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Friday, 01 August 2008 09:51

These words are not against any Free Operating Systems like Kubuntu or Fedora, but to say "Thanks!" to them , as well to invite each one of us to still insist in still NEW Operating Systems, based on the Linux Kernel.

For those that suppose that the game is over with magical Ubuntu or Kubuntu, I said "wait".

There are honestly nothing magic in any of these. They are simply good jobs, and in some cases they have still faults.

I stay a little bit far from normal working together and develop, in the days I stay in Venezuela. There a lot of people start to speak about Ubuntu ... I try and I like it. I also choose it like a standard OS for the a course I teach, however, actually I found several bugs.

Some days ago, I publish an article about the Triumph of the Personal Operating System, where today, I found over 500 different distros, and this is the spirit.

However, there are still more to work to do. There are no good installers, There are not a real working together, like some a skeleton system to start from.

I did a good job, releasing the Art, "The Art of Build your Personal Operating System", where these files may be created, and I will continue this job.

The RedHat rpm  installers help companies like Caldera, SuSE, Mandrake (and Conectiva that become Mandriva), and others as well us to release our FTOSX.

The idea is far beyond. People don't need to work to create a new Operating System to make money, but to solve problems. Each operating system, solve a perfect issue and this is the  point.

  • Working on a better graphical interface, based on X Window, including something better or more evolved than KDE 3 or KDE4,
  • Release auto-installable packages, with a graphical environment, and
  • Still more software to learn, some software than we specially like, like the US Constitution, or a set of Gutenberg project or still other programs, like xephem. may be a good solution for an immediate point.

... and on this we will focus, from the #2 Free Operating Systems technology!


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando. 

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