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Not only Sciences or Studies in Humanities, but also World's Religions.

Please note the name "Humanities". Why are not Humanities ... Mathematics, or Physics, or Chemistry ... still Biology or Medicine?

All World's Religions are supported. Not only the Christ Religions but also the Islam, or Buddhism, as well Confucianism.

When I read what Confucianism means, I said I am Confucian ... but honestly I am all ...

We are humans ... not computers or cellular phones ... or animals. We are humans, and only we can recognize a God, neither animals or machines.



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81 I speak especially to you, you who have come only recently into the understanding of the teachings. ... by Saint Germain Administrator 1260
82 The need to perfect the Quest ... to the Lord ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1363
83 A Taoist Teaching: A Taoist Charlatan and a Tao Man by Lieh Tzu Administrator 1399
84 What is the correct date of Jesus's birth? ... Administrator 1308
85 Editorial #187: What I would do ... if I were Saint Germain? ... Administrator 1758
86 Where is Havilah? Where is Gihon? ... Where is the Garden of Eden? ... by Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1511
87 What means the return of Maitreya? ... What means the Return of Jesus? ... by Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1415
88 Future Technologies to release ... 'Taoist Teachings' (Vol 3 - Forgotten Science and New Age) ... Administrator 1386
89 Editorial #175: The return of the Christ of the East ... The Return of the Twin ... Administrator 1344
90 Ascension does NOT means ... 'All Karma resolved ...' Administrator 1248
91 Why King David ... do not built the Temple? ... Administrator 1238
92 The Truth is coming ...Announcing 'The Book of Apocalypse explained ...' (2nd Edition) Administrator 1241
93 Who is Maitreya? ... Is Maitreya the Buddha to come? ... What means? ... Administrator 1228
94 E Madre Maria ha detto: "Sono stata Nonna ..." da Giovanni A. Orlando. Administrator 1135
95 Chi è il Consolatore? ... scritto da Giovanni A. Orlando. Administrator 1275
96 Perché Gesù disse: 'Solo attraverso di me si raggiunge il Padre'? per Giovanni A. Orlando Administrator 1236
97 How many fishes catch Peter after Lord Jesus ask him to place the net again? ... Administrator 1221
98 Volete conoscere la Storia della Genesi ? ... parla L'Arcangela Ametista ... Administrator 1220
99 Jesús nos trae una Buena Nueva: 'No tengais Iglesia. Tened la vuestra' por el Maestro Jesús. Administrator 1300
100 Di cosa ha paura la Chiesa? (Il Significato del '666')... scritto da Giovanni A. Orlando riportando un messaggio di Kryon. Administrator 2183
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