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Thursday, 17 July 2008 18:27

Good Afternoon my fellows,

I am looking to comment about our "An University Course in Mathematics", that we are designing. I am working on this course for long time, from when I leave the first University, at the age of 22, and of course it is very innovative because include simple but new elements.


Like probably you know I enter in Math Faculty at the young age of sixteen and completing my degree in Math in 1986. I repeat a similar approach in Italy giving examinations on Math at the "Università degli studi di Roma, La Sapienza", as well the "Università degli studi di Bologna", where I complete and get the European degree in Math, called "Dottore in Matematica", in January 1993.

This degree is full equivalent to an US PhD, because tested at the moment I complete my documents, for the H1B. However this is not point, here.

The point here, is that in Venezuela, I don't study all the Math, I want, and the difference with Italy are based on the fact that while in Italy there are a physic tradition, and therefore there are excellent and severe examinations in Physics, like "Meccanica Razionale", "Fisica I (Meccanica) and Fisica II (Electromagnetism and Classical Relativity)", as well "Istituzione di Matematica-Fisica", where you learn Mathematical-Physics and there are also and other exam, in Venezuela the degree is in Pure Mathematics, following more the English school.

I can said with honor, that I follow in parallel mode basically all Mathematical schools in the world. Let me explain what I understand for a "Mathematical school".

Please back with your mind to the days, before the foundation of Princeton and Harvard in United States. Yale University is modeled on Oxford and Cambridge Universities. And the house of Albert Einstein, John von Neumann and others was like is today the Institute for Advanced Studies, at Princeton. So, while Princeton and Harvard were modeled from Göttingen, Yale are modeled under English Universities, however German Universities also influence English Universities. However, neither this is the point.

The point are the schools ... like the Göttingen approach with Felix Klein, Riemann, David Hilbert, Edmund Landau and before with Karl F. Gauss. The English approach in Mathematics was created and supported by Godfrey H. Hardy, Litllewood, and others.

However, the best Mathematical school is the French, with Galois, Cauchy, Lebesgue,Henri Cartan, Claude Chevalley, Jean Delsarte, Jean Dieudonné, André Weil these last belong to the famous group which pseudonym was Nicolas Bourbaki.

There are still another school, and it is the Russian School. Where Vinogradov, Rohlin. Demidovich, Kolmogorov, just to comment some names.

There are some other greats like Niels Abel and Paul Erdos, but they join to other established schools.

I study all these schools. Sometimes I miss the books and generally I purchase the original books, but today all these books are available, for free download, and this is a great joy.

So, I will draw a path between the books of all these schools. There are over 300 books, just to start. Between the disciplines in Mathematics, we have:

  • Algebra                                        Number_Theory                   Algebraic_Geometry             
  • Analysis                                       Probability                          Calculus  
  • Complex_Analysis                         Geometry                           Cryptography          
  • Differential_Algebra                       History of Mathematics        Differential_Equations     
  • Introduction_to_Mathematics          Topology                            Functional Analysis             
  • Divulgative Mathematics                Mathematical Physics          Astronomy

Of course we includes sub-disciplines like Galois Theory, Projective Geometry, Partial Differential Equations and others similar.

For a complete map on the actual Math subjects please visit:  http://www.ams.org/msc/

Would be interesting. We will offer around 10 book, one for each discipline, and offer this books under payment. The FTFreeLearningKit, including the books in PDF or DJVU, will be available for free.

Would be you interested in learn all mathematical disciplines in only 10 books, and getting another +300 books for free?

These courses are dedicated to the students of the world, because they are really in a bad and abandoned position. Basically they don't know today neither the basis. Today, the study is like to eat the appropriate sandwich. Basically, university students operate in this mode? ... What are the book and normally the questions that Professor X use and expect from us? ... and without study ... just in a robotic and automatic mode ... without to know, without motivation and without effort.

Other persons, specifically girls, call someone that will fix the problems for them. Without the most basic idea behind the scene. They want that others do their job, for them.

This is simply not acceptable. However, this is not the point here.

I will leave you with a question: How many eclipses happens each month?


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

(PS. Don't call your friend or browse the web for the answer. Please)

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