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Saturday, 02 October 2010 16:00

Barbara Hand Clow

Greetings ... in this very Saturn-day of Freedom, Transformation and Diplomacy,

    These characteristics ... my beloved and sacred friends: Freedom, Transformation and Diplomacy are the characteristics of the New Golden Age.

    Freedom from Telephone, Electricity and Transportation under payment. Transformation from someone who like to create trouble, loves dishonesty and appreciate greed ... to someone who using Diplomacy find a path of Brotherhood, become Honesty and learn to Hold his Word valid like a fluent currency and transform greed in abundance ... and is capable to be happy with two hundred dollars, two thousand dollars ... or two millions dollars ...

    Yes ... this means change.

    If you had read the previous article from Lord Maitreya, you probably learned that the Path to Paradise (and we don't live in Paradise yet) ... in the daily Decree using rhythm. Please read if you did not.

    I am back today to post you a question: Where do you suppose is Prophet Isaiah? ...

    I comment the answer when I spoke about the God of the Bible, who is Anu the 4D dimensional God from Nibiru.

    You (and me) will learn from both sides ... the Gods from Odd dimensions: 5D, 7D ... and the Gods from even dimensions: 2D, 4D, 6D ...

    Let me and answer the question. Babara Hand Clow was in a previous incarnation Prophet Isaiah and she channels people from planet Orion.

    She wrote several important books ... Chiron where she comment about a planet in this solar system that astronomers does not consider that, The Pleiadian Agenda and its sequel, "Alchemy from Eleven Dimensions". Shw also wrote Heart of Christos, Liquid of Sex and Signet of Atlantis.

    I want now to continue the release of Chapter 6 from the Pleiadian Agenda, where Isaiah spoke and cry ... because the low state of consciousness of the human people.

     Now, my friends ... I-say-ya ... speaks again ... again from Barbara ... but this time the information arrives to you, more pure.


Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. If you prefer you can read Discover who is the God of the Bible ? ... and then this lesson. I include the last piece of previous speaking ... Thanks.

Satya and the Chosen People

Now that Anu is finished, I, Satya, am back. I am wondering why the stel­lar awakening has come to such an impasse within each one of you? I can feel that you won't like hearing what we Pleiadians say, but our vehicle is willing to read you.

Each one of you has a trigger point deep inside that causes you to operate on robotic energy and automatic response patterns. Maybe you think you have to be faithful to your husband because your mother told you to, so you never experience the challenge of being trustworthy? Or maybe you think you have to be faithful to your wife because your mother controlled you, but you've never enjoyed sex? Perhaps you think you have to change the world because your father told you that you didn't deserve life unless you made a difference, so you never enjoy being powerful? Or perhaps you think you can't do anything you want with your body because someone taught you limitations? These confusions are sourced in lifetimes of great power in which a force, a belief system, or a political agenda was channeled through you while you were totally conditioned to forget your­self. You were used as a tool. The Anunnaki-based secret societies have been very thorough. Each one of you was initiated into them in past lives, many of you in this lifetime. These initiations taught you how to stop feel­ing first before you acted; eventually you forgot how to feel at all, and then you stopped doing what you wanted to do. For our vehicle, that pattern comes out of having a lifetime as a Hebrew prophet in which she channeled an ascended being called Isaiah.

During the Hebrew prophetic period, the Chosen People formed their identity around the Exodus—escaping oppression by the Egyp­tians—and in those days, the Egyptians called the Hebrews, the "Hibiru." We Pleiadians do not care about whether the Egyptians oppressed the Israelites or not. From what we've seen of human behavior, they probably did worse things than anything the Israelites have accused them of. At this time, we are interested in this issue in order to understand and widen the vision of the Jews, since they are carrying the Chosen People archetype. Escaping Egyptian oppression is the same as escaping Sirian oppression, since Egypt was a Sirian culture, and the exceedingly nonjudgmental thoughtforms emerging from the Sirian/Pleiadian Alliance make it possi­ble to investigate the deep belief systems sourced in the Exodus.

In 700 B.C. my vehicle channeled a group of beings called Isaiah—"I-say-yah"—in the Temple of Solomon. That was the lifetime when our vehi­cle was plugged into by a control force; she knows it, and now she chooses to pull out the phone jack. Remember, we are wanting to discover that point when your energy becomes automatic or robotic because that is when you get disempowered or disemboweled, then you have come back again and again to repeat the same pattern. We want to find that nexus you are unable to move past that is coming out of a lifetime of great power. How do you move past it? It's easy; just become more powerful—more clear and conscious—in this life than you were before!

Isaiah and the Egyptian Temple of the Reptiles

This is, I Isaiah. In the ancient days, I was one of many channels who were bringing in Orion beings for information about who to defeat the  Egyptians. This is the same dynamic as channeling the Pleiadians, an many of the channels are getting the same information. These again are the days of prophecy. Why Orion? Our Hebrew priests discovered the Egyptians were working with Orion beings, and we went to Egypt to study in their temples to figure out how they did it. What we discovered was truly amazing.

"The Egyptians accessed Orion by working with reptiles who lived in the bowels of their power points. So we made tunnels and filled them with spring water under Mt. Moriah, and we moved in crocodiles so we also could work with the beings of Orion.4 With this technology, we got the news directly from their guides. We wanted to know what the Egyptian were tuning into so we could outfox them by using their own guidance against them. Our channels brought Orion data into the Temple Solomon on Mt. Moriah.

"I was one of the channels who was literally imprisoned in the Temple over the crocodiles because my channeling faculties were very developed. A great channel is like a radio with many stations. Once a being is call in, that being will answer any questions the questioner feels strongly about. Channeling is the most uncontrolled information source on Earth, and it has become the way to get news again, since the authorities are lying to the people, as they were in my time. Most of you know by now that the media is an Anunnaki grandstand set up to jerk you around.

"For me, the Temple of Solomon was an interrogation chamber. As get into this, please realize that I respect all of you. Mt. Moriah and the Temple of Solomon have meant millions of things to millions of people. They are powerful sacred sites in tune with Gaia. I am only telling my own story because it is time. After all, my story was distorted in the Bible, and it hurts to still be misunderstood 2600 years later. I do not believe assume any place on Earth is negative for any other consciousness in universe. I would hope that any of you who esteem this Temple would curious about the story of Isaiah, especially since the Temple is not physical form at this time. It will be rebuilt as soon as its keepers learn work with nine-dimensional access and make peace with the indigenous people of Palestine, so that it does not repeatedly get blown out of 3D. The Pleiadians have told you that the 6D Sirians hold things in morphic fields, and the original idea of the Temple of Solomon could he again reconstructed in 3D, but onlv by keepers who work with all nine dimensions. The vehicle plans to visit this Temple in 2012, for it is very sacred to all Gaians.

"As an initiate of the Temple of Solomon, I had the memory codes of all my past lives reaccessed by the rabbis. I was chosen for this channeling position because they discovered that I had been an 18th Dynasty priest in Egypt named Ichor, which means 'blood of the gods.' Our Hebrew agenda was to defeat Egypt; and selecting an initiate who has the codes of a culture one wishes to defeat is very typical of secret-society practices. Do not feel honored when a secret society invites you for initiation, since all they wants is your codes. If you wish to keep your integrity, let no one use your codes; use them only to take your power and activate your monad. In case anyone reading this wants to say I am singling out any group, remember I am exposing all Anunnaki manipulation techniques. As Isaiah, I can only port on how Anunnaki manipulation worked in my times. It will be up to all of you to decide whether this is still going on in your times.

"In that lifetime as Ichor, I was initiated into the secrets of channeling.  I was taught at Kom Ombo on the Nile, the reptile temple, and then I was taught star divination at Khem, the reptilian divination temple, just above the Delta. In case you think I am favoring the Egyptians over the Israelites, my vehicle has already documented in "The Mind Chronicles Trilogy" how being a member of a secret Egyptian cabal was hell. What is totally unique about your times is all secrecy will cease when Earth enter in the Age of Aquarius. So, please allow me to tell you about the reptilian temple.


Khem, the Reptilian Temple of the Nile Delta

“Khem is an underground tri-level complex with a fourth level on the surface just above the ridge that drops down to the Delta. The bottom level is at the water level of the Nile during the dry season. When the inundation came, the lower level filled with water and crocodiles. When the water filed the chambers of the first level, the crocodiles were forced through holes in the ceilings of the lower chambers to the next level to get oxygen. The second level was a lizard maze of channels, resting places, fish, weeds, and lotus blossoms. The ancient Egyptians even tiled the walls with swamp scenes the cataracts where the crocodile's journeys began! Once these lizards slithered into the second level, they rested, played, and tuned into their community relations. The third level under the surface temple was a series of rooms, each with a hole in the center, and set over the holes was a globular crystal lens that looked like a crystal eye. The walls of the rooms were tiled in gleaming deep aqua blue—Ptah's blue that symbolized the Blue Nile.

"One festooned grandmother hippopotamus from the White Nile lived in a woven bamboo house in the third level during the divination period. In the temple on the surface, Ichor and the temple astrologers cast natal or birth charts for all crocodiles born during one lunar cycle during a given inundation. The temple astrologers studied the crocodiles to understand the biological forces during the time of the inundation so the biological status of Earth could be communicated to the Orion Library, which is the Library of the Galactic Federation. This was how Khem functioned.

"The Eighteenth Dynasty astrologers developed natal astrology for the Orion data banks by reading the biological codes of the reptiles. This was done to enhance the harmonic form of the Blue Nile. The animals who participated were sacred. The crocodiles who were born during this period lived their lives in the sacred temple lakes up and down the Nile, and the grandmother hippo came down the Nile in a sacred boat from Aswan. Since all intentions were of the highest order, nobody was misus­ing energy. The Egyptians were a peaceful people for thousands of years because they knew how to keep busy! They understood that humankind's greatest difficulty is frustrated creativity. The outrageous beauty of Khem, the greatest lizard lounge on the planet, is a great example of creativity just for creativity's sake. Wouldn't you like to hear a crocodile natal reading?

"During a great famine that occurred when the pharaoh was weak the Hibiru came into the land of Egypt for a long sojourn. They were very surprised that the Egyptians were communicating with beings of Orion at Khem and Kom Ombo. They wanted to learn how to do this because they knew that Orion was the conduit into the 8D Galactic Federation. These beings were responsible for cosmic order and known to be very powerful and hard to access. Since Egypt was a land of power, plenty, beauty, ad harmony, the Hibiru thought the source of this good fortune must be the Galactic Federation. Actually, this was not the source of Egyptian fortune. They were just great manifestors, and they played all the time, even with crocodiles and hippos. Power is just power and it can be used for good or evil. The Egyptians discovered how to with Orion and developed very high level of manifestation consciousness from this. The Hibiru wanted to master this facility in order to get what they wanted.

"Like any power technique for accessing multidimensionality, the tel­luric realm must be worked with to access 'the powers of place;' in order to activate the telluric realm, the intention of Gaia needs to be sourced, and this was done in the bottom layer of the temple where the crocodiles rolled around in silica clay. Crocodiles are cold-blooded and they vibrate with the mineral realm. Humans are warm-blooded and vibrate with plants. Crocodiles love mud and humans love the Garden of Eden. The Egyptians found out that if they set up a temple on a reptilian power point with crocodiles vibrating in silica mud and the grandmother hippo wal­lowing in the lush plants they could divine the qualities of the 2D telluric realm with their astrologers.

"There are some power points where all the dimensions interface with the telluric realm, and Khem was one of those places. Gaia was 1D; 2D was reptiles vibrating in clay accessing telluric powers; 3D was Egyptian astrologers triggering 4D sight by analyzing planetary patterns. This lens accessed the cosmic wisdom of 5D through 9D. The Hibiru were Nibiruan adepts, and when they saw how the Egyptians worked with the crocodiles and the hippo, they wanted to learn the technique. The Egyptians were Sirian adepts, and Sirian knowledge is never secret but is rarely under­stood. That was the point of the appropriate lens. If this is confusing to you, have you ever read a book all the way through and had no idea what it said? This is because you did not have the inner knowledge to access that book at that time. Sirian knowledge is open to all because it can't be comprehended unless the person seeking it has 6D sight. This sight is rare; it is always cause for celebration whenever anyone on Earth attains these levels. The Egyptian and Greek temples, and Hopi dances, for example, ire open to all visitors for this reason.

"Egypt, Greece, and Hopiland are revered, feared, and often invaded because they trigger jealousy. Whenever you feel jealousy toward someone for their talents, watch it! Examine that ugly emotion, cease what you are doing immediately, and petition to study what you covet. The Hebrew people are a cosmically talented race of people; possibly this original envy set in only because the Egyptians were more advanced than the Hibiru during the time of the Exodus. Envy and jealousy may be the most caustic emotions you create, but the jury is out on that because just when it looks like you've found the worst one, you find another. In case I sound like a moralist or ethicist, I am. That's the one quality you'll find in the Book of Isaiah that is accurately portrayed.

"When the Hibiru came into Egypt, they asked to study in the tem­ples, and of course they were welcome. After studying at Khem during one inundation, the Hibiru could see that the Egyptians had figured out how to utilize the planets as dimensional lenses. (When anyone works with the magical system of another, great risk is involved. Much care must be taken by the adepts in training to shift their own bodies to adapt to a new energy form. To do this, the new energy frequency must be totally integrated, and the heart must be opened so pure teaching can be received.) Meanwhile, the Hibiru were in a hurry because they wanted to return to their land, the Fertile Crescent. The Egyptians were using all 12 planets for their divina­tion lenses. To master this dynamic would require studying during 12 inundations, a full cycle of Jupiter around the Sun, which was required of all Egyptian astrologers since Jupiter is the home of the mastery codes for Earth.

"To the Hibiru, the Egyptian adepts were brilliant but archaic. All the Hibiru needed was the technique, not the whole process. Why not just set up the system itself and then just utilize Nibiru, they thought. For the Egyptians, the 4D planetary archetypal realm could only be accessed by utilizing all the planets plus the Moon. The Egyptian Ennead is based on this belief, and the Egyptians were, and still are fundamentally polytheis­tic. They were dismayed when the Hibiru decided to leave Egypt after one year, because they knew that partial mastery of any system results in disaster. In this case, the spatial dimension of Earth's solar system is expressed by all 12 bodies; if anyone on Earth used this powerful reptilian divination skill with only one planet, they would become obsessed with the archetype of that planet—monotheism. Monotheism breeds fanatical anthropocentrism, which eventually destroys Earth. So the Egyptian repeated the principle of 12 again and offered all the knowledge they had to the Hibiru.

"The Egyptians offered to teach by their own example. For example if the Egyptians had a dilemma, such as a potential war, they waited for a lunar cycle during an inundation when Mars was in certain key alignment to ask 5D through 9D guides about battle plans. Egypt was a land of peace that repelled outside influence from 10,800 In 1600 B.C.   by setting the clear intention that they did not want to do battle. Before the breakdown of the Blue Nile in the latter days of the Eighteenth Dynasty, the Egyptians kept warfare to a minimum. Sometimes violence occurred at the borders where they fed hungry people, but the inner field of the Blue Nile was held for thousands of years, and it still exists from Saquara through Giza plateau to Khem. Enemies might show up from any direction, but the Egyptians had created a zone of peace, which they maintained with great awareness. The Nile was home to any visitors who arrived. The Egyptians ascertained the desires of the visitors and absorbed them into their kingdom. What was this to them? The Egyptians assumed that each person who appeared was a teaching for them. They rarely travelled, and visitors gifted them with storytelling in exchange.

"The Hibiru were one of the groups who showed up periodically horn the northeast saying 'I'm hungry. I need clothing and shelter.' The Egyptians would absorb them and take care of their needs, especially since they knew the Hibiru had been driven out of their land by nomads coming in from the north of the Levant. They had an extraordinary ability to absorb because they had a very creative providential culture.

"I, Isaiah, could access any source, and the Temple wanted to know everything possible about Sirian records. So, I tapped into my past-life records as Ichor and informed the Temple about the codes of Khem. I got Sirian data by reading a cubicle room with yellow sandstone square walls, square ceiling and floor under the Sphinx. I accessed this room in 700 B.C.; and soon this access is going to open again for the whole world. This time a new level of integrity is available if you will examine what has gone before. That is all that is required. Those of you who hold these access codes are going to feel your brains synchronizing for this. The adepts of the Temple of Solomon were actually able to get into the room under the Sphinx with their minds, and so, of course, they can do it again, but only if they let go of their deep hatred of the pharaohs.

"The room under the Sphinx is the repository of all the records of Egyptian multidimensional access. It contains all the tools and techniques. There are no things, no objects, simply knowledge in this empty space. I was very disturbed that our Temple could read this knowledge, since this record bank belonged to the Egyptian people. This was meant to be a knowledge source, a generator, a field, for the people of the Nile. This was not meant for Canaanite minds, because the Egyptian mind is Sirian, and the Canaanite mind is Nibiruan.

"To really comprehend any information, you must first know how the mind of the channel works. In my times, I was involved in life and politics, as well as in the Temple of Solomon. In spite of what went on in my life, deep inside I had a soul that operated in pure integrity. I had objections to what was going on in my world, then sometimes I felt comfortable with what was transpiring. I felt saddened that my people, the Hibiru, didn't use their own sources of knowledge during the Eighteenth Dynasty, and I felt sad that my people were using Egyptian sources in my time. 'Why are my people seeking to steal the knowledge of other lands instead of remem­bering their own?' This is the central question of human existence—the riddle of the Sphinx. Egypt exists just to keep humanity asking questions, and my people exist only to find a home.

"I was trained to visualize the room under the Sphinx and glean infor­mation from it. I am a Hebrew prophet of the Temple of Solomon, I was bar mitzvahed, I am a keeper of the Torah, and I wander in the desert seek­ing Yahweh. All of that I am proud of, but my work with the room under the Sphinx makes me feel so guilty that my pain reverberates through time, because I never found my source of knowledge. All my life I wondered, why do we have to steal from the Egyptians? Why don't we access the power of the land of Israel where we wanted to be given home. As you know from the story of Isaiah told by my vehicle in Signet of Atlantis,''5 studied with the indigenous Canaanites. They taught me about their sacred sites and their guides—Pleiadians—but this knowledge was barrel from the Temple. These people are still waiting to gift their exquisite hearts into the Temple. Oh, I cry in pain through time for soon this pain will overwhelm all people of Earth.

"Perhaps it is just me? Maybe it is only my heart that is split because my higher self was not integrated with my personality self since I was being used by the Temple? Am I the only one? I am alive on this planet, and am a channel of extraterrestrials. Everyone has a noble self, but we were dealing with Egyptians who couldn't figure us out. They were unsophisticated, and they walked around claiming they are integrated—not split their hearts. As I stay with my pain, my higher self is saying that I never heard what the Egyptians said to me because I was two-hearted.

"I channeled the Orion beings to find out how, to destroy the Egyptians, and all I knew about Egypt was that it was the plat e we could always go to by heading southwest when we needed help. Egypt is where the people are always loaded with goods shining in the Sun. I was not con­scious of these agendas because I was not aware of my higher self. I could not imagine it, since Yahweh was spirit and I was not spirit. Would you be able to imagine an idea like soul if nobody had ever suggested such a potentiality?

"Integration of the higher self was counter to my background. As Isaiah, Hebrew prophet, I was one of the 'Suffering Servants of Israel.' To stop suffering, I'd have to throw off all the layers and conditioning and leave the Temple. I wonder if the ancient Egyptians had a higher self, or was the spirit in crocodiles? The Orion beings were communicating through the nine dimensional axis of Khem to the Egyptians. To examine a particular issue, the Egyptians were using whatever planetary lens was appropriate for a given question, such as Mars about war or Venus for romance. They were a Sirian race of very high intentional brilliance, and they understood it was of divine order, a great gift from the cosmos, to utilize this nine-dimensional technology. It only worked positively if they were clear about their intentions. This knowledge could never be used to acquire something. They knew how to manifest any reality; they literally could get anything, but this technology could only be used if they never influenced the reality of anyone else. They knew how to get but never take. The Egyptians were as acquisitive as everybody else. They had no problem going for anything they wanted, but they knew they did not have the right to interfere in someone else's reality. They knew that anything they took from someone, whether covert or out in the open, would cause an energy suck on the Blue Nile. Conversely, they knew that everything they got through manifestation had to be shared with anyone who came their home.


"We did not comprehend this ethos, and the Egyptians didn't know anyone looked at the world differently. They couldn't imagine that anyone could take in order to get. As we were stealing their information, they thought they were sharing with us! Unless people know how to manipulate others, they are unable to realize that someone is manipulating them. And we stole from them, we didn't really know what we were getting, but it was obvious they would give us anything we wanted. Now it's time to understand this, because we blamed them for what came out of our robbery of them.


"Remember, when planets are used for 4D divination, then the can­opy over 4D accesses 5D through 9D. (See Fig. 10.) The Egyptians used all the planets and the Moon to activate that canopy, while the Hibiru decided to just utilize Nibiru for activating it. Now remember, when the Egyptians did it, if they thought Venus was the appropriate planet, then they assumed that they had the right to consult with the Venusians for their expertise. When doing manifestation work with Venusians, they always gifted them—and Egyptian jewelry is exquisite due to Venusian influence. There was reciprocity and this was enjoyable. The Egyptians also had many esoteric technologies that they had garnered from many other sources. Being a hybrid human/Sirian race, they had access to many stellar sources. The Hibiru did not, they wanted to steal the technologies, and so they did. Here's what happened. . .

I, Isaiah, can report that we activated the 4D canopy in the Temple of Solomon, and then the Anunnaki simply carried out our wishes. The Temple of Solomon was the locus for the Anunnaki to operate through the Hebrew people. Yahweh was not in control of Earth, but the Hebrews assumed covenantal powers. The Anunnaki were willing to impulse people to carry out Hebrew plans in exchange for the establishment and maintenance of the Temple of Solomon.

"What I, Isaiah, have just said is disgustingly blasphemous, but the psychology of it is very obvious to any one who is an American. The United States has done the same thing by selecting Mars for its god and trying to be the dominant Superpower. Since the stated agenda of the Anunnaki has always been to take over the world—New World Order— then by using them to get something, you become them. As for the United States, by using war to get things, the United States has become Mars—violent. The United States of America used to be the breadbasket of the world and now it is the weapons manufacturer of the planet.6 These things will continue until they are seen and renounced by all of you. As we were swallowed by one point of view—monotheism—so were you and your nation will fall as mine did. Remember, I lived when the Temple was destroyed, and this split my heart.

"Yahweh was simply the perfect diversion, the perfect coverup, and then he became an eternal smokescreen. I was not happy being a channel for the agenda of the Temple of Solomon. I was a cipher. I did not do what I wanted to do, and I was in pain because I knew my people could have been more evolved than this. I was not proud of my role, but my personal coding system was intermeshed with the temple system once I got initi­ated. My body was like a computer chip stuck inside a computer, and if I moved, I would bend the prongs and eons of knowledge would be blown out of the Temple or my brain wouldn't work anymore. I was a cipher who transmitted Orion information, otherwise I'd get pulled out of the com­puter and my brain would be blown, as if by an aneurysm. Because I was initiated into a secret society, I did not make any of my own choices.

"There was no meaning in anything, and all I knew was control over my creativity. That control over me was transmitted through the Book of Isaiah, which you think has great meaning. Watch it: ‘mean-ing’ means control, and my book, as well as most of the Bible, creates a direct conduit for Yahweh into your mind. On Nibiru, Yahweh is just a minor clerk in a back office. We were told to be in the Temple for meaning, and it became incomprehensible to just be without a reason. I was a man who found no meaning in anything during the 60 years I channeled in the Temple of Solomon. There is only experience and creativity, no real meaning. That's the point of 3D! Don't try to make 3D into something it isn't. It is a place where realities can intersect through lenses. Meaning is mean because it forces one point of view, and eventually wars happen between the points of view. In the Book of Isaiah, every word is the exact reversal of what you think it is. Creativity and beauty could come back into my book if you'd only listen to the sounds in it. I, Isaiah, am ready to sign off for now. I have spoken to you, my people."

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