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Greetings in the day of the King ... the day of the Queen ... and any person is a King or Queen ... far beyond common understanding ... Still God in embryo.

      Now ... because the coming of the New Golden Age ... and is 2000 years long ... We are designing a New System of Education and Information.

      The point is ... the Lack of Information and the manipulation of mostly concepts ... in any place of Mind.

      Many years ago ... Saint Germain dictate the Rose of 9 ... Petals.

      Immediately I began a design to include Mathematics, Chemistry, Languages, Spirituality ... etc.

   Like you see ... We have Subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Life, Art ...

Then, in December 2012 ... Lord Meru (Elohim Meru) together with Master Jesus ...Dictate the Rose of 13 Petals ...

Here we have concepts like: God, Throne, Departure, or Self-Esteem, Truth and Laugh.

Let me list for your understanding:

0. Sadness

1. Past

2. Departure

3. Throne

4. Wisdom

5. God

6. Sublimation

7. Contact

8. Evaluation

9. Matter.

10. Self-Esteem

2. Truth

Ɛ. Laugh


Here we don't have Mathematics ... We don't have Life or DNA or Chemistry ... Where we can include these Disciplines? ... It is NOT Easy.

In fact, Einstein Theory is NOT Wisdom ... is Past, like Aether Theories ... Wisdom is Cosmology. Alchemy is Matter, Sublimation is Gravitation, Self-Esteem is Wealth ... Truth is Philosophy and therefore Mathematics ... Laugh may be related to Shakespeare and therefore Literature ... The Latest and Highest expression.

If you browse the American Mathematical Society Subjects ... there are some dozen ...

 Quantum Theory by example ... 81 ... belong to Throne (because the Atom) ... Geometry to Departure ... and so Topology ... Computer Science to Evaluation ... Astronomy and Astrophysics to Departure ... Number Theory to Truth.

Of Course ... each Discipline like Computer Science with Programming Language ... or Biology to include DNA ... have sub-disciplines to be classified.

DNA is Wisdom because DNA is Information and Wisdom is Information.

Today channeling Material ... Audio ... belong to God ... like Buddhism or Confucianism.

Only to classify ... Modern Subjects we need a Computer ...

This can be the first level of Knowledge.


  Just like a Summer Gift we want to answer the posted Questions to figure the Level of Education.

The Questions are: (Please keep in Mind we are looking to let the Duodecimal System replace the Decimal System in daily use ... Like Master Jesus adopt 12 Apostles, 12 Tribe of Israel ...) 

1. What are the extas?

2. What was the name of the only son of Queen Sheba?

3. How many are the possible chess games?

4. What was the Order of the Red hand?

5. How many Cantatas compose J. S. Bach?

6. How many planets were in the Solar System?

7. How many words are included in the Shakespearian Plays?

8. What many are the body of Man?

9. What is Akasha?

10. How much is 972 + 1Ɛ ? (The question is in Duodecimal)

11. How many cities living fifth dimensional environment are in the Planet?

12. What Jesus Apostle dwell at 9:00 in the Cosmic Clock?


1. Our Book about Einstein is not released but we talk about its concepts.

The Extas are ... infinitesimal components of the Electron (or Proton) ... all Equal ... that are Alive. When we say "They are Alive, they have Consciousness" ... They are like the bricks of the Atom ... where the Electron is like a Floor and the Atom is the Building ... All working at Unison.

This answer is related to Matter (in the Rose of 13 Petals).

2. The Only son of Queen Sheba is Menyelek. (There are book only for this statement). Evidently this is Past.

Now ... King Solomon was ... Saint Germain and he has like first Wive ... The Pharaoh daughter, Naamah. He has also 700 Wives of Royal Birth and 300 Concubines. Then arrive Sheba.

You can accept without prove that Queen Sheba was Mother Mary, because they also were Osiris and Isis, as well Joseph and Mary with Lord Jesus, Horus was their son in Egypt that perform the same Resurrection rite then.

3. The number of possible Chess Games is 1010^50.

   Therefore you have 1050... Then you need to take this like exponent of a power of 10 ... Or 10 ... power (10 ... power 50).

4. The Order of the Red Hand ... is a Secret order that keep Scrolls, read and transcribe Papers and is as Old like Time. You can read "El Secreto de los Andes"

5. Bach Cantatas are 213 ... but only 209 are know. How we can prove or let you know where are all Bach Cantatas? ... This is an interesting question but not able to be answered today, or by FTHumanEvolutionCourse.

6. The Solar system support more Planets you ever dream. Let us begin with Nibiru ... The Twelfth Planet. We can also consider a Planet called "Maldek" that explode and today is the Asteroid Belt ... Also another Planet existed close to Mercury (and therefore small like Mercury) ... called "Edom". This planet adopt a Style complete Mad ... and Sinful ... Something like a "Vegas Extreme" ... You can read Elizabeth Clare Books or

Ye be Perfect

7. Shakespeare has 29,066 different Words ... and 884,647 words at all (Source ... The Cambridge Encyclopedia of English Language - Second Edition by David Crystal)

8. The Body of Man are 7 ...

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9. What is Akasha?

The Akasha is a type of Aether that traverse the Column and give Life ... impulse to the Nerves and includes Information ... at any moment related to what we do in Past Lives, or Yesterday and arrives from Higher Times. Advanced Persons can read their or other Akashic records.

10. How much is 972 + 1Ɛ ? (The question is in Duodecimal)

The reversed 2 is equivalent to A ... and the reversed 3 is equivalent to B ... Therefore to use more old symbols we have 97A+1B=999 in Duodecimal which is 1413 in Decimal.

11. How many cities living fifth dimensional environment are in the Planet?

There are many "Internal" Cities ... one in South America ... close to Mato Grosso that live the Atlantean Flavor ... with Survivors ... Telos is very Popular because they lived like "New Lemuria" in a 4D/5D ... inside Mount Shasta and also important is in Argentina ... in Cordova the Internal City of Erks where live Araks.

12. What Jesus Apostle dwell at 9:00 in the Cosmic Clock?

John The Beloved ... One of the Faces of John The Baptist as well Apostle John friend of Mother Mary is the one who dwell at 9:00

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Dr. Giovanni A. Orlando

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