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Thursday, 30 September 2010 20:00

Greetings Dear Ones ... in this very day,

     I am back to fulfill and complete the four mandate in a small series of request my the Lords of the Heavens.

     I had spoke about Anu, The God of the Bible ... I had spoken about Saint Germain as well about other subjects ... other is personal and is connected my coming book, "The Secret of Andes".

     Now is the time to speak about Lord Maitreya. Who is Lord Maitreya? ...
     Lord Maitreya is the Twin of Jesus, and who Jesus, the Lord call, Father. 
     If you want to hear Lord Maitreya ... you can click here,
     In fact, Maitreya split his soul and so Jesus was created ...
     Lord Maitreya is the Peace in our Heart and the "Lion" in between the Four Beasts in the Apocalypse.
     In fact, Maitreya is the Lion, Lord Gautama is the Calf, Lord Jesus Christ is the man and Sanat from planet Kumara is the flying Eagle.
     Please enjoy ... a new path in your life to remove fear.
     Let us hear, Lord Maitreya,
That the blessing of the Lord touch you this very day,
Giovanni A. Orlando.







The Overcoming of Fear through Decrees

by Lord Maitreya


The statement "Perfect love casts out fear"1 is true because it can be proven scientifically in demonstration of cosmic law. Although it is diffi­cult for mankind, cast in the mold of the human consciousness, to sense the full perfection of God that is within, it is through the understanding of perfect love that each man and woman can come to the place where love is realized as the essence of Selfhood.


The perfect love of which I speak is the love that emanates from the Father/Mother God, from the very core of true Being. And it is this love which, when invoked through divine decree by the children of God, will dissolve and consume on con­tact all fear and doubt, anxiety and frustration, and the sense of aloneness which mankind has evolved through the consciousness of separation from the Source of life.


The veil that hung in the ancient Hebrew temple between the holy of holies and the holy place2 is symbolical of the veil of the Divine Mediator that guards the perfection of God from the imperfection of man. This is the veil that is sanctioned by God to protect the altar of the sacred fire in the most holy place where only the high priest, the Christ Self of each one, may enter. This veil prevents the penetration of the holy of holies by those whose consciousness is yet to be raised for the ritual of entering into the Christ mind.


There is another veil that separates a man from his God. It is an energy veil that is a forcefield of mortal thought and feeling which mankind weave out of their own discord. This veil has become a wall of partition between the evolving soul consciousness of man and the Great God Flame that focuses the life energy of the Real Self within the heart.


Thus man has barricaded himself from the mercy seat and the ark of the testimony of his own Christ-identity. And this energy veil has for cen­turies effectively deprived him of the truth of his own being and of the Presence of God. Therefore it is man himself who must rend the veil3 of his own mortal consciousness—of which he alone is the author—ere the wisdom of the law can be imparted.


As we approach then the subject of fear and its overcoming through the invocation of the sacred fire that blazes on the altar of the Holy of Holies of man's being, we must understand that the energies of which the veil is comprised—whether they appear to be pride, hardness of heart, prejudice, hatred, or human gluttony and greed—can be reduced to one common denominator, which I expose in this discourse as fear.


This fear is the anxiety and the uncertainty that emerges from deep within the recesses of the human consciousness the moment that it separates itself from God. Out of this fear there comes forth every dark form, every mania, every evil influence to which the race is heir.


Truly it can be said that there are islands of dense substance, or psychic pollution, located within the consciousness of mankind. Under certain con­ditions, always accompanied by an outburst of emotional energy, these islands—again, conglom­erate globs of fear and the compounds of fear-rapidly unite with the mainland of negation in the mass consciousness of the world, at the same time amplifying the momentums of negation within the world of the individual.


This results in a great inrush of tides of unhappiness caused by an intensification of those quali­ties and conditions which are quite the reverse of the heavenly plan. Paul expressed the dilemma of these subconscious motivations and momentums when he said, "The good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do."4


What, then, can the modern-day disciple do to protect himself from evil intent and evil action which he finds manifesting in himself and in the world at large? What practical measures can he take to counteract such tendencies? How can he insulate himself from the influences of other than benign manifestations both within and without?


"With all thy getting, get understanding"5 was the word of a wise son of God. He was aware of the need to understand the meaning of life within himself as well as without.


The schoolrooms of earth contribute to man's understanding of the outer world. Philosophy and psychology, as well as science and religion, further to some degree man's understanding of himself. Yet there are a host of deficiencies within these disciplines, and the mass confusion and unhappiness of the day which occur at physical, mental, and even spiritual levels confirm this fact.


What then is fear? First of all, fear is vibra­tion—negative vibration—a sense of misapprehen­sion of life and its purposes. But it is more than that: it is wrong custom.


Many of mankind's recurring experiences have been undesirable; therefore, in the awareness that so-called evil can befall them, men are appre­hensive about their future. They question whether they will attain success and whether they will be able to retain success once it is meted out to them. The memory of past failures, then, keeps alive in the present the records of fear.


Understanding the Father's true plan is ever beneficial in eradicating fear from an individual's world. Jesus declared long ago, "It is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom."6


Now when the devil, personifying the negative temptations of the world, took him up to a high
mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world, he said, "All these things will I give thee,
if thou wilt fall down and worship me."7 Jesus replied, "Get thee behind me, Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve."8


In analyzing his reply, we find that the Word of God is the bulwark of man's strength against fear and negation. Indeed the Word of God-affirmed as divine decree and reaffirmed by man in defense of righteousness and truth—overcomes every temptation.


Jesus also knew that each promise of bliss with which the carnal mind might tempt the son of God had already been fulfilled by the Heavenly Father. Hence he gave the devil a stern rebuke and over­came thereby the planetary momentum of a god­less materialism. The temptation to follow in the ways of the world he put down with the full force of the Logos: "Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve!"


The statement "It is the Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom" denotes to mankind that the divine intent for every man and woman is that each shall have not only an abundance of every good thing, but also all the good which he is able to use at any time, for any reason, anywhere. What have we then to fear, except fear itself?


Jesus said, "I AM come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abun­dantly."9 This is the message of the Word of God to all life. Why then do mankind allow themselves to be deprived of heavenly gifts and graces through fear and other negative vibrations that beset the collective subconscious of the race?


If I might paraphrase one of your own poets, "I drew a circle and shut Him out; He drew a circle and took me in,"101 would point to the fact that the Divine Self is the initiator of the human self, and all experiences that occur in the life of man are intended to polish the "diamond in the rough" of his identity in order that this blessed diamond might be properly placed in full view of the uni­verse in a proper setting. Apropos of this, Jesus said: "Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid."11


Now certainly manifestations of shadow and unhappy and unfruitful lives revealing inner despair are not suitable for display as archetypes of perfection. This is why beloved Jesus and the great masters are portrayed to mankind's consciousness as examples worthy to be imitated. For their example is one of action that implements the Christ flame in thought, word, and deed.


Clearly it is not the Father's plan to exclude from any man the possibility of going and doing likewise.12 It is the desire of the Great White Brotherhood to make known that God has employed every spiritual example to inspire man with the great possibilities that are in reality within himself.


To remove fear, then, is to remove the deep-seated resistance to the flow of light and light's possibilities in the being of man. To remove fear is an act of God, for God did not implant fear in man. Fear was accepted by man through his ignorance of the law and his unbelief—through a lack of the knowledge of the law and of how to manipulate the many facets of the law. Despair was generated in man in moments when the divine plan was perceived dimly or not at all, for man then assumed that he stood alone in the universe.


In these moods of haunting aloneness, man­kind scarcely realized the true meaning of their identity. Lacking attunement with the Deity, they entered into a lesser vibration which, by reason of its shadowed concepts and murky ideas, is not only limited and self-limiting, but also full of elements of self-pity.


Becoming of one accord with the Father, the I AM Presence, is the first step in eradicating fear. All men and women must recognize that because they have thought wrongly in the past, only they can amend their thoughts and think rightly in the present.


They have thought of the individual as being the center of universal Being. This is but partial truth. Men must think of themselves as being God-centered rather than ego-centered, and of God individualized in the I AM Presence as the true center of their being. They must think of themselves as the manifestation of, rather than the originator of, this perfection.


To consider God as the center and origin of life is not blasphemy, for blasphemy concerns itself with mankind's despair and the degradation of the creation of God within himself. This state of mind would deny the immortal creation by stating that man is so far less than God as not to be created in the immortal image at all.13 And this is in defiance of Holy Writ. Yet did not the Lord declare in the midst of the congregation: "I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the Most High"?14


Do you see, then, blessed ones, that by recog­nizing man as having been made in the image of God and by affirming the fact that the Father's plan of perfection is for him and that virtue and abundance are his rightful lot, mankind are able to escape from the feelings of fear and of lack? Abundance is the divine portion; and abundance embodies consecration not only to the things of God, but also to the ideals of God. Thus the pursuit of the abundant Life inspires consecration to the God-life.


Fear of death comes to man when he thinks that he will no longer be a part of the great main­stream of the familiar which in his limited way he knows as life. When he understands that the experiences of birth and death are not far removed from one another, he realizes that that which is truly Life cannot die; he understands that all experience is but a sea through which man passes to greater opportunity.


Men do not fear birth; for in the main they know not objectively, prior to its occurrence, just what will take place. The transfer from the higher octaves to a physical form is effected quite pain­lessly, and the same would be true of man's depar­ture from the screen of life if he were free from fear.


The depths of the riches of the wisdom of God15 are not apparent to men who seek to find them solely in idolatrous images fashioned after their own likeness or that of their fellowmen. Often people select a contemporary or an historical per­sonality and set him on a pedestal as an example of virtue. This may be a mother, a friend, or a well-known figure.


Should it develop that a human trait or char­acteristic be found to have manifested in this one whom they have so idolized, they sometimes feel that the world is crashing at their feet. A fallen idol brings them to a sense of grinding hopelessness and frustration. They reason, "If this individual be not good, then who is good?" Jesus' reply to the man who called him Good Master was "Why callest thou me good? There is none good but one, that is, God."16


Questions and doubts concerning one's fellow-men rising in a mad turbulence create a vibratory action which does not promote clear thinking. It is God's plan to dispel fear and to give men greater spiritual clarity, confidence, and power through the vision of the Christ as the true identity of all men. The Holy Spirit stands at the gate of every man's heart, preparing to initiate him into greater and more lasting joy—the joy of the Eternal One.


Now most of you are familiar with the construction of a simple electromagnet. You know that an iron core is wrapped with coils of wire through which a current is passed, enabling the magnetic field to be extended in concentrated lines of flux and to draw objects into close proximity to the coil. In a like manner, the vibration of fear held, sus­tained, or prolonged by an individual draws to him the fear of others.


It must be recognized that each time man's consciousness revolves the idea of apprehension, fear as an unknown quantity is thereby strength­ened. For the magnetism, of fear is directly related to the number of times that the idea feared is wrapped around the coil of being, just as each winding of the coil around the electromagnet increases the number of turns through which the current then passes, thus strengthening the power of the magnet.


By mankind's continual revolving of ideas of apprehension or fear, he is strengthening the magnetic bond which draws the object of his fear into the orbit of his world. Thus Job declared, "The thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me."17 What then of the vibratory action of countless years, days, hours, moments, and lifetimes of wrong thinking and feeling? Often apprehensions have become galaxies of destruction within the universe of individual man. How can these best be removed? How can these best be contained? How can the vital energies of Life be withdrawn from them and be returned to the heart of the Creator for repolarization?


Listen, my children, to the words of the Initiator, Maitreya. For I will speak to you of a simple idea which unfortunately appears complex because the children of men prefer to think of themselves as mature adults. Yet, although they sometimes act like children, they cannot always find in their hearts the needed simplicity which the Great Law requires of them to "become as a little child"18 that they might enter into the eternal kingdom.


I am therefore about to discuss the efficacy of decrees—not only in the removing of fear, but also in the removing from the consciousness of man­kind every discouraging and disparaging condition which they may ever have to face. For the Word of God is power: it is the divine decree which man gives in unison with the voice of the Eternal One who proclaims the eternal law of his being.


Inasmuch as human density varies from sub­ject to subject—so that one individual may manifest a tremendous weight of negation, whereas another may be relatively close to his perfectionment—it will not be found that all individuals can expect exactly the same results from the employment of spiritual methods, even those such as I advocate. Nevertheless, all can benefit greatly from the giv­ing of decrees even at sublevels of awareness. For the light that is invoked through the giving of decrees penetrates to the very core of being.


Let us now take up the first principles in removing fear. If the strength of fear is directly related to the number of times the apprehensive subject has been revolved, then would it not be the part of wisdom to unwind each turn of the wire upon the pole of being? I ask you in God's name!


Let us then recognize that through the power of the Holy Spirit and through the employment of thought and feeling in accordance with divine prin­ciples, man is able to sweep aside the imperfection of centuries and to set at naught those misqualified energies which were never of God's creation.


"The power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth"19 is wondrous to behold. When the sincere seeker begins to wield this power to cut himself free from those limiting conditions which he has created in the blindness of ignorance, it is a sign unto God that he might be given a more than ordinary measure of assistance by those spiritual intelligences whom God has appointed to dispense justice to mankind.


"Come now, and let us reason together, saith the Lord: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool."20


The idea embodied in this promise of the law is that although the threads in the garment of mankind's subconscious be dyed as deep as scarlet from the energies of mortal miscreation, yet by the power of transmutation, the light of God that never fails will bleach these threads and purify the consciousness until they are made whiter than man­kind could ever imagine in their imperfect state.


Then mankind will behold the radiant perfec­tion of Being outpictured as the seamless garment of the living Christ21 daily enfolding them with a greater radiance so that they may take their place in the universal scheme as just men made perfect by love.22


To give decrees, then, according to the divine plan is to produce a renewal of that momentum of perfection which God originally implanted in the human heart. Decrees mightily assist in reinforcing the power of light, life, and love that is within man.


I know full well that many in this day and age, as in past ages, are a little inclined to ridicule that which they do not fully understand. Some will say they do not believe in the vain repetition of words, especially when those words are shouted out, as it were, in dynamic form at full volume.


Let me tell you, beloved ones, that truth is always stranger than fiction. Certainly the mere vain repetition of words is in itself completely ineffectual, as Jesus taught.23 Therefore, the wrong premise exists in the minds of those who assume that the giving of decrees is vainly repetitious.


Let those who would learn God-truth place their own ideas temporarily aside for a moment as I expound to those who are willing to become as little children for the purpose of receiving this instruction upon the importance of employing in the present day methods of dynamic decreeing.


Let those who will, assume the karmic respon­sibility of teaching men that dynamic decreeing is unnecessary. It is true that for a limited few who, by reason of certain spiritual faculties, do not require as much transmutation as others, dynamic decreeing may not be as necessary as it is for those in a lesser state of evolution. Yet until they balance 100 percent of their karma—until their debts to life are fully paid—they can certainly benefit by the giving of decrees; for decrees which invoke the violet flame are a means of balancing karma—of invoking the sacred fire until every jot and tittle of the law of karma is fulfilled.24


It is true that some may find that dynamic decreeing may disturb them at first, simply because they have already obtained a habit pattern of great quietness in their communion with God. However, even these, if they desire to do so, can determine to set aside all other conditions and concerns and obtain from properly directed decrees a benefit without equal.


Various yogic systems of meditation offer methods whereby the mind of man can be stilled and a greater attunement with the Divine be achieved. Some of these methods become hap­hazard when applied by Western man, for they do require an advanced mental and spiritual discipline on the part of the one employing them. Decrees, on the other hand, are relatively simple to master once the basic principles are understood; and they are far more efficacious.


It must be understood that decrees given with­out feeling and without thought will not produce the full perfection which they are intended to bring about; for man must have in his consciousness the correct patterns of thought and feeling which act as receptacles for the energies he invokes from the Godhead.


Decrees which are set forth according to the science of the spoken Word begin with a preamble. These preambles direct the attention and the ener­gies of the decreer to his own I AM Presence (the inner God Self) and to his Holy Christ Self (the Christ-identity), as well as to those cosmic beings who have made mighty progress in God's kingdom.


These preambles are invocative of the highest Good—that is to say, they invoke the goodness of

God by an appeal, made in the name of God and his Christ, to the hierarchies of heaven to anchor their energies and their love in order to amplify to levels of almost limitless comprehension the action of the decree as it is fulfilled in the world of time and space.


The giving of each call with fervor and love automatically invokes the energies of the heavenly hosts on behalf of the decreer and all mankind. In addition, decrees are a definite statement of truth that the mind of the individual may follow to a logical conclusion. And in this case, it is the conclu­sion of the Logos, of the Word that is made flesh25 by the power of the spoken Word, that is, by the power of decrees. By cosmic law the worded ideas must eventuate in actuality when they are released in the name of God and by the authority of the Christ flame.


In giving decrees, the use of the name of God which was given to Moses as "I AM that I AM"26 unlocks the power of the Most High for the benefit of the decreer and all who are within his sphere of influence. Thus the decree is imbued with the power of the Word, the spoken Word "without which was not any thing made that was made."27


The decree, when given with reverence, becomes a divine fiat rather than mere human "wish-craft," or the warring of minds pitted against one another through human "wit-craft," mind willing, and mental hypnosis—practices which border on black magic, dangerous indeed, and which are without the authority of the divine aegis.


Some may ask, How is the intent of the divine decree best accomplished? Perhaps by giving the decrees slowly and emphatically at first, until the cadences are mastered, thereby permitting the mind to meditate on the beautiful ideas embodied in each word and phrase. Once the mental matrix is absorbed, the heart center can be employed to magnify the concept and then the feelings can release the charge of divine love, life, and light, which are always invoked by ascended master decrees.


The faculties of the mind and heart—especially their ability to magnetize the healing energies of the sacred fire—are developed and expanded through the harmonious use of decrees. The need for this mutuality is expressed in the command­ment "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart and with all thy soul and with all thy strength and with all thy mind, and thy neighbour us thyself."28 Decrees are a dynamic expression of one's love for the Lord as that love is released through every aspect and potential of being.


The giving of decrees is always to confer a benefit upon self and neighbor. The "Who is my neighbor?" aspect has been explained in countless parables and wonderfully inspired writings in which mankind have already indulged themselves for a long time. It has become more general knowl­edge now that whosoever doeth the will of God is the brother, the sister, the mother of all life29 and that all men are brothers under the Father/Mother God.


The tenets of most faiths support the statement "I AM my brother's keeper";30 and this is as it should be, seeing that in reality all life is one. The scientific corollary to this truth is found in the statement of Jesus "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me [unto the Christ-identity of all men]."31


Every decree given in the name of the Christ for and on behalf of "the least of these my brethren" blesses the Christ in all mankind who comprise the Body of the Lord. Of a truth, what­ever blesses one manifestation of the Christ blesses all manifestations of the Christ.


When sufficient expansion of consciousness has occurred, when feelings mount up and thoughts are rarefied and the decree has become a melody within the heart and soul, greater speed can be employed for the raising of the vibrations of one's aura and one's surroundings. The stepping-up of vibrations should always be governed by the inner voice of the heart and never by the human will or by a spirit of competition.


Those who are familiar with the law of rhythm are aware of the fact that there is great power released in any action when many combine their energies and their voices in a dynamic release. We know that the ancient vessels of the Greeks and Romans were driven by oars alternating from one side of their craft to the other in accompaniment to the measured beat of the oar master.


Surely the destruction of the walls of Jericho32 demonstrated the power of rhythmic decrees accompanied by the ritual of circumambulation. Mass demonstrations, cheering crowds, the tramp, tramp, tramp of an army, and the beat of the jungle drum are examples of mankind's use and misuse of this science.


The rhythm of decrees is extremely important, and patience must be exercised on the part of those who give them more slowly, so that when merging with groups accustomed to a faster pace, they will recognize that a certain momentum has already been built up by those individuals who through years of application may have released a greater concentration of energy through their decree pat­terns and regular invocations.


It is to be expected that the speeding-up of the release of energy in using these decrees may result in a certain discomfort on the part of one newly sitting in. This is a discomfort which must be borne cheerfully. For until the individual has bridged the gap through rendering his own service to life by giving decrees properly in his own home, he must e prepared to follow along with those who have developed greater facility in this art. Yet patience should be exhibited by the more dexterous and facile in tempering the pace at times for the benefit und comfort of the novice.


Consider, however, beloved ones, what would happen if you were placed in a symphony orches­tra and were asked to play an instrument which you had never played before. If you were expected to play in perfect harmony with that orchestra, you would find it impossible to do so. If you were permitted to remain there, it would be by the grace of the conductor; and you would be expected to practice until you had entered into a state of harmony with the whole rather than expecting the whole to reduce its operation to your own quotient of understanding.


I am bringing forth this instruction for the purpose of contacting new students that are being drawn to hierarchy through The Summit Light­house, as well as for the enlightenment of those who through the years have doubted at various limes the efficacy of decrees.


Let me say here—for now and all time to come preceding the full manifestation of the Golden Age—that decrees will always remain as a simple and effective method of obtaining great grace from God, assisting in the unwinding of spirals of nega­tion from the human psyche, in the freeing of mankind from the effects of all inept weavings, and in the permanent establishment of a feeling of harmony within each lifestream.


There are no words which can adequately describe the wonderful feeling of peace, the ela­tion, the freedom, and the bliss which are conferred upon those advanced students who have mastered the technique of giving decrees. Therefore, I, Maitreya, desire to inspire all chelas of the Great Ones with a mighty hope concerning your future.

If you will give your decrees not only rhythmically but properly, you will then be laying up for
yourselves treasures in heaven33 and making it possible for millions among mankind caught in the riptides of cruel emotions and discordant feelings to escape and find their freedom. With quickened
pulse and high hope, these as escapees across the Berlin Wall, will at last find the longings of their
souls satisfied because of the precious offerings of your own heart.


Undoubtedly, some, by reason of ignorance will disagree with the precepts of the Most High God, and thus certainly with my teaching. Yet I do not choose to address myself to those unwilling be taught. To those who are willing to accept the great truths of Life, I say in the words of the Christ: "Because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed; blessed are they that have not seen an yet have believed."34


I say to you today then, it costs you but a little to try to decree properly and faithfully. Therefore I urge you to try to understand the meaning of decrees and to practice long enough until you become proficient in establishing through decrees the power of God in your own world as a most blessed momentum of cosmic virtue.


This shall result not only in freedom from fear and attendant worry, but also in the establishment of such a climate of divine love and service as shall give you unlimited happiness in all the days to come. Your transition, whether it be through the veil men call death or directly into the radiance of your own ascension into higher light, will be collected with greater ease if you hold your attunement high through the power of your decrees.


How do decrees compare with prayer? Beloved ones, prayer is wonderful; for through prayer, as communion with God, the grace of the Lord descends upon the supplicant's heart. But for a vital release of power from the Almighty, prayer is not to be compared with the giving of masterful decrees.


Prayer based on fear stems from an era when mankind were not yet able to apprehend the implications of their soul's relationship to their own God-identity. The idea of a man groveling before his God comes down from his ancient heritage. The past, woven over and over with the musty odor of human decay, is the record of man's descent from an awareness of immortal Selfhood to one of mortal selfhood.


The science of the spoken Word revealed by the ascended masters restores to mankind in this age the lost art of decreeing which was employed by sons and daughters of God in the early golden ages of earth's history which antedate the fall of both Atlantis and Lemuria. The practice of this science provides the way for their return to the original destiny in perfection before the expulsion from Paradise.


In short, decrees are premised upon the law of perfection and man as the beloved of God, whereas prayer presupposes man in an imperfect state—on of condemnation and confinement.


In this day of the ascending Christ consciousness when the earth is passing through higher initiations, the sincere devotee is also stretching his hands toward the glories of the Golden Age. The great release that comes from the giving of decree enables mankind by the grace of God to possess more than ordinary power here and now for his service to the greater light of God and for the bringing in of his kingdom on earth. Invocation and decrees are methods of employing the sacred fire of man's energy on behalf of his own blessed divinity.


Will you accept this method of freedom for yourself? Come then as a little child, and join your voices with those of heaven's choruses chanting in rhythmic harmony: "I AM the Lord thy Go which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt out of the house of bondage."35. 

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