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Friday, 08 August 2008 08:17

Everyone of us know the Einstein's Theory of Relativity, and the twin paradox ...

However, I will introduce now a link between the Mahayana Buddhism and a superluminal speeds, or speed faster than the speed of light.

I am getting this from the Dalai Lama book, Spanish edition ("The Universe in a single atom" . My edition is: "El Universo en un solo Atomo")

Well, the story start when Asanga was transported to Maitreya Kingdom, where he receive five books, a significative number of Mahayana texts, and all this in the time we take a cup of tea. When, he back to Earth, he discover that had been passed 50 years ...

However this entry is to honor World's Religions and to the link between the Religions in this case Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism and Science, where Physics fails to explain why ...

In accord to Einstein's special theory of relativity, a particle (that has mass) with subluminal velocity needs infinite energy to accelerate to the speed of light, although special relativity does not forbid the existence of particles that travel faster than light at all time.

However, please note that Asanga (for us and for the people in temple 300 CE) stay in meditation 50 years ... For him, was only something like 15 minutes...

According to Kryon, when we meditate we don't travel. We simple touch the fibers or atoms around us ... and according to Asanga beauty experience ... he touch and travel some fibers that moves him to Maitreya (The incoming Buddha) to him Kingdom. Is not beauty?

... This experience teachs us a lot of things. I will list a few:

  • Meditate may be cool.
  • We can discover more about ourselves.
  • We can travel infinite distances ... just stay sitting ... Amazing!
  • ... There are a really an Universe inside any single atom ... 

Stay well,


Giovanni A. Orlando


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