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Saturday, 07 August 2010 10:09


     Have you wonder about the power of Linux? ... Do you suppose it is available only on Operating Systems with Linux kernel?

     Not really!

     Linux is not only connected with the Linux based Operating System but also with MS Windows and Apple Mac OS X (Please don't say OSX).

     Most applications that originally were developed "only" for Linux like StarOffice, Scribus are today available also for MS Windows and iMac.

     Scribus is one of these applications. It is equivalent to Adobe InDesign like most people move from Adobe FrameMaker to the simple LaTeX.

     Both, Scribus and LaTex are free programs and text-processing environments. Scribus may be used to develop a magazine and LaTex and extension of TeX ... is perfect to publish scientific material book. It is also possible to check the spelling transforming it into Word, using LaTex2RTF program.

     While Linux does not have a yet a "standard" Graphical User Interface, where you can install a program and see the program-icon, like happens for MS Windows or Mac OS, and this is because there are no communication between Linux developers and Graphical User Interface developers. Also X Windows remain powerful but not so powerful to recognize a new display on-the-fly like MS Windows does.

     iMac does not use X Window ... but a proprietary display interface ... and honestly works perfect only on iMac computers, no otherwise.

     Therefore ... there are a world of applications ... all free and of great design and quality that let companies save thousand of dollars.

     For those 100% lovers of Microsoft Word ... they can continue to use on Linux-kernel based OS, with appropriate software like Wine or a french flavor, Bordeaux.

Thanks for now in this Saturn-day of Violet Diplomacy,

Giovanni A. Orlando.


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