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Greetings in the day of the Salt ... the Saturn-day ...

     And in this day ... with Holy Irony ... we will add some Salt in your Brain ... Opps ...

     We can consider that after the Garden days ... and "The Fall of Man" happens 13,000 years ago ... (26,000/2 ~ 12x2160/2=12960 years ago) ...

     There has been an impressive Division between the Scientific Brotherhood ... basically male and the Spiritual Brotherhood basically female.

      In fact, in the Atlantean days ... Priestess ... were in the Churches and this female terms do not exist in many languages ... today.

       After the infiltration of the Dark Brothers and the consecutive destruction of the "Edenic Mind" ... single eyed ... understanding there were no Evil and Good ... but Completed faces of God ... The World ... is more War-like and therefore ... more Left Mind.

        I, Giovanni ... like the founder and those who know us ... worked in Computer Science for about 30 years ... before 2007 ... then the DNA Balance provoked an alignment ... the lived view of Akashic Records related to Past Lives ... I saw three ... there were many others mostly in Europe ... enable the "Right Side Brain".

        Most friends do not understand that change ... Metaphorically is like to walk with your Left Leg ... and discover you have a Right Leg ... but we do not run yet.

     Spirituality ... Humanities ... World's Religions ... still Alchemy are more Multidimensional ... and can be declared "Arts" ... do not require Logic ... neither Politics (Please smile ...)

     But the Brain is One ... may be we do not remember Astral travels ... many years before 2007 (ten years ago ...) ... and Of Course ... the Complete and Full Balance ... which no one has in the Planet in full ... The Pituitary Gland and others are living changes and enhancements ... in everyone.

     The result is ... a Jump in Human Evolution ... mostly feel more than others.

     But the point here ... this Saturn-day or Sabbath ... or simply Saturday ... is to talk a little between the two differences between Left-Brain people and Right-Brain people.

     ... When persons ... acquire Philosophy there are a Union of both sides ... or a High Speed in the Electrons of the Body ... which cause necessarily Calm ... because the Heart pulse is close or less than 60 pulsations per minutes ... and this increase mental capabilities ...

     ... But ... I AM not an Angel, neither Archangel ... let Archangel Jophiel talk ... and explain ... with Archeia Christine.

Thanks ... Happy Week-end,
Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS: Source: Soul Evolution A Fusion of Mind and Spirit



Vol. 38 No. 30 - Beloved Archangel Jophiel with Christine - July 9, 1995.

Soul Evolution
A Fusion of Mind and Spirit
The Quickening of Your Crown Chakra
We Seek to Empower You on the Second Ray
Challenge the System: Education and Drugs


Ho, legions of Victory gathered in this place!

We, Jophiel and Christine, greet you with all the hosts of angels who come with us not only on the Second Ray but from the four quadrants of the earth and every point of the compass.

Therefore rejoice, sons and daughters of God, for the quickening of your crown chakras begins with this dictation!             [37-second standing ovation]

Welcome to our hearts, beloved.

We salute all angels who have volunteered to embody on earth, taking on the mantle of sons and daughters of God to rescue the children of the Light. The percentage of embodied angels in this organization far exceeds their percentages in other New Age movements. Therefore, behold among you angels of God and children of the Light!  Behold also sons and daughters of God who walk the earth in the Christ consciousness!

We are grateful for this Community of the Holy Spirit. We are grateful for the sponsorship of the God and Goddess Meru and the Lord Maitreya, for this is indeed Maitreya’s Mystery School come again.

Again, we welcome you, beloved, for you have come to be God-taught. You have come to be stripped of erroneous concepts based on sheer ignorance or on scriptures that have been tampered with by those who would hold the people in bondage.

I say, let this be the day of your soul’s liberation!  Commemorate it and mark the date and the hour, <1>beloved. For each year on this date, we shall increase and intensify, increase and intensify Cosmic Christ illumination so that in our planetary uplift movement we might lift up the people of earth from base ignorance to the crown of glory, establishing  their reunion with God.

O beloved, we the hosts of the Lord have come with great determination to pierce the veil of ignorance!  And we are matching your fervor many times over to see to it that this world shall be covered with illumination’s flame and that this flame shall pierce the darkness and the night. Indeed, the quickening shall come because you determine to pursue that quickening.

Beloved, won’t you be seated.

This day beloved Alpha and Omega, our Father-Mother God, are sending a message to you via angelic representatives of the Great Central Sun. Listen well: Alpha and Omega are fed up with the state of ignorance among the masses-an ignorance that they say is due to an educational system that is bankrupt. Moreover, they deplore the overall decline of children’s self-knowledge and their nonawareness of the world about them.

It is high time that you understood, beloved, that secular knowledge must be braided with spiritual understanding. Even so, secular knowledge must have a life and a buoyancy and a joy all its own. And the path of spiritual understanding through the yin and yang of the Great Tao must be complete unto itself. But the ultimate goal is to merge secular knowledge and spiritual understanding in the left and right brains. And when that merging takes place, educators shall internalize and teach a spherical self-knowledge in God.

Many would-be students of Higher Consciousness know that their souls are not being quickened because they are not on a spiritual path. And they regret, and some even resent, that they have not been offered a spiritual teaching and that the true religion of the Spirit is not a part of the curricula of the universities of the world.

Well, I tell you, beloved, those who hunger and thirst after divine wisdom have parched throats!  For they have not found divine wisdom in their fields of specialization.

Thus we have had placed before you on the altar yellow chrysanthemums, gladiolus and roses in a saturation of the yellow flame so that you might gaze upon them throughout this conference as you meditate on your crown chakra. Be mindful that it is your unfolding of the crown chakra that will give you the golden aura of absolute God-peace.

Therefore, let the thousand-petaled lotus reign!  Let it reign by the sacred fire that you raise up on the altar of being. And thus enter into the knowledge of the Buddhas, enter into the knowledge of the Bodhisattvas—the instantaneous spherical awareness of what is and what is not, of what ought to be and what ought not to be, beloved.

Inasmuch as beloved Alpha and Omega have expressed to you their ultimate frustration with the methods of education that are being foisted on innocent children, you must focus on restructuring and rebuilding every department of education.

You have established the Literacy Army, <2>and it is well. But it is not enough. This army must cover the earth!  And your Father-Mother God are impatient. For many souls will be lost if you do not make it your business to master the written and spoken word and to teach it as it was taught by the great Mercurians of old.

The mastery of the spoken word leads to the mastery of many fields of knowledge, beloved. But those who teach have not been taught. And thus, ignorance begets ignorance.

It is time, then, that illumination’s flame be amplified. For I tell you, it is most powerful and it goes hand in hand with the flame of peace—yes, peace in the solar plexus that eventuates in the reign of supreme wisdom in the crown chakra.

Know the peace of wisdom and the wisdom of being at peace always. Know the mastery of God within you.

The Seven Archangels who serve on the seven rays, the Five Dhyani Buddhas who serve on the five secret rays, and the Masters of the Far East come to this conference to empower those who are ready to be empowered. And we of the three kingdoms—the Elohim, Archangels, and Sons and Daughters of God—come today seeking to empower you on the Second Ray. <3> Blessed ones, you must pursue this empowerment if you would have it!

Let the violet flame blaze through the crown chakra!  Let it purge the body!  Let the sacred fire of your mind contact all parts of the known and unknown universes and beyond into the Spirit cosmos. Open your mind to God’s Mind and see how the quickening of the crown chakra will come!

Where you have misused knowledge or wisdom in the past, using it to ends other than to the glory of God, you have a karma to pay. Pay the price of that karma if you would be empowered on the Second Ray. And when you give your violet flame decrees, call for the transmutation of all misuses of the Second Ray of God’s wisdom, illumination and understanding.

In each one who attains the power of illumination’s flame, that flame shall be as the beacon of a lighthouse flashing from the crown chakra and illumining people throughout the earth to the truth that there is a summit of being and there is a way to reach it. Yes, there is a way whereby the soul, through superior attainment, can rise to the level of the crown chakra. And when she does, she also makes contact with the God and Goddess Meru.

As the soul perfects herself, she is escorted by her Holy Christ Self from the seat-of-the-soul to the solar plexus to the heart and the throat chakras, thence to the third eye and the crown. But her place of beatitude is the secret chamber of the heart, where she communes with her Lord. The goal of the soul is to day by day become one with God, to day by day become more real, to day by day know herself as one with the allness of God and to know God as his allness in everyone.

We look at the state of education in every nation, and we say that even in those nations that have superior standards, education is found wanting. There will be no forward movement into a golden age of Aquarius if the twin paths of secular knowledge and spiritual knowledge are not braided together and if children are not taught in their mothers’ wombs and at their mothers’ breasts the meaning of universal life. They have come from the heavenly realms trailing clouds of glory. And so they are here. But what do they hear?  They hear the rock music or the soap operas or just noise and more noise.

Blessed hearts, every child of light who descends to this planet, whom you bear in your arms, has been to the realms of glory. Even those with denser karma have been taken by angels to be given a peep at the heaven-world so that when they are born they might retain the memory of etheric cities and universities of the Spirit. For there their souls may attend “night school,” augmenting courses they may take in the colleges and universities of the world.

You must infuse education with morality, fair play, an honor code and a spiritual path. You must set standards of excellence that parents, teachers and children can apply in all areas of their lives. For the state of education in America is so grave that if you do not turn it around, you will see that ere a century has passed, so much of the world’s culture will have been lost, along with the foundations of community, that should your soul reincarnate on earth, you would scarcely recognize the culture and civilization you once knew.

Therefore, without fail you must reverse the downward spiral of education! And you must replace it with all that will afford the world’s children the very best opportunity that heaven would bestow upon them.

That downward spiral, beloved, is threatening the entire civilization!  For as children slip and slide down the spiral, they are losing the momentum of the higher intelligence of the Mind of God that they freely accessed in earlier centuries. Once upon a time children’s crown chakras were stimulated by stimulating teachers whose auras glowed with the wisdom they imparted. Yes, those were the days when the five senses were not bombarded with lurid sights and sounds and violence that violates the sensitivities of the soul and the crown chakra.

The stimulation of the mind and spirit of the child begins well before conception. For souls meet their parents-to-be and their teachers at the retreats of the Ascended Masters in preparation for their life’s calling. Above all, the soul must have laid out for her a spiritual path that she may embark upon before she enters her mother’s womb. And if the fetus does not receive the proper stimuli to activate brain development, millions of brain cells will die. It has been said, and rightly so, that the more the parents stimulate the brain of the unborn child, the greater will be the child’s potential for genius.

Thus, accelerated learning goes on at spiritual and mental levels, and the eager soul is never bereft of guardian angels who will tutor her for her next assignment on earth. You who are committed to the acceleration of the soul faculties and the mental acumen of the world’s children must broadcast to the world the unlimited opportunities for the cultivation of prenatal and early childhood development. Yet you must keep in mind that accelerated learning techniques must be infused with the Holy Spirit. They must be infused with Divine Wisdom!

For then you will see the balance of the right brain and the left brain. Then you will truly understand that the right brain is the creative brain, the brain that contacts the Mind of God, while the left brain is the logical brain, the brain that is in command of the responsibilities of the concrete world.

Yes, beloved, a part of you is in heaven and a part of you is on earth. And if you think that the earth alone and all who have the consciousness of the earth, earthy, shall provide the answers to earth’s problems, then you might as well go back to the Cain civilization, you might as well go back to the time when your soul descended out of the etheric octave to the place where you were no longer immortal but mortal.

Ask yourself this question: In all of your incarnations, what have you regained of your immortality as you have toiled by the sweat of your brow <4>and engaged in endless karma-making adventures through the rise and fall of civilizations?

You have trod the neighborhoods of the planet for aeons. Why?  Because you have not reconnected to or locked in to your spiritual reality.

Therefore meditate on the Chart of Your Divine Self and see in the color rings the replica of your Causal Body, the concentric  spheres of light surrounding your Mighty I AM Presence. These spheres contain the momentums you have gained in your mastery of the seven rays and the five secret rays as you have pursued your calling from God on these paths of learning. Each of these spheres represents a cosmos all your own where you can accelerate and become an adept and eventually a master of the ray within that sphere of your Causal Body.

Think about how many incarnations it has taken you to come as far as you have come on the spiritual path. Up and down the centuries you have been making karma and balancing karma, like children playing hopscotch on the playground. Yes, round after round of your incarnations have come and gone. But today is the day of salvation. Today is the day in which you shall win.

And the key to salvation that the Ascended Masters and the angels of the Lord bring is the integration of God in man and man in God. Man must rise to God. And man must pull down the God-flame into his own being by becoming Godlike, by imitating the Christ, the Buddha and the avatars who have been sent to uplift the consciousness of the race.

There must be a meshing of heaven and earth right within your being if you are to have the victory over Death and Hell   and if you are to rescue the souls of light who are worthy and who can follow your lead and take off in their accelerated paths of learning. Then one day they, too, will experience the fusion of the Spirit-Matter cosmos of their own beings. And finally both you and they will walk the earth once again as immortals.

The churches have preached of sin and condemnation. But we preach of glory and of elevation and of forgiveness and of the mercy of God that in the twinkling of an eye can erase all that has gone before in the valley of sorrows.

Nevertheless, if one would embody the flame of illumination, one must set and keep high standards on the path of the Second Ray. This requires a fervor, a determination and a willingness to wrestle with what you have called “ignorant animal magnetism.”  By definition, this is the ignorance and the sloth of the dense mind that wills not to learn and therefore cannot learn.

So all-pervading is this mentality that the Ascended Masters have categorized five poisons that infect the dense mind and that must be antidoted by the five wisdoms of the Five Dhyani Buddhas, plus a sixth poison, antidoted by the wisdom of Vajrasattva:

1.      ignorance, antidoted by Vairochana’s All-Pervading Wisdom of the Dharmakaya

2.      anger, hate and hate creation, antidoted by Akshobhya’s Mirrorlike Wisdom

3.      spiritual, intellectual and human pride, antidoted by Ratnasambhava’s Wisdom of Equality

4.      the passions—all cravings, covetousness, greed and lust—antidoted by Amitabha’s Discriminating Wisdom

5.      envy and jealousy, antidoted by Amoghasiddhi’s All-Accomplishing Wisdom, the Wisdom of Perfected Action

6.      non-Will and non-Being—fear, doubt and nonbelief in God, the Great Guru—antidoted by Vajrasattva’s Wisdom of the Diamond Will of God.

The density of a mind poisoned by the five poisons and the sixth, beloved ones, goes back to generations of unwholesome living. For how you live and what you eat will in part determine your fate. If you would make your body a vessel of the Christ-intelligence, then see to it that you understand the science of nutrition that is meet for those who would be adepts on the Path.

We would see you become adepts not only in human knowledge but in the pathways of the higher mind that lead the soul to the spiritual retreats of the heaven-world, the golden-age cities of light and the universities of the Spirit. Yes, we escort your souls there at night while your bodies sleep so that you may be shown the inventions that will be brought forth as soon as the  educational standards are stepped up.

Beloved ones, when you take up our assignment to step up the educational standards of the nations, you must do so with profound compassion for those who have not been correctly taught the three Rs or their ABCs nor been given an understanding of what is the soul and what is the spiritual path. If three or four generations are deprived of both physical and spiritual knowledge, it will not take long before earth’s evolutions lose their moorings in the Divine Logos and their cosmic purpose is blurred and then blown out.

I paint this picture because it is a true rendering of what is happening in the classrooms of the world. It can be reversed by certain steps you of your own free will can take. You can determine to enter into the cosmic consciousness of God and to convey through it, by your own auric emanation, blessings of illumination’s flame upon children who are not being God-taught and for whom the foundations of life are not being laid.

Let the weight of planetary ignorance go into the violet flame!

Let the weight of ignorance that is upon each and every child of God go into the violet flame!

You, above all, know how to invoke the flames of God and to what purpose. Therefore I say, do it!

I address you now on the subject of nicotine, tobacco and the tobacco lobby. I would point out to you the great strides that have been made in the United States (1) to control cigarette smoking in public places, (2) to expose nicotine as a drug that ought to be regulated, despite the denial of this fact by the cigarette and tobacco industries, and (3) to authorize the Food and Drug Administration to regulate nicotine and to protect children by restricting the advertising and sale of cigarettes and tobacco products. <5>

You will recall that I am the Archangel who announced in a dictation through Mark L. Prophet on September 9, 1963, that the Lords of Karma would take action against the tycoons of these industries. <6> It was a clarion call to all Americans as well as to the students of the Ascended Masters to awake to the lethal dangers of smoking, which not only clogs the brain with nicotine and other residues but also blocks one’s spiritual attunement with one’s Mighty I AM Presence.

Well, this nation has awakened, and it has awakened because my legions and I have not ceased to sound the alarm and the American people have rallied to my call. The Messenger’s staff even came up with the mantra “America, Awake! I AM THAT I AM!” and set it to music and sang it often. (It’s time to take it out and sing it some more!)

Most importantly, we have used your calls to Astrea since 1963 to bind the nicotine and tobacco entities. And the American people have seen the suffering of their loved ones and the tremendous numbers of deaths from lung cancer and heart disease, <7>and they have determined to put an end to this suffering!

Beloved hearts, press on to the victory over Death and Hell itself!  Spread that victory throughout the earth and the astral plane!  For the tobacco entity is the counterpart on the astral plane of the tobacco worm on the physical plane.

This astral, silvery-colored beast invades every organ of the smoker’s body and eventually kills him. Not only does it devour the body but it devours the soul. And it destroys the body before the soul has had the opportunity to enter the path of Higher Consciousness. It is insidious! It is vicious!

Blessed ones, conquer this beast! For it is a beast! Take out your Judgment Call and affirm that “They shall not pass!”  Call for the judgment of the planetary momentum of the nicotine and tobacco entities. And call for the judgment of the cigarette and tobacco companies who are marketing their wares abroad, <8>where people are not awakened to the dangers to their health from addictive smoking.

Let us bring this battle to its conclusion, beloved. I am well pleased that many Keepers of the Flame and other upright souls across America have determined to challenge the tobacco beast and the money beast that is behind it. For the deliverance of souls from this one substance—which many users say is more addictive than marijuana, cocaine or heroin—will  restore their self-esteem and their freedom to be who they really are without the false identity superimposed on them by the nicotine habit.

As you know, children have been destroying their brains by substance abuse for decades now. We want to see to it that all of this is stopped!  And therefore we call to the devout and God-fearing of this hemisphere and of the world and we say:  If all you can do to fight drug abuse is to decree at your altar for the judgment of those who bring their drugs into every nation, then do it!  And if you can take up the cause of those who are actively engaged in fighting the False Hierarchy of Drugs and the Drug Lords in your neighborhoods, towns and cities, then do it!

For the abuse of the body through drugs, which also affects the soul, is an act of self-destruction that denies the individual the full flowering of the God-flame within his temple. Worst of all, it cuts short one’s life span and the extended opportunity most souls require to balance 51 percent of their karma, which is necessary for them to achieve their ascension in this life.

The alternative to life that people choose when they take up drugs, alcohol, nicotine and sugar is death in the fast lane. Having chosen death, not life, to die and not to live, the individual is weakened not only in the body but also in the heart, the spirit, the mind and the soul.

He may continue in the fast lane until he is no longer able to make a turnaround. At that point, he may look for someone to teach him how to call upon the Lord God and his Son Jesus Christ to send their Archangels and legions of angels to rescue him from a very real nightmare. It is the nightmare of his soul’s willful descent into the astral plane and all of the horror that pursues him.

Like the millions who have perished in the grips of the drug, alcohol, nicotine and sugar entities, he discovers that these entities devour body and spirit and return to stalk him when (and if) his soul reincarnates! Yes, one’s habits and one’s addictions do follow one into succeeding lifetimes until the heart, the mind, the spirit and the soul galvanize to lick them and the planetary beast of death.

God have mercy on those souls who are thus snared in the astral plane! If you will call to Archangel Michael to allow you to join him and his legions of light, you can be an instrument of mercy by descending with them to sublevels of the astral plane to cut free the souls who have been victimized by the fallen angels.

Do not condemn these souls, beloved ones. For when one is severely addicted, the entities sap one’s life force and exert a tremendous pull on the central nervous system and the brain. In fact, the entire body is under such stress that the addict cannot,  except in rare cases, overcome his addiction without treatment or the intercession of angels.

Therefore, pray for the souls of light who have become the victims of substance abuse. And call for the judgment of the drug cartels, the drug lords and the fallen angels who are behind them. Call for the judgment of the drug suppliers, traffickers, distributors and pushers throughout the world who are purveying drugs to the children and youth as well as to adults. And call for the judgment of those in the United States who could have long ago stopped the drug traffic and seen to it that those responsible were off the streets and behind bars and the drugs seized and destroyed.

It could have been done, beloved, and it still can be done—and we have said so, many times. But with few exceptions, those in positions of authority, including the drug czars, have not waged the war that they should have waged against drugs. Therefore, they have left the children vulnerable to the drug demons that tempt them and then torment them once they have been hooked. What needs to be done is not being done, I say!

And again, what is the cause? It is ignorant animal magnetism. People are dense from the foods they eat and from the low vibrations they feed the mind and are content to live with.

People live in their own sloth. They live in their own negativity. So it is written: “As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly.” <9>And that’s why they are not out there on the front lines fighting the battle for the liberation of the youth of the world, beloved!

Think of how many people you know whose children have been compromised by taking in these lethal substances. It is an outrage!  And all of heaven is outraged!  Let all of earth be outraged, I say!  And let us lock arms and do something about it now!     [33-second standing ovation]

All legions of the Second Ray join me in thanking you for your standing ovation. We shall empower you as you empower yourselves. We shall go forth—Jophiel, Christine, Apollo and Lumina, Lord Lanto, Mighty Victory and Justina and all legions of the Second Ray who serve with the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas—to open the crown chakras of the lightbearers of the world.

Blessed ones, we are fierce in our determination. I say in the I AM THAT I AM: When you call to God for the judgment of those who have done despite to innocent children and adults, remember to address us by name. When you do this, angels of God of the Second Ray will respond in untold numbers to your calls, and you will be empowered so long as your heart is pure.

Whether or not you are empowered is up to you! You are empowered on the Second Ray by Almighty God each time you offer your prayers, fiats and dynamic decrees for the deliverance of souls and for the wiping out of Evil and the Evil Force that in this very moment are murdering the hearts, minds, souls and bodies of all who are enslaved to the False Hierarchy of Drugs and the Drug Lords.

Therefore, beloved, in the name of Almighty God, I, Jophiel with Christine, bow to the Light within you. And I welcome you to the ranks of the legions of light of the Second Ray! - [22-second standing ovation]




“The Summit Lighthouse Sheds Its Radiance O’er All the World to Manifest as Pearls of Wisdom.”

The eleven-day conference FREEDOM 1995: “Soul Evolution” was held June 24 through July 4, 1995, at the Royal Teton Ranch, Park County, Montana. This dictation by Archangel Jophiel with Christine was delivered by the Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, on June 25, 1995.  A selection from the fourth movement of Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony was played as the meditation music in preparation for the dictation.

[N.B.  This dictation was edited for print by the Messenger under the direction of Archangel Jophiel and Christine.]  Throughout these notes PoW is the abbreviation for Pearls of Wisdom.

1. The dictation was delivered between 2:51 and 3:15 p.m. mdt.

2. The Literacy Army is El Morya’s solution to the problem of illiteracy in America. See 1990 PoW, pp. 465-66, 467 n. 16; and 1992 PoW, pp. 768-69.

3. The Archangels, Elohim, and Chohan of the Second Ray—Archangel Jophiel and Christine, Elohim Apollo and Lumina, and Lord Lanto—gave the opening dictations of the conference, on June 25. For teaching on the three kingdoms in the order of hierarchy, see Saint Germain On Alchemy glossary, s.v. “Elohim”; and Elizabeth Clare Prophet, The Great White Brotherhood in the Culture, History and Religion of America, pp. 83-89.

4. Gen. 3:19.

5. Since this dictation, the news media have increased their focus on the tobacco and  cigarette industries. Recommended viewing: ABC’s This Week with David Brinkley, July 30 and August 13, 1995. The July 30 program examines the issues of health, money and politics as related to tobacco. The August 13 program addresses the implications of President Clinton’s authorization to the Food and Drug Administration to impose sweeping regulations restricting the advertising and sale of cigarettes to minors.

6.  The judgment of the cigarette and tobacco industries. See Archangel Jophiel, September 9, 1963, in 1982 PoW, Book II, pp. 439, 444 n. 2; and February 20, 1993, in 1993 PoW, pp. 117-18. Also, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, February 20, 1993, “How Angels Help You to Contact Your Higher Self” (videocassette: 58 min., $10.95 plus $2.50 postage and handling, HL94004P).

7. Deaths linked to smoking.  According to the American Cancer Society, tobacco use is responsible for nearly one in five deaths in the United States. Approximately 419,000 deaths per year in the U.S. and 3 million deaths per year worldwide are linked to smoking. In addition, at least 38,000 deaths per year in the U.S. are linked to breathing environmental tobacco smoke.

8. U.S. cigarette firms marketing their wares abroad.  The American Cancer Society booklet “Cancer Facts and Figures—1995” reports that from 1985 to 1993, U.S. cigarette exports increased approximately 275 percent. To Japan alone, exports increased almost 800 percent.

9. Prov. 26:11.

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