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Saturday, 16 March 2019 15:03


Greetings ... in the day of Sabbath ...

     What is Life? ... Well ... God is Life.

     However, Science cannot solve this puzzle because is an Empirical Science.

    There is no eternal chaos. There is only eternal order in manifestation.

Saint Germain explains ...

God is, and because he is, man is. This has been said before, let it be said again. If God is—and we know that he is—and if he is law—and we know that he is—then that law is not only the law of life but also the law by which life can be exercised.

Man should first of all develop the habit of infiring himself with determination, becoming thereby a literal spark plug of cosmic identification.

  ... There are no Scientific release here ... but only the words to let you consider there are a Solution.

   By example Prigogine say ...

The problem of biological order involves the transition from the molecular  activity to the supermolecular order of the cell. This problem is far from being  solved.  Often biological order is simply presented as an improbable physical state created and maintained by enzymes resembling Maxwell’s demon ...

   But is ALL ... Gosip and Shows ... there are no Science ... but bits of Information.

    What is an Angel? ... What is a Demon? ...

    You can read ...

Since the angels are most fearsome to the demons, it is they who move. But sometimes you also remove yourselves from those places where your soul would imbibe an unhealthy atmosphere. And so it is wise.

  Check ... the Words of Lord Maitreya ...

Feast of the Resurrection Flame
The Dilemma of the Soul in the Evolutionary Cosmos
A Message on the Dark Cycle and the Light Cycle in Capricorn from the Eternal Chain of Hierarchy

    From point of view is an exercise for you ... An Exercise unsolved in over 150 years ...

Happy Salted day,
Happy Sabbath.
Giovanni A. Orlando.

PS. You can read Saint Germain words here ...
Endowed with the Potential for Immortality
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