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Friday, 21 May 2010 13:25


    Have you ever wonder if the disturbing SPAM will be stopped someday?

    It is disturbing. Don't you?

    Why we all receive so many SPAM?, and why is possible to download some many movies, songs and books, like never before?

    Solving these two similar question is equivalent to take a look to both faces of a sword's edge.

    If you see "the world" in a spiritual point-of-view, you will got the answer!

    Let me explain you "The Dark Side", then "The Light Side".

    We all, have these both sides. The secret is to control "Our Dark side".

    The answer to the first question is easy. Had been create a series of "free" instruments to facilitate the disturbing of the people, the disturbance and concentration of the world. These instruments are everywhere and they are increasing:

  • Free email box. This automatically lead the people to SPAM.
  • Napster evolutions. Do you hear about Napster? Free Download? No. Today we have  Apple itune and is for charge, but also torrent technology that is P2P Peer-to-Peer protocol, capable to download movies in less than a hour.
  • There are tons of books in several formats, specially at Books.google.com or rapidshare.

   Now. Why this? ...

   Let me introduce the "Light Side" of the Sword and this is the New Energy in the World, from 1997 when Kryon arrives. You can accept and study and get involved or you can deny and adopt a ostrich behavior.

   Like this ...

   Or you can walk proud of yourself in the world ... respecting everyone and disturbing no one.

   Backing to SPAM, SPAM start in 1994 when two lawyers named Canter and Siegel initiated a mass posting which advertised their services in an upcoming U.S. "green card" lottery. Their advert was posted to every single message board on USENET (several thousand) - they were annoying, irritating, repetitive and numerous - and were called SPAM!

   What SPAM means? ... SPAM definition is like Pure Mathematics. We got a result, and then we want to formalize. There are no an answer to this word. You can however, define SPAM like, "Stupid, Pointless Annoying Message". There are others.

  I tell you two edges of the sword. To complete the explanation about the "Dark" edge I can say you: Who do this?, but before you need additional information.

  Do you know How the Internet project become? ... It is a war project designed in the DARPA, an office at the Department of Defense, in United States.

  The World, "We all", choose to transform this project to "Unite" the World and this is the use.

  However, the Internet haves also a DARK side. It dark side is Free Pornography, SPAM, Losing time Download commercial movies, using utorrent, Downloading Books ... etc.

   The Light side is communicate, cheap phone calls, like with Skype, Connect the people like Facebook do, Fast access to Information to Websites like Google, Wikipedia ... etc.

    Now, let me give you a word. Those who originally design the DARPA project, got disturbed because the Internet ... and so they engine measures to take the people "looking-to-another-place".

    SPAM is like TV advertising, like Full Colour Advertising everywhere on the Web when you purchase a Spiritual book ... they all have the same source and have the same object. It is not for beauty, is for disturbing you. Disturbing for what? ... Disturbing you "To be with you".

  If you live with you. If you are "Your friend" ... nothing can disturb you, really.

  "Be with you" is very easy. Close the TV, and "meditate on you", "Think on you", "Feel yourself".

  Therefore, resuming ... my explanation is the following:

   "More the Light increase ... More this people disturb us" ... with Cheap Televisions, Cheap and better Monitors. I am using, actually a 40" Sony Bravia at 1080i working at 1920x1080 pixel.

   I love to work in this way. Don't you? ...

   Please understand that Crisis is Personal and understand that some people, I call them "The Elite" don't worry about them or who they are. Live your life.

   Their behavior is to create more disturbance with "Light increase", and increase day-after-day. You will understand that I cannot explain the World in an editorial. Don't you?

   Adopt the Judoka approach. I did not practice Judo anymore, however the very basis of Judo is this: "Use the Energy of the other against the attacker". Judo teaches you that always there are a "counter-measure". Always. It is a very philosophical principle to apply for daily use.

   You got, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM. Easy. Stop the mail server. Read the mail once daily and live your life.

   The Good news is that SPAM (all SPAM) will stop. Do you will wonder to ask me When? ... This need a new editorial.

Enjoy your day,


Giovanni A. Orlando.


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