Do you know there are a Mathematics and Physics inside the Human Body? by Giovanni A. Orlando Print
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Friday, 10 January 2014 14:14

An example of the Math and Physics in the Human Body ...


Greetings in the day of Venus ... the day of the Goddess ... the day of the Lovers ... the day of the Orange Fragrance ...

    ... And in this day ... I want to speak about ... the Mathematics and Physics inside the Human Body, understood ... Of Course ... from the Empirical Perspective.

      In fact some notions are planned to be exposed in the book ... 'An Introduction to Mathematics' ...


    I can today give some comments.

    We have by example the Heart ... It has Electricity. Then, the Heart pulse is represented by Waves.


  We can speak about the Waves regarding the Ear ... or the Sight in the Eye ... or the pulses in the Nerves ... and we can elaborate Differential Equations ... and we are not yet commented or speak on the Brain.

   The Brain by example works with Alpha Waves, Beta Waves ...

   These waves ... works at different ranges and are of different types.

    We can comment that also the Laplace Transformation can help on the Volume of Blood in each compartment of the Heart and there a Music ... which emits each person. This music is unique ... generated by the Colors of the Prana.

   The DNA and RNA ... help us to move on on ... Multiple Dimension and Theory of Information ... and therefore we enter in the Physics or Multidimensionality of the Human Man.

   There were and are many persons ... that publish books and documents on these subjects.

    We can list:

  • Prof. Marco Todeschini in Italy which its Psicobiofisica.
  • William Simon - Mathematical Techniques for Biology and Medicine.
  • F. C. Hoppensteadt - Mathematics in Medicine and the Life Medicines.
  • Kostantin Korotov - Human Energy Field (Study with GDV Bioelectrography)
  • Hiroshi Motoyama - Measurements of Ki Energy, Diagnosis & Treatments.
  • Francis Morris, June Edhouse, William J. Brady John Camm - ABC of ECG
  • C.A Coulson - Waves.

   We have not included ... Eastern or Chinese Medicine here ... neither the study of Aura ...


Giovanni A. Orlando.

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