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Friday, 17 December 2010 07:45

Nikola Tesla

Greetings ...

    Time ago I comment that "Future Technologies" will release futuristic gadgets ... Have you see some ? ... We release nothing.

    May be we still continue to work for a couple of years or more.

    Actually, I, Giovanni A. Orlando am working on re-establish the necessary science and understand the actual status of the so-called established by the Princes of Science.

    Honestly there are several people working on this matter most in United States but also in Europe, as well in other places ... Honestly ... everywhere.

    To-day we have Electricity under payment to Power Computers and televisions at home ... This will change!

    To-day we have methane Gas to modulate thermal environment at home ... This will change!

    To-day we have Gas or Petroleum derivatives to engine motors in cars or Airplanes ... This will change!

    I prefer include not any device picture or diagram. No Patent will be underwritten ... because all our works will be public ... Of course you can purchase our products ... when available ...

    Actually we are working to release Books ... basically in printed mode but also digital to create consciousness of these New Age.

    You can browse Tesla Patents, are, http://www.corrosion-doctors.org/Biographies/TeslaBio-Patents.htm

    or ... look on the Web for "Free Energy devices".


Giovanni A. Orlando.


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