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Greetings in the day of the Salt ... the Saturn-day ... the day of Saturn ... the Sabbath ... the day of Mother Mary ...

   Now ... There are a Word ... which belong to internal Associations and it is "Initiation" ...

  The Initiation is the "Ceremony" where an "Initiate" like Lord Jesus ... initiate his disciples to a Higher Degree of Awareness.

   According to Alice Bailey whom got the Dictations of Dwal Khul ... the Mount of Transfiguration was Mount Carmel ... the same Mount where Pythagoras ... Lord Koot Hoomi who then returned like Saint Francis lived an impressive transformation and Initiation, alone.

    The World today is ruled by Shows ... We have the Show of Cooking ... the Show of Politics ... the Show of Prayers ... the Show of Interviews ... the Show of Quiz ... the Show of News.

     Well, Brothers ... and Sisters ... no one of these show is close to "Initiation" which have Protocols, Respect, Love and surrender ... Surrender to the Lord God.

     Now, let me gift you this short lesson ... from the very Words of Lord Jesus ... The Master.

Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.



Vol. 4 No. 15 - Beloved Jesus the Christ - April 14, 1961

Corona Class Lesson 17

“All Power Is Given unto Me...”

To You Who Must First Be Transformed by the Renewing of Your Minds—

When I stood on the mountain with blessed Peter, James, and John, the world seemed far behind and God very near! That is the beauty of mountaintop experiences.

Because I learned how to still the sounds of all human discord, it was possible for me to speak the words “Lo, I AM with you alway.” These words were my promise that the I AM of me, focused on earth in the flame of my ‘sacred heart’, would remain constantly with each disciple as the guardian Light.

 And truly the I AM of me is with you today as you seek and find me through your own threefold flame. And I AM the Saviour of that Light, even as I AM in that Light. And that threefold flame is “the true Light which lighteth” every manifestation of God which descendeth into the physical plane!

Some feel that I did not struggle to attain.  Blessed ones, everyone who has ever entered the atmosphere where human discord (evil as the energy veil, or maya) dwells has had to face some measure of struggle.  But, as your blessed Saint Germain has told you, it is the sense of struggle that makes the struggle. <1>

Hence, the immaculate concept my blessed mother held for me, the periods of solitude when I withdrew from the discord of the mass mind, the interludes of fasting and communion with the Father were contributing factors that enabled me to draw from my God Source, whenever I needed it, the energy to heal, the strength to escape human limitations, and the wisdom to constantly keep in tune with the Power from on high.

Blessed Kuthumi told you last week of the first step to transfiguration.  He said it is obedience to the Voice and the Law of your own beloved God Presence.  We both know that the human ego does not like to be told the simple and blunt Truth.  But only Truth can make you free!  Therefore study the Law and learn to know the Voice of God which speaks from out the flame of your heart.

In this activity of The Summit Lighthouse, the Darjeeling Council has determined to set forth a high standard.  The goal of your ascension is the highest goal of life.  It demands excellence of striving and character—above all, the keeping of one’s word; therefore do not give it lightly.

We have already attained the goal of the ascension—my blessed mother has attained it, your blessed Saint Germain has attained it, and when you attain it, it will make you one with the immortals.  I do not think, then, that anyone should gamble with such an opportunity.

All of us were obedient to God as we made our way up the mount of transfiguration.  We counted it the highest honor to so be and to so attain, and so it is.

Kuthumi also spoke of thinking on Light, and that is the second step.  The third is like it—thinking on Power.  This Power is never human and must never be humanly appropriated:  it is the all-Power of God.  It is his “omnipotence.”  Doing these three things while repeating the “I AM” Lord’s Prayer as I am reciting it here with you can raise your consciousness greatly:

Our Father who art in heaven,

Hallowed be thy name, I AM.

I AM thy kingdom come

I AM thy will being done

I AM on earth even as I AM in heaven

I AM giving this day daily bread to all

I AM forgiving all Life this day even as

I AM also all Life forgiving me

I AM leading all men away from


I AM delivering all men from every evil


I AM the kingdom

I AM the power and

I AM the glory of God in eternal, immortal  manifestation—

All this I AM.


The Light of God within you and the Power of God within you will assist you in expanding the Light (Christos) in every molecule of your being, until your own Presence floods forth its light rays to the center of each cell and to your heart center itself to glorify you as a Sun of God even as was done for me!

What I tell you may seem to your outer minds but little, yet it is enough, blessed ones.  The wise shall use it to attain transfiguration.  After all, the Voice that spoke saying, “This is my beloved Son in whom I AM well pleased,” was the Voice I had long obeyed.

Peace be unto you, my peace I give unto you.  Be, then, that peace!

I AM the living Christ,


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