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Greetings in the day of the Salt ... the day of Mary ... Mother Mary ...

      And Alchemy is also a Goddess ... and so is Liberty ... as well Theosophia ... the Goddess of Wisdom.

      Children must learn to commune with God ... but must learn from those who know how to do ... and those who will free their mind ... not those who will ... close their Mind ...

      Here I AM to talk about ... America ... and we jump from Freedom I and II in 1986 ... to Freedom III in 1991 ...

Here you have,

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando


Vol. 34 No. 36 - Beloved Theosophia, the Goddess of Wisdom

July 21, 1991

Educate the Children!
The Key of Self-Knowledge
“Ye Are God’s in Manifestation”


From inner planes of the Central Sun I, the Goddess of Wisdom, have descended in this hour and I, too, have participated in the meetings ongoing at the Royal Teton Retreat.

On behalf of Lord Confucius, the hierarch of the retreat, I invite all you who attend this conference to journey to that retreat in your finer bodies when you take your rest this night, that you might be engaged in the most serious talks that have taken place in this retreat in this age. Present are hierarchs of Venus, the Four and Twenty Elders and the Lords of Karma.

Our beloved brother Lord Lanto has made known to you the crucial nature of the hour. Therefore I come to you also with the mantle of the Divine Mother, for I embody Wisdom and I am called Theosophia. Yet I have occupied this office for not quite a century, so recently embodied have I been. 1

Beloved hearts, I, too, have been the victim of voices of the press and the pulpit and of many sources. Thus I know whence arise the attacks upon the true religion of God. Count yourselves blessed that you come together in this land a century later than I and that you gather together under the aegis of Saint Germain, having the accelerated format of the dynamic decree whereby your calls may reach the highest levels of heaven, only limited by your own attainment and the light of the central sun within you.

I surely would sponsor every school that you would open. You can start with one child, two or three, your own, the neighbors’, those who come from homes where parents simply will not place their children in the hands of those who will manipulate their minds toward the left-handed path slowly, imperceptibly, until one fine day they are locked in the grips of forces that neither parents nor teachers can defy.

Thus, be grateful that you have the call and so great a call and so great a science–developed and continued by the Messengers, performed by yourselves–whereby you can bring forth from heaven a response far beyond that warranted or merited by your own present level of attainment. This dispensation comes because you call in the name of your Mighty I AM Presence and your Holy Christ Self.

Therefore, beloved, a great bower of blossoms of light for the quickening of chakras does descend in answer to your calls as though all elemental life would shake the blossoms of the trees of heaven to bless the children and youth whom you would bless.

This Community therefore requires focus, and let the sign and symbol of your focus be the All-Seeing Eye of God. The darkness is so great that you need more than Diogenes’ lantern to see your way in search of truth and those who espouse it:  you need the piercing, penetrating ray of the All-Seeing Eye, even to know what to do each day or to focus the light in your being or to focus the attention upon that eye for the raising of the sacred fire. Yes, the heart is the center of concentration but the eye of God must become one within you.

Therefore I say, it is time to sit down and set forth the plan of focus for the available manpower, womanpower, childpower, available funds, human and divine resources that can be committed to this project. Do not make the mistake of looking to the Messenger to lead this endeavor!

Beloved hearts, the Messenger has enough to do being the Messenger. You must implement the Word and step it down. You must not look around to others but consider yourselves the candidates whom we may call upon.

Children must be educated!  Children must know how to read!  Children must know how to pray and commune with God. They must know how to work with angels and elementals to bring about that planetary change.

And you parents who are burdened by your own consciousness and karma, I speak to you with all the love of my heart. Do not give up but remember, you and you alone have created the not-self that does make life hard for you!  Now you have but to make the call and be sincere and want to have that force bound and it shall be done!

For I, Theosophia, come and I come with a sword, and a flaming sword, a flame of golden yellow illumination; and it is a piercing light!  And I also move with Jophiel and Christine and the armies and legions of the Second Ray.

Blessed ones, we wage a fierce Armageddon on our ray alone as all of the hosts of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, all of the Christed ones move together with legions of Light for the binding of millions of fallen ones who have betrayed the Great White Brotherhood and Almighty God on this ray and who have taken knowledge and turned it to darkness and led many in their wake.

This is the plane of Armageddon. It is the plane of the mind and the mental body, the plane of so-called reason and cogitation. And yet when information is fed through the media to the brains of the people and then [the people] make their comments or cast their votes in the polls, are [their comments and votes] not based on what they have already heard, what they have already been fed?

There is no objective knowledge. Scarcely to be found are the facts themselves (or the emphasis on the facts that should be emphasized)–facts on the issues that are threatening civilization, whether in matters of nuclear war or the destruction of the mind or the spirit or the soul of the individual.

My beloved hearts, we lay a foundation. We have come and called this seminar.2

Let its contents be refined. But let its teachings go forth and let there not be the delay. Do not wait for the perfecting of these tapes or deliveries. There are many stations on cable television who would take them as they are today just as they have been given. You can return again and again with your refinements; but you have so much illumination already, you must realize that where this teaching goes across the cable television stations there are many, many who will see and who will know.

The facts are before the people, beloved; it takes the focus. It takes the focus of the All-Seeing Eye of God.

May you sing to Cyclopea. May you give that decree for the whole world to unite in seeing what must be seen of the darkness that does come forth out of the chambers of government, great and exceeding darkness that is pitted against the Lightbearers of this very nation. It is an hour when the governments of the nations rise up again against their own people! 

And the American people are likewise victims of their own government.

Yes, beloved ones, there are none so blind as they who will not see. And they will not see what is parading before them because they have lost the key of knowledge and they have lost the key of the understanding of the betrayal of the Lightbearers by the fallen ones. This story must be told again and again until people finally wake up and see the difference [between the Lightbearers and the fallen ones]–that there is definitely a line to be drawn between the tares and the wheat as they grow together in the fields of this and every nation.

I AM the Goddess of Wisdom. I speak quickly. I pierce, then, and I come for the piercing of the many veils that hang as shrouds upon the brain and the mind. Let the bodies be cleansed!  Let scientific fasting be pursued and let the clarity of the Mind of God descend upon you!

May you understand the true science of Being and know that you are all God in manifestation. There is nothing about you or of you that is not God. God in every line, in every membrane, in every vessel, in every bone and sinew!  It is all the substance of God of which you are made.

Perhaps you have caused the negative spirals and the densification but, nevertheless, ye are gods. As Moses cried out to the children of Israel, “Ye are gods!”  Therefore will you die like men?  Will you die like mortals? 3

That is the question–whether you will perpetuate the belief in yourself and in your children that you are mortals or whether you will perpetuate the absolute divine knowledge that you are God’s and God’s in manifestation. And I say that word as G-o-d-‘-s.

Ye are God’s in manifestation. Ye are God’s in action. In all things you belong to him. You are possessed of him and yet are children who have gone far, far astream from the original lifestream of your source.

It is the hour for the turning around. Earth and the trends of earth cannot continue:  there must be a turnaround. And those who do turn around must have the mastery and the fiber and the fire within to withstand the great creative tension as Elohim begin to re-create the world, to purge the world, to re-create the world, to purge, to re-create, to purge, to re-create, to purge, to re-create again and again and again by the law of cycles and the sine wave of being.

Canst thou stand, then, in the hour of this world alchemy as violet flame from the Violet Planet does swirl around and within the earth and as the violet flame does receive, then, golden illumination’s flame piercing through, creating focalization of mind, focalization of the third eye and consciousness and chakras?

Yes, beloved, be aware, be ready and know that world chemicalization is upon you, that the fires of world transmutation descend and world change is about to be seen as it has never been seen before. Mark my words, beloved, for it shall happen at every level of being. And those who survive are those who will move with the yellow fires of illumination, who will swim in the sea of the violet flame, who will know that to enter Aquarius and to remain in Aquarius in that highest vibration of the Seventh Ray they must leave behind them the momentums of the weightier signs and past dispensations.

Therefore my prayer and love for you this night is that all of that excess baggage, all of the accoutrements of the human consciousness, might be released by you into the fires oncoming.

As you receive the alchemy now, you will find yourself as God’s in manifestation, able to withstand the fires of hell and to send forth the greetings of the God-fire of the Central Sun in the very face of that confrontation and that conflagration.

The teaching of the Goddess of Wisdom in this hour is to give you a meditation upon yourself as God’s, G-o-d-‘-s. Ye are God’s!

Now visualize the rings of white light alternating with yellow fire as mighty concentric rings looping around the heart and continuing to manifest layer upon layer upon layer. Visualize yourself in the center of a golden sun and do not lose that meditation. You can give the meditation upon the sun of Helios, of Vesta, 4 but do not lose this light or meditation. Go back to it when your thoughts are free in the day.

Close your eyes in this moment and feel a dazzling light so bright, too bright to allow you to open your eyes. It is the white fire of the very center of your Holy Christ Self.

Now see another dazzling sun enveloping the first sun with you in the center of the yellow fire, then another sun again of the white and then the yellow until you are sealed in layer upon layer upon layer of suns upon suns in numbers beyond counting that intensify and intensify.

This is an Armour of God that is the Armour of his mind. This is the key of the strengthening in the hour of that need. This is the key whereby in meditation you also might come to be able to contact beings of the Great Central Sun.

Therefore in this moment I retreat into that sun-manifestation, that the Nameless One from out the Great Central Sun might speak to you.


This dictation by Theosophia, the Goddess of Wisdom, was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet following Lord Lanto’s dictation at the conclusion of the July 3, 1991 Wednesday evening healing service during FREEDOM 1991 held at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. [N.B. Throughout this Pearl, bracketed material denotes words unspoken yet implicit in the dictation, added by the Messenger under Theosophia’s direction for clarity in the written word.]

1. In her final incarnation, Theosophia was embodied as Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910), founder of Christian Science. See p. 219 note.maryeddy

2. “The Aquarian Age Child” seminar. See p. 424 n. 3.

3. Ps.82:6, 7; John 10:34.

4. Great Central Sun Ritual:  O Cosmic Christ, Thou Light of the World! Ashram Ritual 2 in Ashram Notes by El Morya, pp. 16-18; Ashram Rituals booklet, pp. 25-27.



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