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Wednesday, 23 July 2008 16:44

Do you see how many Linux-BSD Kernel based Operating System are around? ...  Let me tell you, there are 569.

I include a list here:

 2X 64 Studio Absolute AbulÉdu Adamantix ADIOS Admelix AGNULA Aleader Alinex aLinux AliXe Amarok Live Amber Ankur Bangla Annvix AnNyung Anonym.OS ANTEMIUM Antomic APODIO
Arabbix Arabian Arch ArcheOS Archie Ares Ark ArtistX Arudius AsianLinux Asianux ASLinux ASPLinux Astaro Athene ATmission Atomix Augustux Aurora Aurox AUSTRUMI B2D BackTrack Bayanihan
BeaFanatIX BearOps BeatrIX Beehive BEERnix BeleniX Berry Biadix Big Linux BinToo BioBrew Bioknoppix blackPanther BlackRhino BLAG Blin Blue Blue Point Bluewall Bluewhite64 Bonzai BOSS
Boten BrlSpeak Buffalo BU Linux Burapha BYO ByzantineOS Caixa Mágica cAos Càtix CCux CDlinux Censornet CentOS Chinese 2000 ClarkConnect CLE Clonezilla Clusterix clusterKNOPPIX Cobind
Co-Create College Comfusion Condorux Conectiva Cool Core Corel Coyote CPUBuilders CRUX Damn Small DANIX DARKSTAR Debian DebXPde Deep-Water Defender Definity DeLi DemoLinux DesktopBSD Devil
DiscoverStation Dizinha DNALinux Draco DragonFly Dreamlinux Dynasoft dyne:bolic Dzongkha Eadem Eagle eAR OS easys Edubuntu eduKnoppix EduLinux Ehad Ekaaty eLearnix Elive elpicx ELX Endian EnGarde
Epidemic Eridani ERPOSS ESware Euronode Everest EvilEntity Evinux EzPlanet One Famelix Feather Featherweight Fedora Fermi Finnix FIRE Flash Flonix Fluxbuntu Foresight FoRK FoX Desktop FreeBSD
Freedows Freeduc Freeduc-Sup FreeNAS Freepia FreeSBIE Freespire Frenzy Frugalware FTOSX GeeXboX Gelecek GenieOS Gentoo GentooTH Gentoox GEOLivre Gibraltar Ging gNewSense GNIX Gnoppix gNOX
gnuLinEx GNUstep GoblinX GoboLinux gOS GParted Grafpup Granular Greenie grml Guadalinex GuLIC-BSD h3knix Haansoft Hacao Hakin9 Hancom Happy Happy Mac Haydar Hedinux Helix Heretix Hikarunix
HispaFuentes Hiweed HKLPG Holon Honeywall How-Tux HP Secure Hubworx iBox Icepack Ichthux IDMS Ignalum Immunix Impi IndLinux INSERT Insigne IPCop JackLab JAMD JBLinux JoLinux Jollix Julex
JUSIX K12LTSP Kaella Kalango KANOTIX Karamad Karoshi KateOS K-DEMar Kinneret Kiwi Klax KlusTriX kmLinux knopILS Knoppel Knopperdisk KNOPPIX Knoppix 64 KnoppiXMAME KnoppMyth KnoSciences Komodo
Kondara Kore Kororaa KRUD Kubuntu Kurumin Kwort LAMPPIX L.A.S.  LASER5 LBA-Linux LFS LG3D LGIS Libranet LIIS Linare Lineox LinEspa LinnexOS Linpus Linspire Linux4all LinuxConsole Linux-EduCD
linuX-gamers Linuxin LinuxInstall Linux+ Live LINUXO LinuxPPC LinuxTLE Linux XP Litrix LiveCD Router LiVux LLGP LliureX LNX-BBC Loco Lonix Lormalinux LRs Luinux Luit Luminux Lunar Lycoris m0n0wall
Madeinlinux Magic Mandows Mandriva MAX Mayix MCNLive Media Lab MEPIS Merdeka MidnightBSD MIKO GNYO MilaX Mint Miracle MirOS MIZI Mockup MoLinux Momonga Monoppix Morphix MoviX MSC.Linux MUMi Munjoy
Muriqui Murix Musix Mutagenix Myah OS myLinux Myrinix Mythbuntu MythDora Nasgaïa Nature's Navyn OS Neat NeoShine NepaLinux NetBSD NetSecL Netwosix Nexenta Niigata NimbleX Nitix N-iX Nonux NordisKnoppix
Novell SLE NST nUbuntu NuxOne OEone OGo Knoppix Olive OliveBSD OLPC Omoikane Onebase O-Net OpenBSD Openfiler OpenGEU OpenLab OpenLX OpenNA OpenSolaris openSUSE Openwall Ophcrack Oracle Oralux Overclockix
PAIPIX paldo PapugLinux Pardus Parsix Parted Magic PC-BSD PCLinuxOS Peachtree PelicanHPC Penguin Sleuth Pentoo Pequelin pfSense Phaeronix Phayoune PHLAK PHP Sol Pie Box Pilot Pingo Pingwinek Pioneer Plamo
Plan-B PLD Polar Bear Poseidon pQui Progeny Project dEv Protech P!tux PUD Puppy QiLinux Quantian Rails Live RAYS Red Flag Red Hat Red Office redWall Resala Resulinux RIPLinuX ROCK Rocks Cluster RoFreeSBIE ROOT
ROSLIMS rPath Rubix RUNT Sabayon Salvare SAM Santa Fe SaxenOS SchilliX Scientific SCI.Linux SCO Securepoint SENTINIX Sentry Firewall Shabdix SharkOS Shift sidux Skolelinux Slackintosh Slackware Slamd64 SLAMPP Slavix
Slax SliTaz Slix Slo-Tech SLYNUX SmartPeer SME Server SmoothWall SNAPPIX Snøfrix SoL Solaris Sorcerer Source Mage Soyombo Spectra SphinxOS SquiggleOS Stampede StartCom STD Storm StressLinux STUX
SuliX Sun JDS SuperGamer SuperRescue Swecha Symphony OS SystemRescue T2 Tablix TA-Linux Tao Taprobane Tech TEENpup TFM Thinstation Thisk Thiz Tilix TinyMe tinysofa Topologilinux TPM TrianceOS Trinity
Trisquel trixbox Troppix TrueBSD Trustix Truva TrX Tugux TumiX TupiServer Tuquito Turbolinux Turkix Ubuntu Ubuntu CE UbuntuME Ubuntu Studio Ufficio Zero UHU-Linux Ulteo Ultima Ultimate Underground United 
Untangle uOS UserLinux Ututo Vector VideoLinux Vine Virtual ViruX Vixta.org VLOS VMKnoppix VNLinux Voltalinux Voodoo Vyatta Wazobia Webconverger WHAX White Box WIENUX WinBi Wolvix WOMP! WOW 
Xandros Xarnoppix X-Evian Xfld X/OS Xteam Xubuntu Yellow Dog YES Yoper Zen ZENIX Zenwalk ZerahStar Zeus ZoneCD Zopix 
 I am sure that none of these Operating System has been developed in auomatic mode. For me, like one of the prophet of the "Personal Operating System", (A personal Operating System, made by a single person) all these Operating Systems are a sucess.
... and I suppose more and more will be added.
Why? ... because each one have its personal needs, its personal ideas and want specific things.
The incomming FTOSX 2008/2009: GAIA will include scientific material and training to learn in accord with the necessity of our training. I also don't see Linux too much "popular" for new image formats like JPG 2000 (JP2), or CR2.
Linux neither have serious installers ... Let me make a question to you ... if MS Windows XP for example will be available for free download ... Do you will use MS Windows XP ... or someone of the previous Linux?
May be ... you will need both. Honestly Linux is sitll better and faster ... but Windows popularity seems not arrestable. Neither the Mac OS ... may challenge Linux.
While you continue to speak on business of these ... no one will one ... and for the better of each one of us, ONE must be used.
Somedays ago, I download around 1000 JP2 files. I also loose some time trying to visualize these images under Linux, and some freeware compile fine, but nothing. Just at the first image my Kubuntu using a 32-bit PC ...
become blocked, and unable to continue to used ...
There are a Triumph  on the Linux arena, impossible on the Windows arena ... but neither releasing the source ... is sufficient for a complete success. The communism never will run the world, but the personal, the vertical approach. 
For this reason I release the book "The Art of Build your Personal Operating System" (today at 35 US$ at Amazon.com). Soon, we will release a new edition starting from we leave our customers.
The introductive chapter will be "Is possible to move from FTOSX 2004 to FTOSX 2008?" 
Stay tuned,


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