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Tuesday, 01 June 2010 04:37

The Three Pure Ones.


    Good Morning in this Mars-day, or Týr day. Despite about to think that this is the day of War. Tuesday is the day of Holy Spirit, the day of Love. War is in your mind.

    May be sometimes my words sounds like a strike in the stomach, and may be they are still offensive, but not. They are always the words of the Spirit, and in that cases the Spirit considered that way, the best way to reach your attention. Once, I got your attention, may be I lead you to a sit, in the "Train of Salvation" within your Heart. It is not important how the words reach you, what is important is that these words, lead you to the words of the 144,000 ... and they are the only ones in charge to help you. They bring down the words of the Masters of the Heavens, our Fathers, and they expand these words ... everywhere.

   May be that you and your mind, suppose that nothing is going. Honestly the Crisis is internal. But you and me can watch two Big Spots. One in the Sea close to Mexico and United States and one in the Air, in Europe.

   May be you ask to those who you asked in the past, and they say "Don't worry. It will get solved soon". They told you this because they, simply want to remain in charge. But they are wrong.

   Those like me, does not speak to alert, but to offer solutions, because solutions are what you need.

   Those like me, are the ones who are called, "The 144,000". There are really too many ... I am one. Amorah Quan Yin, Barbara Hand Clow, Patricia Cori, Elizabeth Clare, Mark Prophet, Aurelia Louise Jones are and were another.

   Please remember that the 144,000 are the ones who are preparing the carpet for Lord Jesus, Maitreya and the Family of Light.

   In the just released book, "The Book of Apocalypse explained by Archangel Michael and the Family of Light", I include fresh information about who are the twenty and four elders, as well who are the seven candlesticks, as well who are the Seven Spirits of God.

  Doing that, and like an Introduction to the next book, "The 144,000", I am offering today the path from the Lord, the Prime Creator to the 144,000.

  What we call, God, or The Lord ... the One who resume ... anything, anywhere ... in the Pythagorean school, is called The Monad.


   We include that name also in the Prayers.

   Then, The Monad go to sleep and dream a division. That division is called "Masculine and Feminine" or "Ying and Yang", and is represented as follows.


According to Amorah Quan Yin, as she explain in her book, after the two-eye division there are the 144,000. But, she wrong. After the Ying and Yang, where created the Three Pure Ones.

They are called,

The Jade Purity, The Yuanshi Tianzun (Chinese: 玉清; Pinyin: Yùqīng), is also known as "The Universally Honoured One of Origin", or "The Universal Lord of the Primordial Beginning" (元始天尊, Yuanshi Tianzun).

The Supreme Pure One, (Chinese: 上清; Pinyin: Shàngqīng), is also known as "The Universally Honoured One of Divinities and Treasures", or "The Universal Lord of the Numinous Treasure" (靈寶天尊, Lingbao Tianzun).


The Grand Pure One (Chinese: 太清; Pinyin: Tàiqīng), also known as "The Universally Honoured One of Tao and Virtues" or "The Universal Lord of the Way and its Virtue" (道德天尊, Daode Tianzun) or the "Grand Supreme Elder Lord" (太上老君, Taishang Laojun).

Then ... The three produced all the myriad beings (all of existence) (Yudelove), and these myriad are the 144,000.

I love to include this picture, representing the 144,000 because all the people there belong to the 144,000. We can see Peggy Phoenix Dubro in the Center. We have Janny in the left side, we have Mariu, on the left behind, etc. I am behind on the left side.

There are thousand of the 144,000 in Venezuela, Colombia and South America. There are US CEO ... that are unaware about their spiritual insight ... there are 144,000. Like I had explained here, it is not necessary that them all awake at the same moment.

It is only necessary that only 83,520 of them awake. The Lord, is a great "business man" that does not run risks. Each one of the 144,000 can awake 144,000 or more. You can read the article, I wrote, "Some math about the Quatum Leap ...". Today, June 1th, 2010, there are around 21% of the necessary people already awakened. The number increase everyday.

I consider this very important because update the Amorah Quan Yin books, that I am including below and with the words above are more clear and fresh.

I am leaving you now, with a message: "Honor your Dark Side, don't fear or reject it. It belongs to you".


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. You can read the Appendix C from the Amorah Quan Yin book, "Pleiadians Perspectives on Human Evolution".


APPENDIX C 102,000 B.C. TO A.D. 1995  

102,000 B.C. was the beginning of what you might call the Divine Plan for Earth. Up until that time, seeding for the Divine Plan and a hierarchical order in the fourth through, ninth dimensions had been established. The subconscious patternings for the future races and their own enlightenment triggers had developed as well. The new soul root races for the most part were still fairly primitive, but some were connecting with Pleiadian-based groups on Earth and the fairies and merpeople. These interactions were accelerating their growth in the areas of language development and quality of life, though they remained intellectually quite simple. Merpeople began to go through a metamorphosis and intermarry with the more evolved humans on Lemuria between 102,000 B.C. and 96,000

B.C. This created the roots of a mixed Pleiadian/Maldekian/Sirian prototype for genetic encoding and soul evolution.

At the onset the implementation of Earth’s Divine Plan, the orbital cycles around the central sun of the Pleiades, Alcyone, had stabilized to 26,000 years. Major Earth changes and a pole shift took place just prior to the changeover at 102,000 B.C., leaving the face of the planet dramatically changed. Some of the land masses that broke away from major continents literally became free floating, as a few were previously. (The map on the following pages shows the world at that time.) Though there have been many other planetary changes since that time, the maps for 145,500 B.C. and 102,000 B.C. are the ones Ra has channeled to me and asked me to present at this time. The soul groups and current races listed in the following chart will be shown in their approximate origin locations on the map. These will cover all major soul groups who arrived on Earth between 102,000 B.C. and modern times. Also included will be the surviving groups of people from pre-Divine Plan days shown in Appendix A. These latter surviving groups number 1 through 14. Under the column labeled “Earth or Cosmic Origin,” the Soul Group number from Appendix B will be given. A few of the original groups had no physical survivors at the time of the pole shift, but were reincarnated again in their original regions at a later time.

All others will be shown with the year the beings arrived on Earth. You will notice that the numbers do not add up to the current population of Earth. This is because our current population includes soul fragments, soul split-aparts, twin flames, parallel lives, and even non-souled beings. In addition, many of the souls on Earth at this time were created by humans on Earth and by higher dimensional beings in other star systems and galaxies. These souls tend to arrive one at a time, or at the most in very small groups of a dozen or less. The information given below refers only to souled beings upon arrival in human form on the planet in larger groups. All dates given are B.C.

There is one other group that has held a key role on the planet since the 102,000 B.C. turning point. This group is comprised of 144,000 Light Beings from the seventh through thirteenth dimensions. The number 144,000 is a key creation number and is the number of components of original consciousness. In other words, when the first conscious experience of God/Goddess/All That Is took place, it was as if that singular consciousness had been in “no mind” or dreamless sleep. Upon awaking, the first thought of this One consciousness was “I am” or “I exist,” and this was a great revelation. In a deep hypnosis state, I experienced this original self-consciousness revelation. When the One went to sleep again, it dreamed of itself and through dreaming created a second consciousness, which was the first experience of male and female. Within each consciousness lay 144,000 aspects, each aspect containing 144,000 smaller aspects. Therefore, the number 144,000 is the key to unlocking the human consciousness creation formula as well as eternal memory.

104,000 years ago, in order to ground the Divine Plan on Earth, 144,000 Light Beings from the seventh through thirteenth dimensions throughout several galaxies volunteered to create souls through which to embody. Each agreed to first precipitate third-dimensional bodies in Lemuria and teach the mystery schools there. These beings had the ability to accelerate and decelerate their vibrational frequencies at will, thus becoming physical and non-physical as required. Later, these beings served similarly in Machu Picchu, Maya, and Egypt. Working with the sacred principle of the four directions, four elementals, and planetary balance, the higher-dimensional intervention in four cultures seeded the secrets of enlightenment and ascension for all humans. These 144,000 beings also took on lifetimes of human karma in much the way Mother Mary, or Ma-Ra, did in Lemuria. After attaining enlightenment, each one dreamed, or visioned, his or her future lives, including the karmic patterns, traumas, diseases, and transcendent experiences, as well as their own timing of future enlightenments and ascensions. Each one entered the path of either four or seven cycles of evolution and enlightenment, as described by Ra in Part IV. Within those cycles their souls split into male and female halves in order to experience separation, and eventual resolution of duality. And in each one’s final lifetime on Earth and in their final enlightenment or ascension, both soul parts, or twin flames, would be reborn into one body. Male/female balance and the initiation of unio conjunctio, inner sacred marriage, must be attained. When the Ascended Master Jesus Christ came to Earth almost 2000 years ago, he embodied the 144,000 within One. This seemingly miraculous event was preplanned before the beginning of the Divine Plan for Earth. The second coming of Christ en masse is when 144,000 individuals are all awakened to their own Christ consciousness at the same time. They are the collective bride of Christ: the divine counterpart with whom he mates and births transcendence and enlightenment for the entire human race, planet Earth, and beyond. Through the orgasmic merging of Christ and the 144,000, a great cycle is completed. And that orgasm will be one for all of us to remember.

Woven within the tapestries of Venus, Mars, Maldek, and Earth histories are all the threads of hope, understanding, forgiveness, love, grace, wisdom, and transcendence needed to weave the new tapestry of the Age of Light. However, this tapestry will be woven collectively As I interweave the threads of my own nine-dimensional remembrance, and you interweave yours, and all the other awakening ones interweave theirs, we will have a glorious co-creation that is rich in all our colors, experiences, sounds, flavors, textures, and patterns. We are each whole and vital within ourselves and simultaneously interdependent. That is the beauty of the Divine Plan. It is an “all or nothing” plan. And we co-created it. We are finally nearing the completion point. Only total integrity, honoring of the sacredness and free will of all life, impeccability in daily living, and clearing of karmic patterns will work.


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