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Thursday, 09 December 2010 23:00

(Formal introduction of High School Mathematics - 31-73-125, are the RGB Colors)

Very time ago, when I was a student. One of my teachers, Prof. Ricabarra (passed some years ago) comments about the right way to teaching Mathematics according to Prof. Morris Kline.

She was born in Argentina, and after her precious comment, I get the book "Calculus" by Morris Kline. Then, I discover Morris Kline - Mathematical Thought Vol. 1, 2 and 3 (available for free in FTLearningKits).

She comment that Mathematics must be proposed in teaching according to it history. However there are a lot more. High School students does not understand The "Why" of Mathematics.

I see the so-called Modern Mathematics, from which, I was a victim had been generated by the Bourbaki movement, in a absurd fashion to touch High School Math. 

According to Prof. Kline, ...

The bare formula S=16t2 acquires meaning when one learns that it relates the distance fallen and time of travel of an object which is dropped. An ellipse becomes more than just another curve when one learns that it is the path of a planet around the sun. Moreover, the questions that are raised about the formula and about the curve become meaningful because they concern the physical situations. The physical meanings also supply, in many cases at least, the power to think about the mathematical problems that are raised, because the mathematics is no more than a representation of the physics and a means of solving physical and other problems.

So, not only the Mathematics from an historical point of view for Universities, but also the connection to the physical world, for High School, and so before that they arrive to Universities.

Will take time to review an offer a complete new Mathematics (and other subjects) program for High School and Universities, but it is absolutely necessary.

Because, the material for High School is completely free (but students can subscribe for additional help and support), we will offer the guides for free. The guides means the books that they need to study to learn Mathematics.

Can you children do good additions, subtractions, multiplication and divisions ?

For now, I am offering 17 books on

001-MA01-HI01-High School Mathematics and Preparation


84 books on

002-MA02-GE00-Divulgative Science



Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. I will include shortly ... the Morris Kline book, "Why Johnny Can't Add? ..." The Free Web edition is incomplete. Thanks!

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