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Tuesday, 02 March 2010 10:35


Can the word protect you? ... Of course!

God is the Word and the Word is God.

I am today offering a help to you, to be more protected.

One of the main differences between "Giovanni A. Orlando" today, and "Giovanni A. Orlando", in January 2006, is that today I am more protected. I learn how to protect me, and my family, my hamlet, my country (the country where I live), my original country and the World.

To learn that is not easy and it needs training.

However today, I will give you an advise to protect your home, and therefore you and your family and all the people dwelling inside.

Your home is the place where you live and sleep.

To do that please,

  • count the door that let you move outside your home.
  • count the window that are in your house from where you can see the outside.

If you have like me, one door and five window ... please protect each access with a sacred book.

A sacred book is a book like the following:

Mark L. Prophet, Elizabeth Clare Prophet - Saint Germain on Alchemy

 Mark L. Prophet, Elizabeth Clare Prophet - The Path to Immortality  
 Elizabeth Clare Prophet - Fallen Angels, Origins of Evil.
 Mark L. Prophet, Elizabeth Clare Prophet - The Science of the Spoken Word  
 Elizabeth Clare Prophet - Mensajes de Saint Germain y los Arcangeles para la Era de Acuario  
 Barbara Hand Clow - The Pleiadian Agenda


You can also choose new books from Saint Germain Press, Barbara Hand Clow or Elizabeth Clare Prophet, but the previous one are very special.

You can purchase these books from Amazon.com


Or order it from FTStore.

Once you have the physical books in your hands, just place one or two books close to each window and each exit door. No prayer is necessary.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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