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Greetings in the day of Archangels Michael and Gabriel ... the day of the Will ... the Will of God ...

       And in this day ... my Words will not represent or inspire what ... a so Great Being ... in extreme Love ... still able to let a City descend from Heaven, Shamballa ... and because the indifference ... because this has been the design for many longer years ... ascend back to Heaven.

      You ... have no idea ... what means Power ... or Heavenly Power ... and he, this Sanat ... there are other beauty, Sacred Lords ... in his dedication is only Superior for extreme Love to my Friend and Master Saint Germain.

       Therefore ... I am giving you two Lords ... Sanat Kumara ... who was listened by Apostle Daniel in his days ... one of the few ... and Saint Germain, the King of Israel that build the Temple ... these two Saints ... friends and helpers of Master Jesus ... that you may never know or hear about.

        This book ... is extremely Great ... far beyond your imagination ...

     His dictations were about 1979 ... until 1999 ... While, in the Book of Apocalypse explained (only Italian Edition) ...


      Now ... if these concepts are for you ... unimportant ... and are important a Lotion or a Perfume or a pair of Shoes ... Well, so is "You for Heaven" ... unimportant.

        Never, ever ... Heaven's places ... can be gain by mechanical means ... like an Offer ... or Money ... but only after years, and years ... still not one but many Lives of dedication and also in these cases ... You can Lose everything ... for a Bad Behavior ... incited or provoked you do not deny, and reject like you need to reject ... Evil.

        Just a single Word "Live Sacred your Life" ... invite you to be "Good". You cannot purchase your place on Heaven ... You need to Conquer ... like a Beauty Woman ... with the difference ... "God never will say Goodbye and never will take off your eyes from you". And one thing do not prevent or avoid the other, like some people claims.

       Without any further addition ... Here you have:

        The Opening of the Seven Seal ...

  1. The Opening of a Door in Heaven
  2. The Dispensation Granted
  3. The Jasper, the Emerald, and the Sardine Stone
  4. The Path of the Rose Cross
  5. Possessors of the Person of God
  6. Sufficiency in the Guru
  7. Ezekiel, the Son of Man
  8. The Commission of the Lord to the Prophets and the Saints
  9. The Initiations Foursquare on the Path of the Ruby Ray
  10. The Mystery of the Indwelling Christ
  11. Unfolding the Sacred Science of the Soul’s Acceleration unto God
  12. A Book Sealed with Seven Seals
  13. Worthy Is the Lamb
  14. Kings and Priests Unto Our God
  15. The Initiation of the East Gate
  16. The Initiation of the North Gate
  17.  The Initiation of the West Gate
  18. The Word and the Work of the Saints on the West Gate
  19. The Gospel of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost
  20. The Gospel of the Little Book Open
  21. The Everlasting Gospel Foursquare
  22.  The Command to Preach the Gospel to Every Creature
  23. The Power to Preach the Word of God
  24. Preachers of the Acceptable Year of the Lord
  25. In My Name, Cast Out Devils!
  26.  The Lord’s Ritual of Exorcism Step One
  27. The Lord’s Ritual of Exorcism Steps Two and Three
  28.  The Psychology of the Devils Who Also Believe and Tremble
  29.  Seven Initiations of the Saints Who Follow the Lamb
  30. The New Tongues of the Holy Spirit
  31. The Command of the Word and the Countermand of Its Unlawful Uses
  32. The Taking Up of Serpents
  33. The Vow to Save the Woman and Her Seed
  34. The Judgment of Serpent and His Seed
  35. “Drink Me While I AM Drinking Thee”
  36. The Mystery of the White Cube
  37. The Blood of the New Covenant (2) (3)
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