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Tuesday, 27 July 2010 17:10

Greetings ... in the Pink Day of Love ...,

    Do you know what a Rose means? ... A beautiful gift from God given to you ... trough Nature.

    A petal is a component of the Rose. What about a cascade of Roses ... falling over your head? ... over your car? ... on your Balcon? ... Just one petal? ... Just a little petal? ... What some doves stop on your Balcon?

   This is an Editorial ... but is a lesson ... and is short.

    The Buddhist tradition is very different from Catholic. Buddha get a wife and like some books explain because he was a prince and princes generally had Harems, it is very probably he did a very wonderful sexual life before to get married.

    He leave him first male son, just born and him wife ... to search the path for Enlightenment.

    I learn these facts 30 years ago.

    While this lesson is about the Buddhist tradition ... it is not about the Buddha.

    This lesson ... is about what the Universe said to you. Roses?, Gifts? ... or something else?

    Has been said that several Zen and Tao masters reach a so great level of GRACE ... that Roses falls over their head ... also meditating under a sick tree ...

    Why this?

    In the Berando Bertolucci movie ... "Little Buddha" ... The story told us that the Buddha baby was able to walk and walking:

    "Lotus grows under him footsteps"

     Why Lotus grows under him footsteps? ... Why Zen and Taoist monks got Roses over their head?

     Easy! ... Because the Roses are the answer they deserve. That's all.

     Lotus grow under Buddha footsteps ... because Buddha interaction ... walking on Earth ... also at the moment of him Birth, was so great because he was Enlighten ... that this deserve him ... also at Birth!

     He was Enlightenment at Birth ... like Lord Jesus (They were the same Consciousness with Muhammad and others.)

     What deserve Catholic Priest today? ... What deserve British Petroleum today? ... What deserve the Caribbean? ... I hear about some Tornado.

     Each one of us ... has exactly what deserve, at any moment. This is the lesson.

     May be a single petal of Rose ... may be something else. If is something wrong ... ask why? ... if is something beauty ... enjoy and ask why to yourself.

     You live between the people you deserve ... They are at your level. You live there to teach them and they teach you.

     If a woman or person arrives in your life ... it is to teach you something, and you will teach she (or he) something.

     If you got a petal of Rose ... over your car ... in the Pink day of Love ... May be your words were appreciated ... and someone Loves you.

     The planet and planetary consciousness also has what they deserve. May be you hear about disasters ... may be you hear about a Whale striking over a ship (I vote for the Whale) ... May be Vulcan Eruptions ... or new disasters in the Sea ... but ...

      May also be a new baby is born. A new relation between two people is born. May be you start to walk the path to discover who is your Twin Flame ... today. May be she know who you are and are waiting for your touch ... May be a long reparation in your Home is closed ...

      If 100,000 people got enlighten tomorrow morning. What will happens? ... That the day after tomorrow 300,000 people will be Enlighten. And the day after? ... May be 500,000 ... may be 1,000,000 or 2,000,000?

Feel the Pink Ray of Love ... touching you ... May be you got a petal of Rose ... walking on the streets or on your car.

If you got ... this is what you deserve.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. The Pleiadians in 5D (Fifth Dimension) lives ... in perfect full equivalent to what was described like "Garden of Eden". Also the Lemurians survivals that live inside Mounth Shasta, CA ... live in this way. However, there are people like El Morya, Saint Germain ... that lives in Sirius Constellation 7D (Seven Dimension). El Morya is the King of the IAns in planet IA ... in 7D ... there are still Higher Dimensions ... 8D, 9D ... 11D ... 13D ... They live there because they deserve to live there.

... As described in the Religions ... They are the Immortals ... If someday you will deserve to live between them ... So will be. But of course, is not automatic.

Have you an idea about where lives ... Lord Maitreya or Lord Jesus?

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