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Saturday, 22 May 2010 14:59

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     I have posted today two "important" questions:

  1. Do you really believe Angels have Wings?
  2. Can they back to Heaven?

Before to start to answer it, it is important to understand "What is Heaven"? ... I prefer, Heavens! (plural).

You have in your mind, a "romantic" edition of Heaven. You suppose that it is far, that there a male man with a White Beard, and angels playing harps. This is what you have in mind. May be religious and is not scientific, it is "romantic".

And you say, "Oh my Lord", "Oh Jesus". Do you?

The Heavens are the stars and the Constellations and they belong to other dimensions. We have Nibiru planet, that travel from the third to five up to the Sixth and Seventh Dimension.

We have the Pleiades in the Fifth Dimension. We have the Sirius Constellation in the Six and the Seven Dimension ...and there are still Higher Dimensions.

... And this is Heaven, and this very Scientific!

Have been introduced in your mind, something called "implant", because this is complex to be installed and complex to be removed, the idea that you cannot never be there, in the Heavens.

A great mind, like Albert Einstein confirm the "mistake" fixed by the Michelson experiment that the speed of Light, is "constant".

If the speed of Light is constant, you never will reach the center of Galaxy, or Sirius Constellation, neither the Pleiades ... but this is wrong.

Time ago, I comment to you that there are three ways to arrive to planet Earth. One is to born here from a Father and a Mother. Another is to materialize here. This means use a three-dimensional body that belong to linear space-time.

I will stop, but just a moment on this point. What do you suppose happens when Lord Meru, speaks thought Raul Yepez in Colombia, or Kirael thought Kahu Fred Sterling, or Kryon thought Lee Carroll ? ...

What happens is a deceleration of the soul. They, Lord Meru, Kryon and Kirael, as well Lord Jesus, decelerate to be and speak here in a linear space-time. They speak trough their "medium", Raul Yepez, Lee Carroll or  Kahu Fred Sterling.

Where do you suppose Lord Meru, Kryon and Kirael comes from? They comes from Heaven. They comes from Higher Dimensions, four, five ... six ...etc.

The Galactic Confederation is located in the Sirius Constellation and it is a Seventh Dimensional place.

I don't yet answer the question, about Angel's Wings. I know that.

Let me continue with the Seventh Dimensional place, 7D if you prefer.

Revelation 4 (or the Chapter 4 of the Book of Revelation) say,

1After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter. 2And immediately I was in the spirit: and, behold, a throne was set in heaven, and one sat on the throne.

This Chapter in the Book of Revelations explains that John the Beloved (or John the Revelator) visit Heaven!

How is possible that? ... Is this the first time in World Religions, or someone other did the same?

Muhammad did the same. He visit Heaven, and according to the Quaran and this is explained in the "Isra and Mi'raj". Therefore John the Revelator have not exclusive rights in visit Heaven.

John the Revelator, takes a so-called Merkaba.

Now, an important point. I live a similar experience, the day November 19th 2007. I was in the middle of the High Council, and I was in two separated place and the same time. In my room, where I sleep and in the Center of the Council.

Please believe me that, it takes two years to understand this experience. Now, is clear for me.

Do you will say, Giovanni say he visit Heaven? Yes.

However, let me ask you a question. Where do you suppose you go when you sleep? To the Nimbo? No.

You go to the Stars, to the Constellations ... When you go to sleep you leave this world and visit the Galaxies.

However, you cannot visit the Center of the High Council, because you want. Always, there are a Guide.

In the case of Muhammad it was Archangel Gabriel. In the case of John the Revelator was the angel that speaks with him, and in my case was Saint Germain.

After these words, that I am sure are moved your mental implant about Angels, Heaven and the Book of Revalations and our muslim brothers, I will answer the first question.

Please allow to tell you, that is impossible to speak about these concepts without to be 100% clear. Details are very important.

Be in the Center of the High Council, for the first time in a lifetime it is an experience. I got like an "invitation" about the date, the day. November 19th. I honestly get "only" "19".

I will tell you no more about, and I will not apologize for this stop.

I will continue trying to force your implant and fear a little bit more, answering the first question.

The first question is: Do you really believe Angels have Wings?

No. They have not. Angels have no Wings.

And you will ask me, Giovanni how you can answer this if we always see the angels, everywhere with Wings.

I will now, will give you, another revelation. I see Archangel Michael. He visit me.

While the room where I live, when I visit Heaven (The High Council in Sirius) was in Caracas, Venezuela, the visit of Archangel Michael was in Italy, in my last address, in Northern Italy.

I did not see him, like you see him on the pictures. I consider my stature enough, however he is really higher than me. He is Higher in Height and Size. He is Huge. He say no word. No one, but I understand him message.

The message was: "You will leave this city and place. You will got a training (I did the training in Caracas) and you will work for us".

However, I don't yet answer the question: Do you really believe Angels have Wings?

I say, "No". Now, let me explain what people see and why Angels appears with Wings.

Yesterday I say you that there broken bridges between Astronomy and Astrology, Between the Sciences and Between the Religions and the Sciences.

Today, I am telling you that there are also broken bridges between "Western and Eastern Medicine".

In Chinese Medicine, there are something called "Ki", or Life Essence. It is an energy. Without to enter in details, there are a Meridian Called, "Triple Header Meridian".


You will allow me, that I explain why is called "Triple Heater". An inexpert student may suppose that the word, "Triple" regards three points, but not.

It regards the three different energy types the human body use.

Oriental medicine holds that three main types of ki energy work together to sustain the existence of the physical body, from birth to death: upper energy functions in the heart and lungs, and is physically introduced into the body trough oxygen.

The middle energy functions in the digestive organs and is introduced through food; the lower energy acts in the genitourinary system and is introduced through the absorption of nourishment.

Now, the triple is called so, because it regulates the "Ki" energy flow, and the three energy types. This is the reason because it is called "triple".

Now, the final answer about why we see "The Wings".

Angels and Archangels, have more Chakra than us (and this is because our common origins).

We, and each one have a level of sight, see "something that seems" wings, but they are nothing than emanations of energy, along the Triple Heater Meridians, left and right.

The Left Triple Heater is stronger than the right.

They, the angels have a so great flow of Ki, or "God energy" in their bodies that emit a so strong Electro-Magnetic field that it seems to be Wings. But they are not.

I will now conclude this "lesson" explaining you the answer of the second question:

Can they back to Heaven?

I tell you in this lesson, between the lines, that "we are angels" ... Let me be more specific. We are Angels in Mission. We choose to be here, at personal, twin-flame (male-female) level as well as at Planetary Level.

At each level, personal, family, region (original country and new residence where we live) we have a mission to do, a job to do, and this job is also at planetary level.

This job may be defined like "Give Light where there are no Light, until become Light everywhere".

I say you no word about this Angel. He is Angel Metatron.

Angel Metatron was the ONLY angel that incarnate on Earth, and back to Heaven Physically. When he lived between us, he was called, by us, "Enoch".

Yes, he was Enoch and Lord Jesus, when was Yeshua use "The Book of Enoch" to teach the Apostle.

Therefore the final word about: Can they back to Heaven?

Of course ... They can back to Heaven.

Live here, on Earth is a job ... and I am explained you that is a Job at personal (for our experience), family (to help, get help and interact with our family, close in our house as well far), with the people in our community where we live, as well at nation, and planetary level.

We choose this job, and it was "accorded". We choose to do this job.

When the job ends ... if remain some uncompleted tasks or Karma, and the Lords of Karma, in merciful maner accord to us, to reborn, we back here on Earth, on Linear Space and Linear Time.

But, when there are no other task to complete ... we ascend.

However, please understand traveling between the Heavens and the Earth planes, it is a "common" tasks. Angels do at any moment.

Enoch ... become "Pure Light" and Ascend. This is because people believe Angels have Wings and fly like Birds. But no. Only Birds have Wings.

Enoch ascend and back Home, in Higher Dimensions.

Thanks you so much,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. I say you "Three modes to arrive here. The third mode is know but not accepted. I'll comment in another lesson".

PPS. In some sense we all, we all are building our "Wings". As soon we have it, we will vibrate at fifth-dimensional speed. ... And this is a so high that we will become invisible to the human eye ... like Enoch did!

The path to create a so immense vibration that may be like a Wing you need to activate our DNA. The electromagnetism in the cells of our blood will enable the nerves and the meridians of Energy to be and to have a so grandeur flow of Energy, that it will emit that "Light", and the Light will be see by others.

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