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Tuesday, 22 June 2010 12:41

Greetings in this very Týr-day or Tuesday or Mars-day ... of the Pink Flame of Love,

    There are fresh winds of Resurrection at Future Technologies regarding Linux, UNIX, Operating System and Software Development.

    I am personally involved in studying the best software solution to offer good e-Learning tools so students can learn the FTHumanEvolutionCourse material, across 2,500 books, ranging in +100 courses and twelve disciplines.

    However, please relax ... may be you see nothing within 2010 ...because we are in a re-organizative phase ... and after all, we will take our time.

   Where is Linux ... and UNIX ... today? ... Is my modest question and of course will answer for you.

   The problem with the youth is that they in their mighty youth mind, instead to respect the old, or more expert people they offend, deny and want to teach the old. They suppose that old knows nothing, and that everything changes.

   This lesson is a personal as well commemorative edition about our efforts, our so-called mistakes and a little bit about our plans.

   Our name is still listed between the companies that works and contrib (some years ago) at The Austin Common Standards Revision Group.

   Let me start. After I got a clearance in my DNA and after several years of programming, I say. "Opps. Would be nice to write better programs and develop better mathematics, now".

   However, only in October 2009, some months ago, I recover an apartment for my business.

   Where is Linux? ... Where is UNIX? ... Linux seems more mature but does not have the "expected" place. LinuxMall.com does not exist anymore (This is because a dark strategy against them. I prefer give not details). We, Future Technologies does not work actually on Linux, nor UNIX. Neither on Software Development ... and like a result, Apple, Inc ... got 6.5 Billion dollars revenues and everyone uses Microsoft Office ... still me!

   Logically, this was not the expected panorama for Linux.

   The problem with Linux is misrespect.

    Linus Torvalds express "KDE 4 is a disaster" ... may you prefer him opinion instead of my opinion.

    I participate and still said "Thanks very much" to the KDE 4 Launch event at Google Headquarters, in Mountain View, CA in 2008.

    They did a great reorganization of KDE ... nice look but not usable ... the result is not a Graphical User Interface. Linus words about KDE 4 are available at Wikipedia.

    I basically delay and reject to continue to develop on Linux because the atheist declaration of Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman. What future may have ... a "revolution" tailored by communist that does not believe in God?

    There are also other reasons and the first of all, is that is more important that people get aware about Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Alchemy, World Religions and Languages ... instead to get concentrated only in Linux and Software.

    Where is UNIX? ... UNIX lives at Apple ... and the most popular UNIX based Operating System is Mac OS X.

    Today, if you want to develop "in easy and stable and quick mode" Flex applications. You need an iMac. If you want to use a WordProcessor on a UNIX machine, you need an iMac. ... And of course if you want to develop applications for iPhone or iPad, you still also need an iMac ... generally. There are also hacked versions of Mac OS X, that does not need an iMac.

     Of course is dramatic that the only solution for Adobe Flex Developer is iMac. Wordperfect is over and also the best of Qt is over. You have not neither the MySQL drivers by default. Pure Madness ... a Pure Silent Monopoly.

    Apple did ... and re-establish honestly with few efforts the IBM Monopoly Machine-OS. IBM did for the 386 and IBM-DOS, Apple did with iMac-MacOSX.

    My and when I say My is because is mine. My FTOSX born like an idea to offer a Linux based OS ... with X Window system ... on any machine. How many people works to design and develop this Operating System? ... Just one.

    I contact a KDE programmer to help me. I send an iMac to him. He send me him software ... and we got dramatic problems. This happens in June 2001. Around some days before September 11, 2001, I request some money to pay him ... but as soon the planes strikes on the Twin Towers, the financial company fax me back telling me "We are sorry". On October 2001, he got on Slashdot.org crying that I don't pay him. Poor boy! ... I send some words to Daniel Dunley, "Now all the KDE people and the world knows that I don't pay you. I will pray that god give you want you deserve." Where is Mosfet today? Mosfet today is where the people of the World is today. Exactly in the same place. I prefer to look forward, and not backward.

   Because KDE is not usable people are using GNOME or Xfce.

   Until June 2010 ... The UNIX GUI remains Mac OS X, unfortunately. According to my opinion, Mac OS X, is a modest opinion about what a GUI must be ...

   May be my words will got a new message, like "Nuff said" or "Please ignore him", like the words I got from a KDE user around three months before Sep, 11th ... may be people will remain in expectation about what a single programmer or Operating System designer can do ... and of course all this ... without to get a single cent of Euro ... like hundred of Linux companies got from the European Community ... Instead I got my boxes of training rejected from sales in Italy where I found my company or about 5,000 US$ of boxes back because Linuxmall bankrupt ... and I was forced still to pay the shipment expanses.

   This was the same product described at:  Venerable Linux training materials now available free

   Where Linux is today? ... Linux is where it deserve to stay, like KDE, like Mosfet ... and still me am where I deserve to stay.

   There are no standards in use ... only Apple do something and Apple is not a Software, but Hardware company like Neal Stephenson comments in his excellent Cryptonomicon or http://www.cryptonomicon.com/beginning.html

     I say that the reason because the only UNIX become so popular was because Apple is an US Company, not European. In any case Linux is an European phenomena.

     May Linux or UNIX company resurrect? ... Steve Jobs will say Yes! ... Bill Gates ... will say "Holy God". Well, he will say something really different.

Have a nice day,

Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. Only if I can offer a valid proof of Healing ... showing my results ... will lead you to think, I was healed from that days. I hope so! Not yet. I still need to heal.

Steve Jobs ... offers a clear and incontestable proof of him healing. Him success is that proof. Congratulations, Steve!

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