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Greetings in the Sacred Royal Thor-day of the Truth ... when a disbeliever ... Pilate ask "What is the Truth"? ... to the King of Kings, The Holy Master ...

    And from many years ... there are an expectation about ... "Maitreya, The Buddha that has to come".

    This expectation is so old and incisive still in India with Reverend Charles Leadbeater that consider ... he found Maitreya in the person of Krishnamurti. Both persons Master Leadbeater and Master Krisnamurti die and today we have a "suffering" World.

     But I AM not interested to talk about "bad" Past ... but still about ... Antique Past ... Eons ago far beyond in the Far places without Space.

     The First talk ... I listen in recent years ... June 10th, 2009 ... (Is Free you can listen this ...)



     In this Audio (there are Many) ... mostly included in my book @TheBookofApocalypsexplained ... included with others from Master Jesus and Archangel Michael and Gabriel.

    Lord Maitreya explains he dwell on "IA" on Sirius ... therefore his name can be called "MAITRE-IA" ... Also Mary dwell there, also Koot Hoomi (Saint Francis) as well Germain (Saint Germain).

    Maitreya explained that he arrived (12-12-12) ... The Audio date is 2009 ... and then he will unite again with his Twin, Lord Jesus.


   Therefore what you know ... for my Son ... Your Sons ... and Divisions of your Soul and Multiplication of your DNA.

   Therefore Lord Jesus was originally (a Son) of Lord Maitreya ... and now is a Brother, his Twin Brother.

    And in another Audio ... Maitreya explained was his Hand, Maitreya's Hand to be pierced by the Roman Soldier (from Calabria, Italy) that traverse the Christ's Hands.

    And Maitreya say ... "Brother, take my Hand ... Let them pierce my Hand, not Yours" ...


      The Impostors, the Thief, The Barabbas ... The Delinquents ... did!


      Continuing ... Master Jesus explained he do not suffer ... the trial. Nothing ... and was "Plan B" ... Plan A was he remain with us ...

      Now ... in the Audio Above ... Maitreya explained (in 2009) ... he will return before (December 12, 2012) ... and the day the Master Return was February, 10th 2012. He take some months ... but now in April 2017 ... and from many years ... he is Physical.

      Is very rare you can meet ... Lord Maitreya ... you need to be ... "A Maitreya".

      Now ... Like Master Jesus is one of his Parts ... There are many dozen of Maitreya in the World ... Many, Male and Female ... Maitreya's Ones.


      Now ... Beloved Elizabeth Clare explained a sacred Truth ... "Like attracts Like" ...

     Now if President Obama ... or now President Donald Trump ... or any President ... visit Italy ... They ... never will visit you and/or me ... We are not like ... them.

     But ... if (or when) ... Lord Jesus returned ... all "Like-him" ... welcome him ... and see him ...

     Not Physics ... not World's Religions ... explain the Exact truth ... but you can accept ... "Like attract Like" ...

    You live in a Place ... "Like" you are ... is Just ... The World is "Like" must be ... And the World will become "Like" must become ... Is Mathematics (not Probability).


      Therefore ... A Soldier perform his duty ... So a Christian-One ... a Christian ... and Christ, Jesus Christ ... was and is a Soldier of Archangel Gabriel ... like Buddha, like Lao Tsu, Like Yuan Yin ... as well minor soldiers and ladies ... like (today ascended) Mark L. Prophet (who was Lancelot and today is Beloved Lanello) or Elizabeth today (Beloved Clare) ... or Godfre Ray King (today beloved Godfre) ... or anyone of the Millions ... not 144,000 Ones ... but Millions of Holy persons ... Ascending with the Planet ... to 4D ... and to 5D.


   Now ... to answer Pilate Truth ... by Archangel Michael ... "What is Truth?" ... we can say ...

Long ago when the Christ stood before Pilate, the call was made, saying, "What is truth?"

Blessed ones, Truth stands revealed in the Presence of the Christ, and the Christ is the Light which lights every man, every child, every one that is born in the world, and sustains their light through every moment which they are conscious.

 Therefore, blessed ones, recognize the Christ image in mankind. And therefore, you shall serve with me to defend the faith, to sustain the powers of light, and to keep the sword of blue flame active, cutting mankind free and freeing this world until the Great White Brotherhood can effectively disseminate through the educational channels of the world that knowledge which will cover the earth as a great sea of knowledge, and everyone shall know God as he is.

Think ...

For truth you live. For truth Christ lived. For it is truth, as the flame of the Mother, that sets her children free.

The fallen ones know not their state of bondage. They know not they need freedom. And they ask, "What is truth?" Listen not to them. Go not their way. For they will never cease in their subtlety to attempt to entwine their bodies round about you and to compel you by the imitation of the magnetic coil into the magnetism of their underworld.

You are from above. Therefore, look up and live. Look to the center of the Sun and affirm:

In Saint Germain's name, I AM free—now and forevermore!


 Now ... let me talk ... about the Legend of Maitreya ... anointed by Buddha Shakyamuni ... who was Lord Maitreya in one of his past Incarnations ... He was also Krishna ... Is NOT A MISTAKE ... to say ... Lord Jesus was the Buddha (Shakyamuni) ... and IS NOT A Mistake to say Jesus was Krishna ... because was the ORIGINAL SOUL.

Lovers ... attract each other because ... they were Lovers in Past Lives ... The Mechanical World do not consider this Truth.

The Latest Buddha (who was ... who is today Lord Maitreya) ... said when he walked between us ... and printed in the Long Discourses of the Buddha ...

26. Cakkavatti-Sihandda Sutta: The Lion's Roar on the Turning of the Wheel. At the beginning and end of the discourse, the Buddha exhorts his monks to 'keep to their own preserves' by the practice of mindfulness. Then he tells of a 'wheel-turning monarch' (a righteous ruler) who had the sacred Wheel-Treasure, which had to be carefully guarded. He was followed by a line of righteous kings, but eventually they degenerated, and society went from bad to worse, while the human life-span sank to ten years and all sense of morality was lost. After a brief but dreadful 'sword-interval' things improved, and finally another Buddha, Metteyya (Sanskrit Maitreya) will appear.

Would be possible ... Lord Maitreya (Buddha Shakyamuni) said a non-Truth? ... Impossible.

First of all ... Buddhism ... must firstly ... talk about the Many Incarnations of the Buddha ... who was ... Lord Maitreya (returned) ... Yes! ... He is also walking between people in Disastrous places ... like Yemen, Syria, Libya and others.

First of all ... Religions ... ALL World's Religions ... must explain ... The Incarnations of the Masters ...

  • Lord Maitreya was Buddha Shakyamuni.
  • Lord Maitreya was Krishna ... He is not a Mistake ... Lord Jesus was the Buddha and neither is also Krishna ... is not a mistake.
  • King David in Israel ... was Master Jesus. (Part of this was ... his trial on the Cross ... not all).
  • Moses was also Lord Jesus ...
  • Mohammad was also Lord Jesus ...
  • Abel was Lord Jesus.
  • Abraham was El Moria (King Arthur)
  • Serapis Bey was King Leonidas and also Phidias (the name Phi comes from him). He save us from Apocalyspe ... so what you see is a Saved World.
  • Hermes was Saint Germain.
  • King Solomon was Saint Germain ... and Joseph, Mentor (not Father, but Husband of Mary).
  • Mother Mary was Isis ... in Egypt ...

Mostly mistakes can be solved ... adding the Salt of this Truth ... The Arch of Being ... to know the many places the Soul return ... here on Earth, The Garden in the Hands of Barabbas ... using the Mathematics of Cain ... who is "Modern Mathematics" ... simply ... not the The Edenic Math.

    ... Now ... The Prediction of Lord Maitreya are Right ... One of them ... One of the Maitreya(s) will exalt and become a Blue Buddha

    There are many Buddha types:

The answer comes from the Tibetan Book of Death (don't be afraid).

Buddha name:
Perturbed Emotion
Hate, Anger
Higher Wisdom

Sphere of all Wisdom

Mirror Wisdom




Spontaneous Realization of Acts

Double Vayra
The Five components of
States from where you got free
Evil States
Evil Souls
Titans or Anti-Gods


This means that ... previous Buddha was a buddha-Vairocana ... which Symbol was ... The Wheel ... Lord Maitreya (Buddha Shakyamuni)

This also explains that the Next buddha is a AKSOBHYA-Buddha ... which symbol is the Vajra



I can tell you more ... Master Jesus ... lived an Intense Training ... from his first days where the Magi (Melchior/Gaspar/Balthazar) train him in High Medicine ... Colors etc ... then he moved to Tibet ... like Elizabeth Clare explains ...

There are Papers (for disbelievers) that prove that Master Jesus ... studied and lived in Tibet ... where gain Mastery. Then he return to Israel ... begin to talk and then marry Mary Magdalen (A Saint Priestess) ... She rise the Bloodline of Lord Jesus across the Templar Knights ... 

Also Hebrew are expecting the Lion of Jerusalem ... Also Christian are expecting the Master ... Also Muslim are expecting Mohammad (who always is Lord Jesus) ... but this World IS NOT The Center of the Universe ... This World is like a Bad Town of Delinquents ... A Lost Paradise ... a "Caracas" ... My Birth-City in Extreme Troubles ... Not the center of the Universe ... like Claim Arrogant Atheist Scientist ... still today around ...

... You need to await the Right Time ... And the Right Maitreya ...

I can advice a Book ... and will quote a phrase to end ...

The Book is ...

Whenever there is a withering of the law and
an uprising of lawlessness on all sides,
then I manifest Myself.

For the salvation of the righteous
and the destruction of such as do evil,
for the firm establishing of the Law,
I come to birth age after age.

THE BHAGAVAD GITA Book 4, Sutra 7, 8.


May be you ... become Holy.


Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando.

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