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Monday, 05 April 2010 16:17


    Like you probably know, Future Technologies sparks like a Software Company for several years before the actual look-and-offer.

    We dedicate (of course) to the Linux Operating System market and was present like pioneer in the first Linux World Expo, in San Jose, CA, in March 2000.

    We start offering our FTLinuxCourse (still a jewel but today obsolete and for free). Check:


    However, a good question is: What position have Linux in the Market today?

    Today, Linux remains about the middle and if we consider iPhone OSX like an Operating System we will have according to: W3 Counting, the following statistics:


     If we look backward we can found some better positions for Linux, but never the third position.

     Therefore the best UNIX today, remains Mac OS X, and the most popular still MS Windows XP (not MS Vista). MS Windows 7, which I don't test yet, was a Microsoft choice to insert a new Operating System in the Market and go more sales and offering disturbance to "Market Operating Systems".

      Like an expert for Operating System Market, I can say that: "Mac OS X remains an excellent Operating System", but there are several issues that the Linux freedom can challenge very well. Actually there are no Linux flavor capable to challenge the WorldWide opinion and get market for Linux. Neither [K]Ubuntu, neither Fedora ... or the other 300 flavors you can check at distrowatch.com

     Around three years statistics are available at: http://www.w3counter.com/globalstats.php?year=2010&month=3


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Please note the similarities between "Mac OS X" name and our/my "FT OS X". Thanks.

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