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Greetings in the Mercury day ... the day of Balance ...

    Now ... Saint Germain who was the Master Alchemist ... say ...

49 To recognize the potential of a mobile and malleable consciousness is to recognize the soaring of the spirit. 50 To be willing to accept personal responsibility for changing unwanted conditions within the domain of the self is to accept the responsibility of being a son of God.

     -- The Crucible of Being 

   But Wednesday or Odin-day ... or Mercury-day is the day of ... Healing ... and while actually there are an overlap of roles ... because the New Age of Aquarius coming and the good-bye of the Piscean Age ... Master Hilarion, who was Apostle Paul ... shines to be an Old Healer.

   Please understand that ... Mother Mary is the Queen of Aquarius ... and if something like this happens ... there are a reason. Do not ask me ... I will not answer ... because the answer is sad.

   I prefer to ... give you a Green Mantle ... to heal Souls and Physical as well Emotional Bodies.






The Gift of Divine Healing


And ye shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free." "What is Truth?" Pon­tius Pilate of old put this question to the Christ. And still men are seeking to know the immortal flame of living Truth.


I bear it in his name. For I saw the unspeak­able majesty of Truth, the immortal proof of the living Christ when he came to me upon the road to Damascus. So great was the power of that Truth that I was blinded until once again Truth's healing rays restored the sight to my eyes, the power of holy vision, through the All-Seeing Eye of God.


Few men realize that in the appearance of the Christ there was awakened in me the true inner vision of the third eye. And therefore, I went forth no more as Saul but as Paul, given the divine name by him who had fulfilled the Law in that flame of Truth.

The inner name given unto me at that time signified the great power of the mission of healing that was to be mine. And so each one of you have the secret name which is given unto you at the hour that you accept your divine mission—in the name I AM.


Perverting this concept, those in the lower strata of human activity have sought to claim other names for themselves, thinking thereby to usurp the divine authority of the inner name.


Precious ones, it is not necessary that you know precisely the vibratory tone of your secret name, but that you know the name of him who is able to bestow upon you every gift of purity and of healing.


Those who would enter in to an activity that is less than the mission of the Christ find when they assume other names than their given ones that they enter into a vibratory action not of the Christ but of the psychic impostors who flatter and inspire them with pride and bid them to go forth in the calling of the lesser image.


I come to you this day to anoint you once again with the true calling of your immortal soul and to outline for you who have sought the mys­tery of healing some points of the Law which in your devotion you have neglected, becoming at times one-sided in your application.


I therefore bring you the tidings of great joy, the joy of the angels of healing who minister unto mankind and who bear witness to the immaculate concept, the perfect pattern held in the heart of the Father. For beloved Raphael who stands in the Presence of God perceives in his heart the immaculate design for every son of God upon  the planet and those who are becoming sons of his heart.


If you would go forth to do the bidding of the healing angels, there is of necessity information which must be called to your attention. And therefore, I would give to you this day some of the meditations of my heart which I discovered and which were given unto me by the Lord Christ as I pursued the mission of calling forth those sons from Asia Minor and the Mediterranean coun­tries. For I had many hours during my journeying to commune with him and with the heart of the Holy Spirit and the divine one, Pallas Athena, the Goddess of Truth.


I sat, as it were, upon her knee and learned from the Mother of Truth those holy teachings which were also known to Mary and which she imparted, in part, to the disciples as they could bear them.


Healing, beloved ones, is integration of the whole man. You cannot heal in part and find the wholeness of the Christ. Recall how frequently the writers in the Gospel stated, "And he was made whole." Wholeness is a concept which is required as you pursue the knowledge of the heal­ing arts. For healing is a science which must be mastered, and it is an art which must be skillfully practiced.


Those who have not the talent to design or to sketch from life upon paper must practice before they become proficient. Could any one of you here take up a pen and design the perfect form of the anatomy of man? You could if you studied and applied yourself, but you could not if you left your attempts to the mental world. And so it is with healing—the art must be practiced, the science must be mastered.


It is wrong, beloved ones, to wait for some future time when you think by some miracle that suddenly, with one sweep, you shall step forth and speak the word of healing and at that mo­ment you will be transformed into the magnifica­tion of the Christ.


Healing comes as you apply yourself day by day to the invocation, the calling forth of the heal­ing ray, the garnering of that ray in your aura and the chalice of your consciousness, and then the application of that ray as you are called upon in hour of crisis or need for one another.


Another incorrect concept is that you are not in need of healing. You seem to be well, you seem to function, and therefore you think all is well. Precious ones, until the hour of Wholeness, of cosmic integration, you are less than whole and therefore you require healing. Each and every one of you each hour of the day can therefore practice the fiats of the Christ.


Go back to the teachings of Christ. Study his words. Use the fiats that he used to make men whole. Often he said, "Thy sins be forgiven." He also stated that those disciples who would follow him would also be able to forgive sins in his name.


Have you ever considered that you have the power to forgive yourself, in the name of Almighty God, of those sins which have brought about the condition that we shall term less than whole? Beloved ones, forgiveness is the beginning of healing. For the mighty healing ray of God descending to the chalice of the consciousness of the disciple stops as it comes in contact with human effluvia and densities.


And so the way must be prepared. It must be cleared. You must go forth into the jungle of your own four lower bodies and cut down the path ere the Christ may walk on the palms, as on the Sun­day before the resurrection, to receive the praise of the heart flames of all who are blessed to behold the perfection that he indeed is.


You see, beloved ones, you must make straight the way of the path of Divine Healing. For he shall come to you again upon the foal of an ass, riding and bearing the torch of your freedom. Will you be there to receive it? Are you prepared? Have you en­tered into communion with the Christ principles?


You must, therefore, realize that the ray of healing entering the heart of man first reaches the mental world. And therefore, the mental concepts of mankind must be purified by the immaculate concept of the immaculate heart of the Mother of the World.


You may, therefore, appeal to beloved Mary who herself, having received the early temple training, had prepared the way to receive within her own womb the manifestation of the healing Christ. Do you see the many years of preparation which went before her, working on the green ray to know Truth, to know the immaculate way ere she could be chosen to bear the one who carried the Truth to this planet?

If you would have the blessings of the full­blown manifestation of the bloom of the Christ within your heart, you must first flush out the four lower bodies by this chemical ray, the green purity of God. And using with it the violet fire for transmutation, forgiveness, and purification, you will then come to the place where, having filled the mental world, this mighty green ray will purify the etheric records and patterns. And by the mighty power of the All-Seeing Eye of God focused within your aura, you will know the perfect design of your lifestream.


Now, precious ones, many among the stu­dent body have reached this attainment in part, and some have glimpsed it in hours of meditation upon Truth. And having purified their conscious­ness, they feel, "I am healed. I am whole." And they go about their business and their daily activ­ities. But I say to you, precious ones, the service is only half performed when you have reached this facet of healing. You must now draw the power of healing into the seething vortices of your emo­tional world.


The emotional body must be imbued by the power of Divine Truth. The reins must be drawn upon all misqualified energies, and that body which is the chalice of Divine Love must conform to Truth, must bear the pattern of pure Love within you. And sometimes, because of the warring of the carnal mind and its influence over the emo­tions, there is a resistance to Truth. The resistance is actually in the residual substance of the sub­conscious world as it has magnetized the emotions of man.


And thus, mankind's energies are channeled in a certain direction, and these are grooves in his consciousness. And these grooves which have car­ried off the energies of God for generations must be filled in as men would fill in trenches. And sometimes this is a painful process, for it demands the rearrangement of the energies and the flow of light within the forcefield of your four lower bodies.


And therefore, there is war. And you find within your members one part in struggle against another. This I experienced in my life as Paul. And yet always the magnet of the higher Truth, the polarization of my lifestream with the Great Cen­tral Sun was able to draw off the impurities, the residual substance of past embodiments, and I could go forth to see the Daystar of his appearing and the Truth descending into my forcefield.


When you have achieved a certain degree of polarization to the power of Truth within these three bodies,[1] you will find that there is of neces­sity a great change that will also take place in the physical forcefield. But this change will not take place unless you determine to call it forth, unless you determine to draw down from those three levels of consciousness as well as from your Holy Christ Self all of the power and momentum your God Presence and that which you have be able to glean and hold in the chalice of the physical form which is intended to be the temple of the living God. For here in the now the lily the Christ is intended to blossom forth, to be, and to hold forth the voice of Truth to a wayward generation.


Can you function without a physical form, precious ones? Aye, not in this octave. Would you be elsewhere? Perhaps, but your mission could not be fulfilled. And thus a return once again, another descent of your soul into physical form might be required should you pass off lightly the calling of your present position in the world arena.


Now, beloved ones, having a physical form partially dedicated to Truth and partially in involved in the world of the senses is not as the Ascended Masters have intended that you should be, consecrated as you have been to the holy cause of freedom for this earth. Therefore, think wisely and think well of that which you allow to inhabit the forcefield of your physical bodies. Think well upon the temple. Think well upon the science of God, the perfectionment of that temple, and med­itate upon the holy precepts of God-purity for it.


I, Hilarion, have pledged myself this day to help you, each one, to use all the knowledge that you have garnered, and then to add some to it that each one of you might become better representa­tives of the Ascended Masters to the mankind of this planet.


I therefore would call to your attention the words of the Christ, "Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out." (Matthew 15:11) The passageway of the mouth, the oracle of God, is a key to salvation; for here the throat chakra, the mighty power of God and of his will, speaks forth the Word and can magnetize the mighty power of the threefold flame to change conditions across the face of the planet.


It is not only the knowledge of the Truth but the speaking forth of the Word and the putting of that Word into action that makes you men of the hour and men for all seasons, as beloved El Morya has of recent date been referred to.[2]

Those who would do the will of God, then, will think once, will think twice, and think again at the power of holy integration that comes forth from the flame of living Truth to bring into divine consonance and harmony the four lower bodies of man. Take heed, then, that your application be not one-sided, that you do not favor one of these vehicles. For the sun does shine upon the race of mankind north, south, east, and west.


The four winds of the Holy Spirit do breathe forth now across the face of the earth in the four lower bodies of mankind and the four lower bodies of this planet. And in this mighty release of surg­ing power elemental life arises to meet the call and the need of the hour.


Beloved ones, as you arise in consciousness, drink in then, by the power of the holy breath from the heart of Alpha and Omega, this holy breath which shall rejuvenate and resurrect your own four lower bodies. And I am placing within each of your four lower bodies a talisman of my own flame of Truth, manifest as the emerald green cross, the flame of His Truth.


And by having focused within each of your four lower bodies the magnificent power of the purity of my ray, you will find that cosmic integra­tion will be more and more apparent to you, and the science of how to perform and achieve this integration will be made known to your outer and inner consciousness.


Therefore, as you go forth bearing the mighty flame of Truth, remember that the physician must first heal himself before he can go forth to heal the multitudes, to multiply the bread and the fishes, to change the water into wine. The mighty science of alchemy is the science of Divine Heal­ing. And that healing ray may be understood by you as the mighty tone of God—the tone of his symphony.


And as you extend the rod of power that is Divine Healing, you will be aware of that mighty chord within you—the chord that is the key to your victory. You will not be able to perceive or to have the power of that chord magnetized unto you until you have achieved the integration of the four lower bodies. For each of the notes of that mighty chord is played upon one of those four lower bodies.


And therefore, if you perfect but one or but two, you will have only two notes of the chord. And without that mighty completeness of integra­tion, you will not have the full power of the Christ to do his will.


Therefore by purification, by transmutation, by consecration to the will of God, to illumi­nation, you may have manifest within you the mighty rainbow rays of God, the sevenfold aspect of the flame and the two secret rays from the heart of Mighty Cosmos; for all are required for this cosmic integration. And therefore, you see why it is that the core of healing is the white-fire light, for it is the perfect balance of all the rays.


Can you question, beloved ones, that the infusion of Divine Love within the heart of man brings about healing and solace and comfort? Can you question that illumination brings heal­ing to the mind, to the outlook of man? Can you question that the will of God, when practiced and adhered to, does bring about healing? Can you question that the fires of transmutation, the ray of purity, the golden flame and the purple of service bring about an upliftment and a change in consciousness that is even outpictured in the physical form?


Therefore, you see that the rainbow rays of God give the balance in the seven chakras of man and key him to the mighty outpouring of the seven Elohim from whence comes this mighty tone into the chalice of man's consciousness. And therefore, it is not enough to reach to the heights of the green fires to bring about the transforma­tion that will make of you healers of men, but in science, in love, and in purity you must find all of God and bring his allness into the chalice of the present hour.


To have bestowed upon you, then, the full­ness of the cosmic momentum of Divine Healing during this hour of world crisis is indeed a great gift. The opportunity which has been given to you to be healers among men must be taken by you. It must be applied.


But most of all, you must find in your heart the dedication to that which you do not yet understand. And in dedication, even to the un­known God, you will find coming to be within your forcefield the understanding of the known God. And you will know him as he is, even as he is known to the hosts of Light and the Ascended Masters.


But, precious ones, he who would have the gift of healing in the fullness of manifestation must realize that because it is comprised of the allness and completeness of God, he must offer himself completely unto God.


The scarcity of the true divine healers upon the planet in this hour is a testimony to the fact that most people who ask for the healing ray have not yet been willing to give their all to the Father/Mother principle of Life. And although they have a deep love and devotion and compas­sion for their brethren, they have not yet re­linquished personal desire, personal wants. And thus, some aspect of the sevenfold flames of God is wanting within their worlds.


This, therefore, is the key to the mystery of the gift of healing. He who would walk as a teacher among mankind might succeed to a great extent through the use of illumination's ray. And there are many offices and callings which can be achieved to a remarkable degree without total dedication, without the allness and wholeness of this complete cosmic integration.


But he who would actually carry within his hand the fire of God which transforms the breth­ren upon the planet at the touch and at the command must realize that here in the heart of the Temple of Truth those initiates who have applied to me to earn their ascension on the ray of Divine Healing have had to have embodiments where the allness and completeness of their lives was given in service.


Here we teach how man can live in the world of form and yet not be of that world—how man can go forth carrying the ray and the scepter of Truth with total integration, total dedication, and the totality of his desire world focused upon the All-Seeing Eye that is the ray of healing focused within your form.


Beloved ones, this is not difficult. It requires most of all understanding that that which you give unto God in service is immediately given back to you—purified, transmuted, and charged with the full power and momentum of God-Victory.


You may not always receive the blessing in your outer consciousness, but each sacrifice, each gift which is laid upon the altar of God returns to your causal body of light a most magnificent gift and jewel that is the focus and ray that magnetizes more and more of his light.


And thereby, in giving all to God you are polishing the star, the halo of your crown. And you see that at any hour in any day when you achieve the fullness of your gift to God, you may find that suddenly, swiftly like lightning and by the power of thunder and the holy wind of the Holy Spirit, you are then imbued with the power of wholeness.


The transfiguration of the Christ was testi­mony to his complete dedication. And from that time forward he was among mankind a focus, an electrode of such magnificent power that all the earth trembled before his presence. And those who had separated themselves from God by con­demnation or other sins against the Holy Spirit knew that in his presence the power to com­mand Life would be answered on the instant.


Instantaneous healing, then, is testimony to total consecration.


Beloved ones, the master key, then, is Divine Love. For in Love all is understood as belonging to God in the first place. And you understand that in giving your all unto him you are one with him and have no need of any other source of supply, of entertainment, or of delving into the intellectual curiosities that are popular in the present day and that always arise to tempt mankind away from that total givingness.


If God, therefore, gave his only begotten Son unto the world that through him the world might be saved, think you not that at any hour of the day he is ready to give unto you the scepter of power that is your own Holy Christ Self identity?


Exchange, then, the garments of the flesh, the tatters and tares of this world, for the seamless robe and watch how the world is changed with you. For healing in your forcefield means healing everywhere upon this planetary body. For as you are (as God is in you) the authority for this earth, you will find that in geometric proportion by the infinite calculus of the Spirit, one with God is a majority for the entire universe.


You see, then, that you are but a replica of this planetary body in your forcefield and in your four lower bodies. And as you have commanded the waves to be silent and still in your forms, so they are commanded on a world scale.


Thus, the Christ had the power to change the entire course of history. You also have that power resident within the Holy Christ Self of each one of you. In this very room the power of the Christ magnified, consecrated, intensified by devotion and service is enough to magnetize the earth to the victory of the golden age.


And when we say that mankind must be illu­mined ere we would hold back their karma, when we say that mankind must themselves accept the Christ in order to preserve this planetary body, we are saying that without illumined Christhood the very atoms and cells of their four lower bodies can no longer hold together, for want of the cohesive power of Divine Love. And therefore, what hap­pens on a world scale is the product of what is happening on an individual scale as men commit themselves to the darkness of insanity and give their bodies so freely to the lusts of the flesh.

But, precious ones, the power and the torch of that light and fire which you carry in your Christ Self has enough illumination and enough healing power that if it be lifted up as a Light unto the world will draw all mankind unto the torch which is their Holy Christ Self and to their own identity that is the fullness of divine illumination and the will of God which will cause them to alter their course and take in hand the precepts of Divine Law.


Therefore, not by interceding for their karma but by becoming the Christ you can achieve the staying of the karma of mankind. For in illumina­tion is the transformation of the healing ray.


All is not lost, then, if you determine this day to consecrate yourselves to the power of Truth, to call to me and ask for the fire of my heart to assist you in that holy integration which you so require in this hour. For I come because many have asked, What more can we do to become more like thee, O God?


And so, I come with the answer and with the key. And if it be heeded and taken, you will find that the power of Truth, as it is released from the heart of the Great Central Sun Magnet, will "draw all men unto me." For I AM—the I AM of me is—the living Christ and I bear witness to Him who showed me along the way of Life that the only Truth, the only Way, the only Love, and the only Power is the Victory of the momentum of God within the individual forcefield of all mankind.


Take up the cross, then, as I and so many others who followed him have done. Take it up' and realize that that cross is the symbol of your cosmic integration—each of the four bars (the four lower bodies) dedicated to the white fire core of Alpha and Omega where God and man meet in perfect Identity, in perfect Union that shall make of you each one a mighty sovereign state, an invio­late arch (arc) of triumph for all the sons of men.


You can see, beloved ones, that the victory is given unto those who give themselves to the victory. Therefore, take the victory today. Take it to your hearts and let this year be dedicated to the victory of Light, to the victory of purity, to the mighty healing rays that we bear and that we are releasing every day throughout the year in each tiny leaf and plant as the chlorophyll ray transmits to the physical body all that is in store for man from the etheric levels and that which has been locked as matrices of power in the mental and emotional belts of this planet.


See, then, the salvation of God as ye are made whole by the threefold flame balanced in Power, Wisdom and Love, attuned to the key and the mighty tone that is your cosmic identity.


Beloved ones, when you hear the name of God, the rushing of the mighty waters, the wind of the sacred fire, then shall ye know that the day is at hand for your mission to be accomplished.


Maintain the vigil of listening grace, then. Keep the vigil with Mother Mary. Keep it on behalf of the youth. For right within your own God potential there is the power which can re­store this generation and bring men to the feet of the Master Christ himself.


It does not matter to us through what avenue these little ones are brought to his feet. It matters that they keep the precepts of the Law and that when they come to full maturity and adulthood they shall find that there is written upon this earth a body of knowledge, a compendium of the pre­cepts of God's law which will be magnetized in

their hearts because they have first been conse­crated and dedicated by your prayers and by their commitment.


Men may walk in faith for a time. They may walk and lean upon the rod of his power. But if their hearts be pure, they must all one day awaken to the fact that more than faith is required and more knowledge is at hand.


But, precious ones, many along life's way have come to the point where they knew there must be something more for them to have, to glean, and to know whereby they could fulfill their mission. And they have hunted and searched for someone to tell them the right course and they have not found. For the Teachings were not avail­able, they were not spread abroad in the land. And you yourselves in past embodiments have searched for Truth and have not found it. And sometimes, in despair, you have accepted sub­stitutes which have led you down the pathway to more karma and the round of involvement in human affairs.


In this service that you are rendering through this activity you find that there is taking place in your forcefield the atonement for all ignorance and past error that you performed as you knew not what you did. And by the grace of God and the mercy of his law there is extended unto you, there­fore, the opportunity not only to atone for your own past ignorance, but to provide for mankind the way whereby they might also come to the knowledge of the Truth, by which they may I atone for their past errors.

And so, you see, the accomplishment of this mission for the Christ, of this service for humanity is very important to the world. And a great deal depends upon its fulfillment. For succeeding generations, if they are fired by illumination and the flame and desire to know Truth, may come to the fountain.


Let us pray that the fountain be not dry, that they will find the living waters of Truth because you have determined to leave behind footsteps upon the sands of life, waymarks of progress, and books, lessons, dictations in printed form that teach mankind the Way.


Realize, then, that you are the missing link between the era of the Christ and the era of the golden age. And if you can weld together the mighty chain of the saints of all ages which has temporarily been broken by man's inattention to liberty and to cosmic precepts, you will be forging the chain of Being that will unlock for generations for all time to come the mighty precepts of which are the keys to their immortal victory.


The entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood pours forth gratitude to those who have thus served in the holy cause this day, even as our hearts are filled with gratitude from your octave from the sons and daughters of Light who are receiving the powerful words in printed form that are released through this activity.


You are not always there to listen as the heart leaps, as the Holy Christ Self rejoices upon the contact of the outer self with the higher truths that are locked in his own Christ identity. And even the body elemental jumps up and down for glee as followers of the greater Light of God come into a knowledge whereby they might integrate themselves and find wholeness and greater re­union with the Mighty I AM Presence.


I wanted to tell you this day how important your mission is, then, to the bringing of Truth unto mankind. For the most part the evolutions of this planet live in a world that is seventy-five to eighty-five percent a lie, a mirage—almost like a movie set. And they do not know the truth, espe­cially behind the Iron Curtain where life is turned upside down and distorted for the people who are attempting there to serve what they think to be the highest principle.


Beloved ones, without Truth, without the key of this science, there is much that mankind will lose. That they do not lose the precious heri­tage that we have to pass on is our desire. It is our gift.

And we pledge ourselves this day anew to uphold this activity, to uphold all serving it and all members of it who are sincere, that by the holding forth of these outposts of Light across the planet there may be established bulwarks of freedom and a place of refuge where the holy precepts of Truth might be held forth until mankind come of age.


That they come of age through various activ­ities which we have sponsored is well and good, and your very decrees and prayers go forth as a flood tide of light to uplift mankind wherever they may be. In the lowest reaches of degradation unto the highest ivory towers of learning, man­kind are taken a little bit higher, a little bit further upon the way of finding their own reunion with God as you join to pray each day.


I take my leave of you this hour, but there is much more which I would like to bring to you. I pray, therefore, that your consecration to Truth shall be of such magnitude that I may return and talk with you even as I had the privilege of teach­ing and preaching in my life as Paul. For the hours of communion and of association with the follow­ers of Christ, as heart to heart the knowledge of the Law is imparted, these are sacred, these are precious. These are locked in the eternal memory of every ascended being. And so, I look forward to coming again.


I bless you in his name and I fire within your hearts a portion of our flame.

I thank you.




January 8, 1967

Colorado Springs, Colorado



[1] The etheric, or memory body, the mental, and the emotional bodies.

[2] The life of  Sir Thomas More, an embodiment of El Morya, was depicted in the 1966 motion picture A Man for All Seasons.




Flame of Healing

Beloved mighty victorious Presence of God, I AM in me, O thou beloved immortal victorious threefold flame of eternal Truth within my heart, Holy Christ Selves of all mankind, beloved Helios and Vesta, beloved Hilarion, Pallas Athena, Archangel Raphael and the healing angels, beloved Jesus the Christ, Mother Mary, the Maha Chohan, beloved Mighty Cyclopea and Lady Master Meta, beloved Guru Ma and Lanello, the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood and the World Mother, elemental life—fire, air, water, and earth!

In the name of the Presence of God which I AM and through the magnetic power of the sacred fire vested in me, I decree:

1. Healing Flame of brightest green,
    I AM God Presence all serene,
    Through me pour thy Mercy Light,
    Now let Truth make all things right.

Refrain: Flame of consecration wonder,
               Let my mind on thee now ponder
               Service to my brother stronger
                  And the fullness of thy Power.
               Flame of consecration healing,
               Keep my being full of healing,
               Mercy to my brothers sealing
                  By the grace of God Desire.

2. Flame of Healing, fill my form,
    Vibrant Life in me reborn;
    God within me, make me Whole,
    I AM healing every soul.

And in full Faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest! (3x) right here and now with full Power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the Light and free! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM! Beloved I AM!


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