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Tuesday, 30 January 2018 11:51


Greetings in the Pink day of Love ... the day of Koot Hoomi ...

     And Lancelot was Mark L. Prophet and he lived his last Life ... like a Writer ... Elizabeth Clare was a prolific writer too, and much more as well she was Saint Claire and also Guinevere ... El Moria was King Arthur and Percival was Koot Hoomi. 

Master Koot Hoomi (also written Kuthumi)

     Lord Koot Hoomi tell us that he find his position in the Universe ... after to help us ... after to love us in the design of Construction of Taj Mahal in India, or like Saint Francis in Italy, or like Pythagoras in the Mediterranean Area until Crotone in Italy ...  or Gaspar with Melchior and Balthazar, assist Master Jesus when he arrive.

      In fact, was Gaspar to give the Gold ... and use the Gold ... because a so immaculate Soul like Master Jesus was not sure to be once again Male or Female ... and he was Male, Man, Husband and is King and will be King forever.

      Koot Hoomi was chosen by the Holy Brotherhood to become the "Lord of Pink Ray" ... "The Lord of Love" ... for these 2000 years ruled by Mother Mary like the Queen of the Age of Aquarius.

      Before that ... in the Age of Pisces ruled by Master Jesus ... Was an Italian Painter ... Paolo Veronese.

      Now, I, Giovanni (or John, o Juan) ... your fellow friend ... can tell you that before 1997 ... I have no idea who was Saint Germain.

      Then, if you read my books ... magically appear before me ... one of the books he dictate "The Magic Presence" ... but in Spanish and after that ... ... I AM tutored by him ... in many modes ... I AM also interact with him ... in many modes.

       Please understand that you and no one ... cannot understand everything about the Universe ... from written books ... also because in most cases are obsolete.

       Like Saint Germain say,

93 There comes a time when man passes beyond the pale of that which his own experience patterns can teach him. 94 Then the immortals stand ready, 95 even as they do while he is still learning the lessons of earth, 96 to help him expand in every facet of his endeavors, 97 whether human or divine. 98 Progress is never governed as much by what man desires to do or to be, 99 or even by what the world has to offer, 100 as it is by his realization that he can be all that God wants him to be, 101 if he will just accept that simple thought.

  -- The Way of the Tree of Life: 93-101.

    Therefore ... I Giovanni enter in such tour of Mental lessons ... from the Masters ... Who are the Masters? ... is simple those who are beyond in the Path of Wisdom ... and this include Master Apollo ... for your understanding or Master Marduk.

    We, the World are approaching the New Golden Age and all results or consequences will come.

    Now ... returning to Saint Germain ... I never suppose his existence ... neither to arrive to know I have lived some many lives (or all) with him ... but let us talk to what concern ... Saint Germain was Plato ... and therefore founder of the Academy ...

    Now ... most people may be Students ... cannot mind in correct mode ... the infinite importance of Plato who resurrect Pythagoras effort in his School.

      Saint Germain was a particular figure for this "Forgotten and now resurrected" ... by example he built the Temple in Jerusalem ... because he was King Solomon ... this was not permitted to King David (his son and he was Master Jesus) ...

      Again in Britain he was Merlin and he engine Camelot ... in Greece he engine the Academy ... and all began with a book which recover the concepts of Pythagoras.

      The Italian Renaissance began in 1200 ... and arrive to 1600 in spare mode basically in Italy and Tuscany ... but not only ... All the Beauty of Italy is fruit of ... Divine Geometry.

       We have announced time ago ...

   ... now before to tell you again what you know about the Republic's Quote related to the Divine Proportion ... or other ... we want to talk about the Atom.

     Modern Science in their Laboratory ... do not know the Atom or the Quark ... Did they? ...

     Last Century Reverend Charles Leadbeater a British first Anglican then Hinduist Scientist become Clairvoyant and he saw these Atoms as well the Chakra Energy Circulating in the Body  ... subsequently their labor with Annie Besant has been extended to have a look like this ...

   Like you ... see the Platonic are included and some other figures we ... "feel".

   Of Course, I Giovanni can tell you much more ...

   In fact, these figure ... and the last may be ANY POLYHEDRON can help and help ... to Travel in Time ...

   Therefore were not Einstein correct, but wrong considering the Time Travel is ... impossible ... is possible, and this is ONE of the Many Laws of Time.

   It is a vast Subject ... Time.

    This unite ... Music with Numbers ... in simple Arithmetical or Geometrical Progressions.

    By the way ... The Logo of FTHumanEvolutionCourse is


    Professor Coxeter (Harold Scott) ... like Felix Klein or Johannes Kepler ... all intent and work on these Polyhedra giving and offering impressive pleasure to the Mind.

      Therefore ... if you want to travel in Time ... to know you must ... The Geometry of Time.

      Like a modest, very modest ... apprentice, I confess ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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