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Wednesday, 27 January 2010 19:12

We are including this in "Learning Technologies".

Because I have followed Amazon's Kindle for long time and its development, I am looking to add my comments.

At first sight, I can comment that the Black-White Amazon screen is a missing point.

I love to read books in color with images in color and I see a great limitation in Amazon Kindle readers.

In my modest opinion, and my personal case I suppose people will purchase multiple plats or pads, not just one.

I see a plate for the car, one to read books and another to read, for example not scientific books, and again I see business for Apple and Amazon, walking together as well for new companies, American or Japanese that had embraced these gadgets.

I am not worried about the eBook format. I suppose (and we are transforming books into his format) that Adobe PDF is the best one.

May be in a close future we will have a new PDF format (what about 2.0 or 2.1?) that needs less size, but with high quality, will be released. Something closer to the to Russian DJVU format.

In fact, if we print-in-PDF a DJVU file which size is only 66 MB, we will got 584 MB, that is a very high difference.

Of course, Apple wants to create an iTunes for books, and has showed at MacWorld 2008, there are a special iTunes for Universities.

Amazon instead is offering this services (books for download), like their main business, from their Website.

Actually it is possible (using the program MobiPocket ebook Creator) transform from epub to kindle format and viceversa.

It is possible also to transform a book to PDF but results are poor.

I found the 64 GB an appropriate storage for Apple ipad content.

Our FTHumanEvolutionCourse actually need 61 GB, including Audio, Video and Books. Books only need 25 GB, and as commented some days ago, we are a little bit lower 2,000 books in several languages.

As commented here, the re-write of old books in TeX, will offers more clear and better books with lower size.

It is not "The war just become ... " ... it is "Another step in human consciousness (under the supposition that people will really read the books) has become".

Prices from Apple ipad stars at $499, while Amazon Kindle costs $259 and $489, respectively for their 6" and 9.7".

... In the while ... I am still purchasing the beautiful and never obsolete printed books!

Thanks for now,

Giovanni A. Orlando.




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