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Tuesday, 25 May 2010 16:57


    I feel like my duty and covenant ... to add a new Editorial called: "These Catholic Priests ...".

    But it is just to say and explain with some details, where the synthesis is:

These catholic priests, using a simple but false true, "Jesus Sexual
Purity" had sacrificed themselves for centuries ... now they are
sexually exploding and disturbing children ... and all this to figure
out in our minds and TO DENY the most simple and natural act, Sex!

    Yes! Of Course.

    Why they are an order that discriminate in both, the male and the female editions, priestess and nurses, the natural act of sex!

    Why? ... I will tell you why.

    The real reason is implode population, in other words to deny the explosion of population. Do you will say, I dislike your comment, Giovanni because more population may lead to more catholic people. I say, you wrong, my friend.

    Most population lead to the probability of most awakened people. Most population awake about the probability that they need to challenge more "Jesus-like" persons, more people who had awakened their Christhood.

    You will go to ask me, Giovanni. Are you telling me that the Catholic Priests have not enabled their Chirsthood? I say, with left hand in my heart and my right hand on the Holy Bible, they have changed, No.

    Most people ... lead to new children arrival, and new children open an immediate possibility to some probably New Christ-like persons.

    A Christ-like person, or someone, male or female (like Mother Mary or Lady Magdalene) is someone who have enabled the Christ-hood, and this means someone capable, to multiple the loaves and fishes, someone to transform the blood in wine, as well someone capable to speak clear and clean people from daemons. Thanks to permit my clarity.

    They have not enabled this human feature and they have not that feature because to enable this DNA activation you need move to the path of Christ, and this path is a path to clean and to wash each one their robes, until them became white.

    If someone, bury a true, or say a Lie and maintain that Lie, as True, like "Magdalene was a Whore" or "Jesus never did sexual acts", they are falsifying the true. The sacred Truth or the Lord, and the Word of Lord Jesus, the Christ.

   Doing so, they are burying not only the true, but burying themselves, because the Truth Heals, the Lie destroy.

   Now, please let me back to my first words.

   Their sacrifice to deny these true for centuries, because ... "basically" they have no sex. Basically, means generally.

   This continued proof of a Great Falsity have leaded Humanity to permit the crazy fact of marriage between Homo-Sexual, popularize their Catholic Schools, as well across Internet or Radio as well Television.

   Believe me, No one, wants to hear ... you need to heal yourself, you need follows the Will of God, which lead you to Master the Seven Sacred Flames, that are the Seven Seals.

   People, You, prefer to bow before them, those who you suppose are who hold the Word of Lord Jesus, and pay them ... Pay Them.

   Have you some idea how many people will got food in Africa, if they sold out Just One Column in the Vatican?

   I hope you got my message. They are telling you not, "Have no sex", they are not telling you this. They are great Master of the False Truth.

   They say, "Have sex, my friend", but they have not.

   Now, why they have not ... Easy because they want you copy them. And if you copy them, you will have no sex and if you have they say you, "You are dirty", "I AM Pure".

   The woman, the most sacred, the only path to have children ... is denied, jailed ... and discredited simply ... to have and to perform, her sexuality.

   What do you suppose we born? ... To be rich, and then give the money to the Priests in their Churches? ... No. They have a Great Game, called "Pay us, we have Christ".

   But, Have Christ means had enabled the Christhood. Heal the People. Some Masters had arrived along the Centuries and become Catholic Priests. They are the Saints.

   We have Saint Anthony, Saint Gerard and my favorite Saint Francis, as well Father Pio of Pietralcina. But while they enabled their Christhood, the "normal" priest, did not. Also in the female we have Saint Clare, Saint Catherine and many others, and again they have continued to deny these Saints, and continuing with their falsities.

    They are the people, as I just explain that say something and do another thing complete inverse. They have a so great mental conflict in their mind, "sex-no-sex", "homo-hetero" and "Jesus-is-God", that with the arrival of the New Energy ... from 1997, they are literally exploding.

    They are exploding with pedophilia acts. They are claiming in public ceremonies, "Who is free of Sin, launch the first stone". Spaniards, very followers of  the "Sacred Pope" are also in troubles. They are telling the World, "We are sinners", "We are paying our mistakes" ... I say this is nothing, neither the Preface.

   For some people they are the "Beacon". They are Beacon that lead to their Land. Humanity or part of them had followed them, denying still "Reincarnation", that is the most important characteristic of Buddhism or the Path of Buddahood.

  There are really hundred but thousand of that falsities and buried truths. They know that. They will say you, like today, "We did to protect you".

  To protect us for what, to protect us from "The Truth"?

   I hope is clear, why have not sex (or claim so) and inviting people to deny their sexuality and get buried.

   The most catholic-like country is my beloved Italy. People lives like robots ... that find some walls. Listen the bells and go to drink more hypnotic falsities.

   If you ask the most "faithful" servant of your Catholic community. Do you believe in the sacred scriptures? Do you believe Master Jesus, will back?

   They will say you: "No, I don't believe". These are the results after two thousand years of bad Fathers.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. They suppose and claim that YOU are the dirty and the sinner. But the true is that they are the dirty and the sinner, because they had denied the true ... for centuries.

Someone close to be Perfect-like is not a Religious, or a Political personality. Someone to be perfect-like is someone that say Always the True, because doing so, you can trust him or you can trust she.

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