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Monday, 22 July 2019 14:01


Greetings in the Mars-day ... the Pink day of Koot Hoomi ... the day of the Love of God ...

        Now ... may be you know ... I, Giovanni ... publish and reveal ... or explain ... "The Book of Apocalypse" of John of Patmos.

        I take some years to do that ... first announcing Jesus return ... then after Jesus return ... Opps ...

        These are the books ...

(Click to read in Google ...)

     In both books ... first in English (June 2010) ... Italian (December 2012) ... I publish these results about "The Years" ... which includes ...    

   Kryon and Kirael help us to list and write this simple list:

1. Beginning (2008), 2+0+0+8=10, 1+0=1
2. Balance (2009), 2+0+0+9=11, 1+1=2
3. Catalyst (2010)
4. Gaia (2011)
5. Change (2012)
6. Communication (2013)
7. Sacredness (2014)
8. Mastery (2015)
9. Conclusion (2016) ...
10. New Beginning Again ...(2017)
11. Illumination (2018)

      2018 - Illumination  (2).
      2019 - Catalyst        (3).
      2020 - Gaia               (4).
      2021 - Change        (5).
      2022 - Communication  (6).
      2023 - Sacredness    (7).
      2024 - Mastery       (8).
      2025 - Conclusion    (9).
      2026 - New Beginning Again (10).
      2027 - New Illumination (11).

      2027 - New Illumination (11).

      2027 - New Illumination (11).

      ... Of Course ... I have lived ... all past years (2007-2008 ... 2012 ... 2015 ... 2019) ...

      Check: https://www.kryon.com/cartprodimages/downloadsmithfield_07.html

      You can also follow a Lesson on Numerology ... Opps ...

An Angel ... talking in Sin-City? ... There must be a mistake ...



    What you tell you? ... Well, we tell you nothing ... this 2019 ... is a Year of Acceleration or Catalyst ... Why? ... because an Angel (Kryon) say it? ... No. The Angel say ... what is Truth. It is up to you to accept or deny.

     Do you know the numbers involved in the Miracles of Lord Jesus? ... By example 153 ... the number of fishes on the net ...

     Why 153? ... and not 154? ... or 152? ... How he (Lord Jesus) know the number of fishes? ... because the "process" ... or the "number of the form" (casting the fishes on the net ... is 153 ...)

     Is possible to Square the Circle? ... What means? ... Is possible to find two numbers ... a and b ... where a/b meets ... Pi? ...

     Please check ...

    So it is. dear ones, that these new ones whom you will some day meet send you the messages in the fields of MATHEMATICS, so that you will understand the universal code of geometry to put together the puzzle, to be prepared for communication. Why geometry? Geometry is the common math of all Jthe universe. The math within the shapes is universal to all computation and is absolute. It is the desired method, therefore, of communication of principles of science.

Now there will be additional "eye rolling" when we say that the patterns in the grass are very much like receiving letters from relatives! Some of you will understand totally when we say, "First come the letters; then come the relatives." Those of you with large families will understand this very well. Those who discount the patterns in the grass will have a revelation when the "relatives" arrive.

The patterns, therefore, are messages of symbols and mathematics from the relatives to you personally. Very much like you sent pictures and symbols on the placards of spacecraft sent out of your solar system for any other life form to see and understand. So it is with the patterns in the field.

Now, there are three reactions to these patterns in the fields. The first reaction comes from humans who firmly believe that the patterns could not be created by anything but other humans. They look at the patterns and they simply go on about their business unimpressed. The second reaction is the dangerous one. For these are the ones who are angry. They see the patterns as being a trick, or a fraud on humanity. So they set out to create their own patterns in the grass that somehow will disprove the origin of the original ones. They mimic and successfully copy the original ones, turning to humanity saying, "See, ours are identical. Therefore the originals are fake."

Now the logic of this is unsound. These say. "Because we are able to mimic and copy these patterns, the originals must also have come from, humans." Where is the logic in the statement that if you can. copy something, therefore the original is not an original? Although this makes no logical sense, humans have grasped it with both arms and agreed that it must be so. Who is actually doing the tricking here?

This trick of logic is not new. Throughout your history there have been many who have tried to discount the existence of God by mimicking the miracles of God. They have said. "We are able to simulate these seeming miracles by illusion; therefore the originals were also illusion, and therefore God does not exist." Look to the scriptures in the book of Exodus for an example.

The third group are the ones who understand they are seeing the beginning of a new paradigm. These are the ones who sit here tonight that we honor, for these are the ones who will make a difference for the entire planet. These are the ones to whom we give the following information: dear ones, all that is being presented is done to give you good information about the workings of the Universe, and the things to come for your planet.

One important code that is currently being transmitted in pattern after pattern is an important message about your planetary mathematics. We tell you this again, to the accompaniment of great scientific eye rolling from your established elders.

All your science and your mathematics is surrounded now by what you call a BASE-10 system. It is convenient for you and it is easy, lot it allows quick calculation ability. But galactic math and the math of Spirit is all BASE-12. This is information that is critical for you to know and begin to understand for you to communicate correctly with these who are coming.

What follows are interesting examples of how Spirit has given you hints as to the BASE-12 system for eons, that you have essentially ignored. As we notate each one, perhaps a pattern will emerge in your mind that indeed we have been giving you messages all along regarding the importance of the 12.

  1. The first and most important clue is the science of Astrology. OH! The scientists are closing the book! They say, "We knew it! Kryon is going to talk about the occult as if it were science. Magic and mysticism have no part in pure science." We say again, that the reason Astrology is brought up here is because it is scientific! It is not magic. It is the measurement of magnetics at the time of human entry onto the Earth plane to determine the imprint attributes at the cellular level. When you finally understand how magnetics imprint the cells, you will understand why the magnetics of the solar system relate to your life! We invite you to look at the base-12 system in Astrology. How many signs of the Zodiac? How many houses? Why 24-hour periods? Why are things laid out the way they are? If this represents magnetics of the planet, moon and stars, what is the significance of it all being base-I2? The reason is that Astrology has to do primarily with the Earth. This makes it actual geoscience (Earth related science), and all geoscience will be base-12.
  2. Next we bring to you another important fact, and it shakes hands so well with Astrology. We speak now of geometry. Now, dear ones, we have already told you that the math of the universe is geometric math. It has to do with shapes, and energies around shapes. We cannot give you a more important message than to look at the metaphoric symbolism around the solutions of common geometric mathematical problems. They actually tell of your lineage, and they tell of man and woman and your relationship to God! All this from the shapes within the circles. At each angle and corner there is news for you which is spiritual. In its beauty and its simplicity it is, dear ones, a base-12 system. And those of you who are mathematical, and use geometry- will understand the beauty of the recurring; sixes, threes and nines. We have told you in past channelings of some of the shapes of the New Age. We have shown you what Kryon looks like, and we have given you hints as to the meaning and beauty of your own Merkabah. Within all of these there are messages determined by the shapes and colors. Geometry is actually the language of the Universe! We have told you to look for the six-pointed three dimensional star. This star is constructed within a sphere, and spherical geometry is the geom-etry of the Universe. It also represents all dimensionality. It is indeed filled with beauty far in excess of its simple form... and it is all base-12.
  3. Do you see it as an accident that the Jewish calendar of twelve months has survived this long? Why twelve months? you might ask. It is because it is geoscience again. It had to be twelve because it corresponds with the Earth and the system of rotation around the Sun. It only made sense, so it remained a twelve-base system. The same is true for your compass, for it is three hundred and sixty degrees, and is geoscience. It had to be that way, for it corresponds to spherical geometry. It is no mystery that all things related to geoscience represent a base-12, for geoscience represents a circle (as in geometry). What a hint this is that everything to do with the Earth works in twelves!
  4. Now my partner wants to interject something humorous. All of those who have made great efforts to bring your society into the metric system will be horrified to find out there are twelve inches in a foot, and thirty six inches in a yard. Is it a mistake that your society originally formed a base-12 measuring system? Why-twelve? Why thirty six? Why three feet? Indeed! Do you think this was a hint?
  5. Again it is Earth geoscience that demands that there be 24 hours in an Earth rotation, and 12 hours in a day. This means that your body resonates to an internal clock in twelves! Think about it.
  6. Now let us take this example into the spiritual. It was no accident, dear ones, that Jacob had twelve sons. And that those twelve sons founded the twelve tribes of Israel. For it is a sacred number! It is universal, galactic math. It is intuitive. And when the New Age master arrived on the Earth, do you think it was an accident that He surrounded himself with twelve disciples? No! For it is universal, galactic math, and it makes sense. Do you think this was a hint?
    And now we will tell you something else about this sacred galactic math that again will make the eyes roll in the heads of scientists everywhere on the planet. The number which you call ππ is incorrect! Dear ones, why would Spirit give you such an irrational number within the sacredness of geometry? The number for ππ does not go on forever. Also of interest is that your π π is relative only to your own time frame. Universal ππ is different from yours. This will only become clear when you understand what time does to spherical shapes (there is a an actual physical relationship change). Therefore π must be adjusted to correspond to the time frame of the shape! Even within the universe that you can see, there are many values for π, since there are many areas that have their own specific time/space attributes. Each separate area is therefore relative to its own physics.
  7. Those of you familiar with sound healing are already working closely with a musical scale that is common to most Earth musical instruments. Did you ever wonder why we gave you twelve basic musical steps? This is so powerful, it is amazing that you have not immediately plugged it into your mathematics! How do the vibrational attributes of the twelve musical steps correlate to math? It shouts base-12!
  8. Let us bring this example list finally to your biology. Dear ones, you have been told by other channels something which has been discussed by Kryon as well: that you have twelve strands of DNA. Why do you think there are twelve? 1 For those who don't believe you have twelve, we ask you then to simply look at the two you do believe in. When you look at the two visible biological strands, what do you see in the organization of them? The answer is that you see the pattern of four repealed three times...over and over and over. So your biology and your DNA structure is base twelve! We also ask those who have studied the ancient science of acupuncture, "How many meridians did the masters teach you were on each side of the human body?" Naturally the answer is twelve!
    We ask you to ponder these things. From the biological to the spiritual to the geometric... all the way to astrology. It is accurate and true, and lying there for you to see. And the patterns in the grass tell you these things and encourage you to look at a base-12 mathematical scenario. It says, "Start understanding and using base-12, for you are going to need it when the relatives arrive."
  9. Finally we say this for you to ponder the "hints" we have given you regarding using twelve as your base. When you and Spirit planned the important "passing of the torch" for the entire Earth (as channeled in this book), you could have used any date you wished to be symbolic as to the importance of the day. Together we chose 12:12. When you multiply twelve times twelve you get 144. This represents the sacred number of those 144,000 who were asked to take ascension status on this 12:12 date."
Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando
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