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Sunday, 02 December 2018 14:53


Greetings in the Sun-day ... day of the Lord ... day of Gods ...

         And some call "Gods" ... advanced Beings from a close Planet ... very Advanced while they claim we are not too far from their expertise which is the Highest of the Galaxy.

          Zecharia Sitchin claim in his last book ... "They probably will return" ... but he do not consider ... how far is their Technology.

          In fact, they have a Ship which without stop orbit the Planet ... at the same time ... they use in full their Planet as well the Moons of their Planet ... not like us that barely watch our Moon ... and still consider and rule Our Time with the Sun, not with the Moon.

           I will be short ... because I will list some links and books ... and give a future date ... inside the contents of some books about High Physics the full or additional explanations about the Tree of Life.

            To begin ... The Tree of Life ... is the entire Map of Galactic Time ... from 0D (Dimension 0) ... to Dimension 1 ... 2 ... 3D (Linear Space and Time) ... 4D (Highway of Time) ... 5D (Unconditional Love) ... 6D (Sacred Geometry) ... 7D (Music of Time and Unlimited Wisdom) ... etc.

              This is a Good Picture ... Above ... in the Rose ... that is a Gift of Dante Alighieri ... in his "Paradiso" ...


                Like you know this symbol is used by Medicine ... but Western Medicine.

                Now we can quote here ... a Chapter ... included in the Italian Edition of @TheBookofApocalypsexplained ...

(Click to browse "Il Libro della Apocalisse spiegato ...")

                 Therefore we call here for now ... Archangel Uriel Dictation ...


Vol. 18 No. 45 - Archangel Uriel - November 9, 1975



The Judgment of the Pollution of the Sacred Mother Flow

(Click to read the dictation ...)

  1. The Tree of Life from the Bible explained by Archangel Uriel and
  2. The Caduceus ...

 This "lesson" is dedicated to ... The Assyrian Sacred Tree ... and here we offer a full book ... written by Mariana Giovino.


   Here we can learn some concepts from the studies of Earthly Scholars ... about such Tree.

   Sumer and Akkad were founded by Lord Anu ... and then these places evolve in the  Mesopotamian Empire then Akkadian Empire ... today Modern Iraq and Syria.

     Father Anu, is the Old Father of Enki and Enlil ... Enlil die ... while Enki was the last King of Nibiru ... replaced recently by Lord Eskil, his son.


       Here we can complete the lesson ...

      However, we prefer to add some Salt ... like the Hindu perspective ... You can read here ...

(Click here to read the Free Chapter related to the Tree of Life from the Yogananda Bhagavad Gita ...)

      Lord Anu, explains that Even Dimensions like 2D, 4D ... 6D ... have an Agenda ... or Plan and purpose. Odd Dimensions like 3D, 5D, 7D (Lord Jesus, El Moria, Saint Germain, Mother Mary, Serapis Bay as well many other Saints and lords like Lord Maitreya that become the Buddha and Koot Hoomi ... dwell in 7D) ... The Sirius Star ... 8D ... is the actual Place for Rulers and Advanced Beings ... like Lord Anu ... actually.

       We will not talk here today about the Norse views of the Tree of Life ... called Yggdrasil ... or the Hebrew Sephirot ... or the Mayan Tree of Life ...

       We ... 'born romantic' ... prefer to include a Poetry by Saint Germain ... that is at the end of the Chapter dedicated ...


Click the image to read the entire book ... including latest Chapter related to ...

The Way of the Tree of Life

    The Poetry is the following ...

The way of the Tree of Life
Which is the perfect secret
That God has guarded from the curious
  and profane
Remains a penetrable mystery
To him who is not ashamed
To wear his wings,
To him who understands
The diligence of each day,
To him who is content to place his hand
In loving trust that destiny is ours,
To him who is willing to forsake
A past that has not produced
The blossoming beauty he craves,
To him whose heart reaches up as a cup
To the highest and sweetest,
The noblest and best Lord of all
In the desire to have imparted to himself
And every part of life
The best of gifts.
He speaks in summoned, loving tones
Of inward communion,
“O Father, not my will but thine be done!”
To him there is conveyed the highest crown,
The word “dominion.”
He is the Son, the Alchemist,
The beloved one.
He can divide the loaves and fishes, <5>
Walk upon the waves, <6>
Fulfill his own and others’ wishes,
And be the Great Benefactor.
In him the Immortal Spirit prevails,
The ultima Thule is seen.


Happy Sun-day ...
Giovanni A. Orlando.
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