and the flowers, through the people themselves—that cosmic justice is on the move. This is most evident when you see individuals and nations act in an unjust manner. The more you see injustice, the more you must recognize that it is only the light of cosmic justice which could specifically flush out all injustice!

Whatever manifestation of anti-God is prevalent, you must know that from deep within the heart of the earth, in the sun of even pressure, through the very wellspring of life, through the mighty rivers of life that flow upon the planet, God has chosen to release a certain action at the crystal-clear stream of water from the Great Causal Body of the Cosmic Virgin.

And as it flows, it flushes out the darkness. That darkness appears only that you may challenge it, only that the lifewaves of earth may choose once and for all to put it into the sacred fire and then receive the purified stream oncoming, where they may know only cosmic justice because all else has gone into the flame.

You must chart the course, then, of the evolution of lifewaves and karmic patterns and political events so that you understand and can read beyond the effect what is the cause— what is the mighty cause of light and the tide oncoming that brings to your attention that the earth body can only be healed, if this disease that is come to the surface is taken away and is cured.

And therefore, the antidote for that disease must be the manifestation of that same quality. As you invoke and sustain the flame of cosmic justice in your aura, as beloved Portia focuses that flame, you have the 'as above, so below', and in the midst is sandwiched that injustice. And therefore it burns from beneath, it burns from above, and there is an all-consuming action as the mighty figure-eight flow draws into the nexus that is the point of transmutation all that is anti-Light!

God is a Spirit and he holds the positive polarity through the ascended masters. God is Omega—Mother in manifestation— holding the negative polarity of the same flame in the chelas upon the planetary body. Therefore within, without, above, below, you see the light does flow. And it does have the all-consuming, scrubbing action, crystal-purifying action of the light. And the sacred fire will move, and you will be astounded to see how swiftly there goes into the living pool, the living fountain of light, all that is darkness, all that has held back the planetary body for centuries!

You must understand that it is an hour and a moment of momentous transmutation and a reaching of a point of attain­ment by you yourselves. Some of you are coming into a new era and dispensation of your own chelaship and your discipleship, And therefore, you must see to it that you are one-pointed and that you do not compromise, therefore, this acceleration, for it means more to us than outer success or any endeavor!

The keeping of the flame of this activity here and at the Inner Retreat is the most important cause to which you could dedicate your life. You must rethink the application of your ligbi and of the light that flows through you. For I tell you. the balance is delicate. And the more you hold the burden arid the more yo j hold the light itself, you will realize that great planetary changes must come about in order for the sustainment of a vway of Life and a safe transition for some into the golden age.

 ... Part 1 ends here ... Will continue ...

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