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Greetings ... in the day of the Salt ... Saturn-day ...

     And you do not know ... What the Grail means ... Do you? ... Yesterday ... I your fellow-friend submit The Chalice of Elohim.

     Now reading that comment or others ... You will understand more What the Grail is ...

     In the Italian Edition ... of my Book ... I explain many secrets about the Grail ...


   The Story of the Grail is the Story of Mary Magdalene ... Joseph of Arimathea ... The Templars ... Saint Germain like Master Commander in Israel like King Solomon, and later like Merlin in Britain.

     Let me gift something ... Do you believe ... I, Giovanni protect the original Grail? ... A Venezuelan that live in Southern Italy? ... Can I prove it? ... Well May it was, May be it was ... Atheist never will ... and the World is Atheist.

     My Mistake is I expect you believe ... but is a Mastery, I must gain ... and is called "Equanimity" ... before the fool that insult not understanding is a fool, and before the Wise that understand ... I repeat is my mistake ... or may be I am not enough strong ... May be you believe more in Barabbas ... than in Jesus followers,still this day.

      Better will be ... I accept you do not understand ... like said some figure ... "Your lack of Faith, is disturbing".

      Who were the Templars? ... Be a Templar Knight is like to be a Priest ... and play the role of Priest or be a Warrior and play the role of Warrior and be both.

      Be a Templar ... to be understood in the 21th Century is to be like a "Jedi" ... to project the concept on Star Wars ... and there were many Wars ...

      ... If you want a new War ... Just let me know ... Cool  ...

     ... But there are not need to destroy ... there are a need to build ... New Churches, New Houses ... New Future.


      Are you ready to ride? ... It offers different perspectives ... all mine.

      If you are Muslim ... You evidently know the Story of the Mohammad Stone in Mecca ... that stone really fall from Heaven.

     The Story said that originally was Crystal ... but each one that touch or kiss it ... let it become Black ... forgiving the Mistakes of the person that use it.

     I can tell you my friends ...that stone ... the Black stone fall from Orion ... is not easy to understand or accept ...

    ... Now the Grail was also a Stone from Orion ... but not fall ... it was Pure ... Humm ... How arrive? ... Let me be Silent on this point ...

    ... Consider it arrive. Now, that Stone live in many or All Civilizations ... including Atlantis ... I am talking about the Original Stone ... then was divided and one of that pieces ... was reduced.

      Lord Jesus ask Joseph of Arimathea to curve and transform such stone in a Cup ... so was made of a Material like a Rock, not Iron, not Copper ... different and comes from another place ... similar to the Black Stone of Muslim.

     Well ... that stone was used in the Last Supper ...

   Mary Magdalene was there ... and she was the official Guest ... because She was Pregnant and Wife of Master Jesus.

   The Baby born in England ... after to visit France ... 3,300 miles from Jerusalem.

    One of the best Books ... you can read about this ... and is important Women read ... because they has been excluded from the Church ... I AM a simple Old Soul and a Defender of the Faith ... is the following ... I purchase in L.A. ... in my last visit ...


    Let me quote some Words from this book ...

    Following the Grail

What Part Does Joseph of Arimathea Play in the Grail Legends and the Life of Mary Magdalene?

While many recent sources chronicle Mary Magdalene in France, we offer this unique account of Joseph of Arimathea transporting her to France.

After his resurrection, Jesus had commissioned the apostles: "Ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth."(Acts 1:8) How did they fulfill this calling? Where did the inner circle go? The Bible is largely silent about any of the apostles other than Peter and Paul. However, other sources enable us to piece together some of the lost history of Mary Magdalene and those early followers of Jesus.

Central to many of these sources is Joseph of Arimathea, who appears only briefly in the New Testament, but who plays a crucial role in the events of the Passion Week.

Glastonbury is 3,300 miles from Jerusalem, yet according to the legacy of Arthurian tales, Joseph of Arimathea traveled the distance soon after the crucifixion, carrying the Holy Grail. Joseph is something of a mystery man in the New Testament. After the crucifixion of Jesus, he suddenly appears on the scene, boldly asks Pilate for Jesus' body, winds it in linen cloth, lays it in what may be his own tomb and disappears. There are stories about him, not found in the Gospels, that only add to the mystery. Legend has it that Joseph took the cup from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper and brought it to Glastonbury, which was then an island in southwest England. Thus begins the legend of the Holy Grail.

There is a body of evidence surrounding the Grail— archaeological fact, ancient legend and tradition being brought to the forefront by contemporary scholars and authors—which is hard to dismiss. Even if this material be only partially true, the questions it raises, the assertions it makes are hard to ignore.

Whether fact or fantasy, the Holy Grail has been a persistent thread in our psyche, an archetypal image finally ensconced as a modern-day metaphor.

It is worth our while to trace the concept of the fabled Grail as carried by Joseph of Arimathea back to its earliest origins, to pick up one end of the cord—like a miner's clue— that leads into the mists of time to the mysteries surrounding the fabled Isle of Avalon ... and follow the Grail.

We have a brief sketch of Joseph of Arimathea from the Gospels. He was a rich man and a respected member of the Sanhedrin who refused to consent to the condemnation of Jesus. He was also "a disciple of Jesus, but secretly for fear of the Jews."

A number of the legends agree that Joseph received the vessel that was later to be known as the Holy Grail and after a certain period of time, either he or his relations took it to England. But they differ on key points, including how Joseph obtained the Grail.

A Symbol for the Grail

 If you want to know more about ... I advice my book ... which for now remain in Italian ... it includes the Story.

 I can only now tell you that the Grail was moved (but can also re-appear) ... to Argentina ...

 Three Knights ... Percival, Galahad and Bors ... move the Grail from England to Spain ... to Africa ... to South America ... A Priest got the Grail ... and then was not move any more.

  If you want now listen ... the very Words of Mary Magdalen ... and her Life with Lord Jesus you can read this Book ...


The daughter of their Love ... Mary Magdalen and Yeshua was Sarah ... a female Baby and she is the "Black Madonna" also know in Mexico like the Virgen de Guadalupe.

Mary Magdalen assist Sarah her daughter until the age of Marriage ... then she got children and these blood line are the Templar Knights.

... More ...

"The Templars' passionate devotion to the Magdalene is most evident from their oath, which was sworn to 'God and Our Lady': that this particular 'Notre Dame' was not the Virgin, is suggested by the words of their Absolution: i pray God that he will pardon you your sins as he pardoned them to St Mary Magdalene and the thief who was put on the cross,'" says Picknett (Picknett, Mary Magdalene: Christianity's Hidden Goddess [New York: Carol & Graf Publishers, 20041, pp. 104, 105).

During this era of the suppression of the feminine, writes Starbird, "beautiful and important epithets that once belonged to the Magdalene were shifted to the Blessed Virgin Mary and churches built to 'Our Lady' ostensibly honored the mother of Jesus as the preeminent bearer of the archetypal feminine— 'alone of all her sex.' After the mid-thirteenth century, the 'voice of the bride' was effectively silenced, although it is whispered that the masons of Europe kept the true faith and built its symbols into the very stones of their Gothic cathedrals....

"The sacred stones of the vaulting arches in Europe's medieval churches themselves cry out to all who enter that they honor the Goddess, the eternal feminine. This includes, above all, the Magdalene," concludes Starbird (Starbird, The Goddess in the Gospels, p. 152).

... Still more ...

Let me talk about the Cathars ...

The Cathars

This same argument was used by the Church in later centuries against the Cathars, a medieval sect with Gnostic beliefs. When the Catholic Church discovered that the Cathars and other so-called heretics were making their own transla­tions of scripture, they proclaimed at the Council of Narbonne in 1229 that laymen were forbidden to possess any part of the Bible except the Psalms and passages in the breviary, and they condemned vernacular translations. To the present day—and perhaps it has changed in the last few years—but to this century Catholics have never been great Bible readers.

In 1208, Christian soldiers were summoned by Pope Innocent III (not so innocent) to wage a crusade against the Cathars. In one battle alone, the crusaders murdered 15,000 believers at the town of Béziers. Researcher Arthur Guirdham concludes that Catharism was a resurgence of primitive Christianity, and was stamped out for the very reason that it was primitive Christianity. It was a mystical, real, living experience of Christianity, as opposed to an avidly theological concept.

We can conclude what Elizabeth Clare say about Templars ...

The Knights Templar

The suppression of the Knights Templar is another story of unabashed cruelty and horror. The Knights Templar were a military-religious order, founded in 1118, which served valiantly during the Crusades. When they were not on the battlefield, this "militia of Christ," is they were called, lived a disciplined monastic life and look the vows of poverty, chastity and obedience—the same vows that Saint Francis took.

On Friday, October 13, 1307, without warning, all the Knights Templar in Prance were arrested and their goods confiscated at the order King Philip IV of France, who was jealous of their influence, independence and wealth (which they held in common). He charged them with heresy, blas­phemy and homosexuality. When the knights would not confess to the trumped-up charges against them, they were imprisoned and subjected to such brutal tortures as having sharp splinters driven under their fingernails and flames held under their bare feet. Their grand master and the preceptor of Normandy were slowly roasted to death over a charcoal fire.

Some writers believe the Templars were initiates of a secret, mystery teaching. Helena Blavatsky calls them "the last European secret organization which, as a body, had in its possession some of the mysteries of the East."

In 1312, the Pope, at the insistence of King Philip, officially dissolved the Knights Templar by papal order.

In the mid-sixteenth century, the hammer of orthodoxy fell again. The Council of Trent claimed the infallibility of Catholic dogma and declared that the Church had the sole right to interpret the Bible. In 1564, Pope Pius IV ratified the decrees of the synod in a papal letter (or "bull") that forbade all unauthorized interpretation of scripture under pain of excommunication.


   All the Wars has been Just ... if possible let us move on ... without? ... I hope so.

   If you accept a final Gift ... may be like a gift of channeling ... I can tell you that Pope Francisco I ... the actual Pope was the same Priest in Oldest Argentina to catch the Grail.

   Therefore while many are friends of the Sinister force ... mere Killers that do not respect even the 10 Simple Commandments ... so others like Lion XIII or Giovanni XXIII were friends of Christ.

 ... Seems ... I always fall in Love with the niece of Saladin ... Mon Dieu ...

Adieu, Adieu, Adieu ... See you to morrow ... in the day of the Sun ... May God be with you.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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