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Saturday, 09 August 2008 17:36

Like probably you know, we at Future Technologies develop a training for Linux, called FTLinuxCourse.

In 1999, we release the first version for RedHat Linux, after the release for Caldera OpenLinux. Actually, Caldera Inc, become SCO, and SCO is in troubles.

Well, when I call RedHat Training manager, instead to heard "Please remove our logo from your Product". They was the first to claim "Linux is mine"...

Actually, RHT at Nasdaq seems to recover something ... after their bad days.

The second company that claims "Linux is mine!" was SuSE...

Then, Mandrake, then others and others ... everyone follows the same BAD path. They suppose that Linux belong to them, but Linux does not belong to anyone.

There are no pieces of Linux that may belong neither to their original programmers. Neither the Kernel belong to Linus Torvalds....

The other face, is the personal face. Linux may become ... and is becoming to be ... your Personal Operating System, like I comment in the book "The Art" , actually at US$ 75.00.

So, Linux is not yours, or mine ... but it belong to ... everyone in another sense, and we can customize in easy way.

This is the reason that moves companies to fail in business. The other is bad intentions ...

Thanks for now,

Giovanni A. Orlando. 

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