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Tuesday, 12 September 2017 08:47



Greetings in the Mars-day of the Red-Pink Love of God ... the day of the Heart ...

     And ... necessarily we need to talk about the Atom.

     A, the Letter A represents "One" ... and A-TOM ... is related to A-TON, the One God of Egyptians ... inspired by Ikhnaton. When, the Hebrew leave Egypt because Moses, the Father (because where the time) ... propose ... "One GOD" also to Egyptians. This God, adored ... is not the SUN, the Holy RA ... but the Father.

      Is more conscious ... Hebrew adore and consider "A-donai" like the name of God, and God has many names ... also E-LOHIM, or "El Shadai" is another name of GOD, in Our DNA.


    There are no established noble relations between ... Atom and Cell (divided in Physics, or Chemistry and Medicine) ... or between God and the ATOM.

     I, Giovanni do not have yet the complete look on the New High Chemistry, which we can define ... "Musical".

     In fact,I will not claim to be ... so Wise ... Indeed ...


    Now, Italian Scientist ... Marco Todeschini ... propose us a New Table of Elements ...


   Please note his concepts: "Materioni" (or Mattoni=bricks of Matter) ... and Idrogenione ... in replacement of Hydrogen.

   My Favorite is ... Walter Russell ... because he declare Matter is composed by a single Element.

   He declare in his ... "The Universal One".

There is but One cosmic substance. This One substance appears to be divided into many substances, known as the elements of matter.

The One universal substance first divides it¬self into the appearance of two opposite states of motion which register as positive and negative elements.

  Dr. Walter Russell talk about the ... "Ten Octaves of Matter" ... An Octave is ... 8 tones ... in some cases there are used also the Mid-tones which extend the number of Chemical Elements ... We can see in the Seventh Octave ...

   Here we note ... Iron and Zinc ...

   Both Todeschini and Russell talk and consider Hydrogen is NOT the first element. One call it ... Idrogenione and Russell call it Alphanon.


   Ernest Rutherford ... reject ... "Standard Alchemy" consider impossible.


  Instead the Nobel Prize ... prefer to talk about ... Alpha and Beta particles and the years to transmute elements.

  He was great ... but far from the very concepts of the Atom.


   Now if we move to the East ... We can consider firstly the Hindu point of view ...

    We can read ...

Matter, according to Hindu philosophy, is made of the intelligent thoughtrons of God. which materialize into grosser forces of intelligent lifetrons (prana) electrons and protons, atoms, molecules, cells, tissues, and organic matter. Both inorganic and organic matter are composed of anu (atoms), paramanu (subatomic particles and energies), prana (lifetrons), and chailanya ("consciousness," thoughtrons) of God. This is the constitution of physical cosmic nature or matter from the metaphysical standpoint.

Here a point must be established that change the view of Physics and Chemistry.

Matter ... diversificate in many Elements ... have roots in a single element, the same Atom ... or Anu, called by Blavatsky or Yogananda.

Still ... the relation between Macro and Micro Cosmos is ... a Myth which in the East is clear with the Indra Net.

 What means? ... means what his Holiness the Dalai Lama explains ...

     Still ... now talking from the Words of Saint Germain ...

     5 Man must come to recognize that space and time are necessary subdivisions of one sole reality, 6 that the limitations which they embody, 7 providing necessary boundaries, can become ladders to boundlessness 8 and a veritable means whereby any electron in space can become a universe or the universe can become any electron. 9 The drawing of the sustaining breath of the Holy Spirit and the expelling thereof creates an eddying of consciousness in concentric, 10 rapidly moving rings expanding out to the farthest periphery of manifestation.

    Therefore what we know about the Atom and the Universe is exactly ... NOTHING ... The Kingdom of Nottingham.

     Therefore there are a Music or Harmony ... that traverse the Universe ... Galaxy to Galaxy ... still to the Atom which change

     ... Something like this ... (We got from the Web ... )



    Nobel Prize Rutherford was a good scientist considering the Atom is basically in its Brain, its Nucleus ... Now, you can have Light in your Atom ... or you can have Darkness.You can still have no idea there are a Devil in your Atom(s) ... and the Devil is never alone.

     You need ... to let that Devil depart from your Atom. Depending of how you interact with your Atoms ... and they dwell inside your Matter ... you will proceed ... improving your evolution ... or you simply involve.

      ... There are too much to say about the Atom.


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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